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Bush out of touch again?

Mar 5, 2006 6:42AM PST
Bush says outsourcing benefits U.S. in long run; puzzled by Bollywood reference.

>> "Globalization provides great opportunities," Bush said, although he conceded that "people do lose jobs as a result of globalization, and it's painful for those who lose jobs."

Outsourcing is still in its early stages, but nonetheless cuts to the heart of American anxiety about the economy. Bush, who has an MBA from Harvard, takes the long view of what he sees as its likely effects.

"The classic opportunity for our American farmers and entrepreneurs and small businesses to understand is there is a 300 million-person market of middle class citizens here in India," Bush said Friday during a discussion with young entrepreneurs at a business school in Hyderabad.....

Indian journalists asked Bush whether, given the choice, he would prefer to watch a cricket match or a Bollywood movie. Bush seemed bollixed by Bollywood, India's massive film industry. "Cricket match and a ? what was the second?" he asked.

When it was explained that Bollywood makes movies, the former baseball executive said, "I'm a cricket match person." << [search on "bollywood" to get to the second part].

Typical -- when it comes down to business profits or workers, Bush favors profits. And most Americans would be enthralled by Bollywood, and find cricket b----y borning! This is why he keeps dropping in the poll question (variously stated) "he cares about the things that concern me most."

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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(NT) (NT) Vote swapping put him in office
Mar 5, 2006 7:47AM PST
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Oh, is that what happened in Ohio with those voting machines
Mar 6, 2006 11:53AM PST

nice to know it was deliberate and not some sort of glitch.


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No --
Mar 6, 2006 11:40PM PST

DK participated in a vote swapping scheme in 2000. Since he knew his vote for Gore wouldn't count in TX because TX would vote Bush anyway, he voted for Nader (so he could get enough popular votes to qualify for federal matching funds next election) in exchange for a would-be Nader voter in a swing state voting for Gore.

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Dave, the typical American never heard of...
Mar 5, 2006 8:41AM PST

Bollywood. The effete snobs (like me) perhaps, but not the average American. Sports at least they get.

I think YOU are the one who is out of touch.

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Perhaps true, but recently Time and other sources
Mar 5, 2006 8:59AM PST

like TV Guide, some AP stories in local newspaper, ET on television, etc., they've all had multiple stories about India's fast developing movie industry.

Many of the articles as I recall have been about this actress .

So while more Americans may know sport team names than know of Bollywood, whether or not the typical American knows nothing of Bollywood might be changing.

I'm basically a country hick, and I've read about it.Devil


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Where's the beef?
Mar 6, 2006 4:04AM PST

Just kidding, but, seriously, where's her picture?

You think the President should be up on Bollywood? Does it say he's a dumb, hayseed if he isn't which was DK's inferrence. It might also have been a pronunciation difficulty.

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He should fire his
Mar 6, 2006 5:01AM PST

briefing staff if he hadn't at least heard of it before the question.


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I've head of it, but don't cosider Dollywood info
Mar 6, 2006 6:50AM PST

a national concern for the Presidents council either.

I'll grant in a speech in India, it would have been nice for him to be up on it a bit.

Shrug, but I fail to see the President know being up on all the world's Entertainment Tonight news as a big issue.

And the deliberate similairity of Bollywood to Hollywood and it's similairity to Dollywood could be confusing if you're not on it. Heck, the first time I heard Bollywood as I recall I got confused with Dollywood.

So it's just a snipe opportunity for some IMO.


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It is a very large
Mar 6, 2006 10:45PM PST

industry in India. Even bigger than Dollywood.


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Are you questioning Evie's number of less than .2% of
Mar 7, 2006 1:57AM PST

India's GNP? That doesn't sound like a 'very large' industry to me.

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Looked at another way ...
Mar 7, 2006 2:09AM PST

... if 85% of the population lives on less than $2/day, how many do you think have even seen a Bollywood movie? If he was a Bollywood fan, then he would be accused of pandering to the elites! Such is the nature of BDS and PEST I suppose Happy

Evie Happy

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A small fraction of a
Mar 7, 2006 3:54AM PST

huge number can still be quite large, KP. Are you questioning the prominence of Bollywood in Indian culture?


