There are other examples of what happened when a country was no longer under the boot of a despot/dictator that kept them in check by force, killed/imprisoned/tortured those who even lifted an eyebrow to oppose them, and ruled by fear and intimidation.

One example.... under Tito the sects were able to live together. Under Sadam, there were no human/car bombings, but plenty of murders of those who opposed him. When those men were no longer in charge, the hate from centuries past welled up, and became the excuse for the violence that erupted/erupts. ''Retaliatory'' attacks against the US started decades ago.

Add to the hate pool the past re-drawing of borders, and the cauldron explodes, fueled by power hungry gurus like Bin Laden, and some clerics.

IMO, no US administration bears all of the blame for the turmoil of today. It is rooted in the past, the seeds were sown long ago, and the US is not the only country that helped to scatter them.

You could have posted the article without the editorial comment, which I think you know would ignite a cauldron.

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