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.2% of a country's GNP is not something that the President
Mar 7, 2006 4:05AM PST

needs to be aware of. He's got larger issues to occupy his mind. I don't know the significance of the movie industry in India, and neither do you. Perhaps you should stop posturing as if you do.

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Such a stunning display of
Mar 7, 2006 4:12AM PST

arrogance, KP! You somehow have knowledge of what I know and what I do not know. BTW, just because you don't know something does not mean that another might not know it.

And you see fit to judge what the president should be aware of. Although if you keep deleting from that list you may, eventually, match what the president is actually aware of.


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Your post is
Mar 7, 2006 4:20AM PST

insulting, but content free.

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Funny, I didn't know you are Indian and that you live in
Mar 7, 2006 4:31AM PST

India. Unless you are, and you do, you cannot know the significance of the movie industry in India. The stunning display of arrogance is asserting that you do. It's equivalent to an Indian saying that he understands the significance of the movie industry to America and Americans.

So how about it? Are you Indian? Do you live in India?

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You're taking the position that
Mar 7, 2006 4:47AM PST

no observations of a culture can be made unless one is part of that culture. That is as shockingly fallacious a position as I've seen anyone take in some time.


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It requires understanding, not mere observation, to judge
Mar 7, 2006 5:05AM PST

the significance of something within another culture. For you to say that you have this level of understanding is what is truly shocking. Perhaps, you care to explain how one can 'observe' the significance of something within a culture if one does not actually live in that culture. To, presumably, 'observe' it from a distance via press reports. Perhaps, even an occasional short visit to the culture to 'observe'. You have yet to indicate why you think you have this deep level of understanding.

Enlighten me! I'm ready to learn.

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Your actions belie your words.
Mar 7, 2006 5:26AM PST

I don't see that you are ready to learn, KP.


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As I've noted before...
Mar 7, 2006 4:34AM PST

your failure to capitalize "President" is very tacky and weakens any claim to credibility you may have.

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That's ridiculous
Mar 6, 2006 10:08PM PST

How incredibly silly. Really, Dan.

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Just Google the name, there are plenty
Mar 6, 2006 6:44AM PST

I choose the IMDB link because it gave a bit about her and references to movie and other links that might help with the Bollywood issue.

Whether or not the President is up on Bollywood is a different question. And I didn't particularly like the implications I saw in Dave's post either.

But I also thought that the idea that only The effete snobs (like me) perhaps, but not the average American. expressed by EdH might be mistaken too.

If I've heard and read of it, I'm willing to be a lot of Americans have. I responded to a perception on my part of a stereotype that the average American only knows what is going on in sports.


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(NT) (NT) Ummm ... I think EdH was being a bit sarcastic ;-)
Mar 6, 2006 7:50AM PST
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Maybe, maybe I missed it, but I'm a hick and heard of
Mar 6, 2006 8:04AM PST
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I'm not a hick, and I've never heard of it
Mar 6, 2006 9:45AM PST

Things even out Wink

I was aware that India has a developing movie industry, but I would probably stumble if someone asked me about Bollywood too, thinking they had mispronounced something, or it sounded like Hollywood.

Evie Happy

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Bollywood is a HUGE industry.....
Mar 5, 2006 10:15PM PST

....and has been for many years. When the President of the United States goes to visit another country, it'd be nice if he'd brush up on little details like that.

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Mar 5, 2006 10:24PM PST

What is its relevance to what he was doing?

This thread is all about bashing; nothing more.

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It's called Diplomacy, Ed
Mar 5, 2006 10:29PM PST

And any President visiting another country ought to know how to practice it.

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Funny ...
Mar 5, 2006 10:31PM PST

... Bush is getting high marks for his diplomacy on this recent trip. Or did you miss that?

You guys really need to get over the 2000 election already!

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Can't you be more diplomatic?
Mar 5, 2006 10:36PM PST

Frame that in terms of Hindu demi-gods in sexy costumes.

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