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Burn In and Plasma a huge problem apparently...

I just talked to a Pioneer technician. The technician claimed that they get calls every single day about burn-ins at their TVs. Today a woman who liked to watch FOX har the FOX logo when watching a dvd! In order to avoid it brightness and contrast should be lowered but thus also the picture quality according to the technician. So watching a soccer game 90 minutes is not possible with high contrast and high brightness since it has the score and the logo in one upper corner. And if done several times a week, chance is bigger that there will be a permanent burn-in! He said that during the break-in, which is 200 hours, one has to play some kind of movie three times the time that the previous show lasted to get the burn-in away! After the break-in twice! That means, always according to the Pioneer technician, that if I watch a 90 minute soccer game during the break-in period, I have to put on something else for 270 minutes right after to eliminate the risk of burn in. And after the break-in period for 90-180 minutes... If this is correct information, a plasma must be only for movie watching without network logos and not even to watch a political debate that lasts for 90 minutes or more. He told me to get an LCD if I was going to watch shows with logos that last for more than one half of soccer, that is 45 minutes... If it's that critical I think I might as well stay with my current CRT.
I hate this now that I had made a decision to get the Pio 5020!!!

I also talked to a second technician, just in case and the following info was given to me:

The max time a logo can be on the TV is 15 minutes if it is white with black background. On the other hand he said that usually the newtwork logos are transparent and don't do much damage.
When I watch soccer games it looks like this. If you look at that picture, you can see that the score at the top left is on a black background with white letters and orange numbers. Also the logo says LIVE in white with a black background. That's what I will be having 2X45 minutes twice or three times a week.
And also, if you buy hockey games on PPV they will have the same scoreboard without interruptions for commercials. How on earth does that work?

Any ideas on this? Is it only Blu-Ray owners and DVD watchers that are supposed to enjoy a plasma?

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Reporting: Burn In and Plasma a huge problem apparently...
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I see NO burn-in or image retention in those photos

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The pictures are of my current TV which is an old CRT...

I am in the business for a new and wonder if those logos and sporttickers at the top corners would leave burn ins after 45 minutes to 1h IF they were to be displayed on a plasma... They are static there for that time before there is a break for commercials. I showed an example of a picture that COULD have been displayed on a plasma...

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You haven't read enough yet on the current plasma technology

Spend some more time reading, and reading more @ AVS. Learn from some other folk's personal experience with the Kuro line. They post quite a lot about the various shortcomings, that's for certain(!) In no way will those soccer scores cause permanent burn in on a Pio. You need to understand the difference between IR and permanent damage. FWIW, some folks are even gaming on that particular line of PDPs. If anything, gaming does provide some very static images.

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Not yet

FWIW, AFAIK they (technically) have not yet started to produce glass for Pio yet. (The 10G and not the current 9G will receive Panny glass) But I am with you in spirit regarding some folks particular viewing habits Wink.


p.s. please consider turning off your caps lock sometime(!) 8-)

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If your Caps Lock key is stuck on your keyboard, may I suggest you replace it?

Otherwise, please don't use all capitals. It is rude.


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Burn-in is virtually an urban myth

Remember how CRT computer monitors used to suffer burn-in? Have you ever seen CRT burn-in?

I had a Macintosh, which had a bright white menu bar at the top of the screen. I kept the same colour monitor from about 1992 until 2006; yes I know, that's an old old monitor! After eight years of displaying the bright white menu bar, 7-10 hours per day, you could very faintly see the menu bar when the screen was displaying a dark image.

For all the talk about plasma burn-in, I have actually never seen it. I've been in the electrical industry, selling plasmas and LCDs, for three years. I know that the TVs you get in America are not as good as the ones we get down here in Australia, but I'm 100% sure that it's difficult to get burn-in on a modern plasma. Watching a soccer game even during the "wear-in period" (another urban myth) every day is going to do DIDDLY SQUAT to your new plasma TV.

The technician might get calls about burn-in, but it would only be people calling up because they're worried about the chance of their TV getting burn-in. Whenever I sold a plasma TV to anyone, I assured them that there was almost no chance of getting burn-in, and I never got anyone ring me up later and complain. Even very cheap plasmas. Down here, plasmas are pre-set to 100% contrast anyway.

I have had people from Panasonic, Samsung, and even Conia (cheap brand, avoid at all costs) tell me that you need to have a still image displayed for 20+ hours in order to have burn-in.

Some people have also said that if you watch mostly 4:3 footage on your plasma for 15 years or so, that you're likely to get more brightness in the widescreen portion of the screen towards the end of the screen's rated life. I imagine this is probably true, but it's not known for sure, and it's not something to worry about as most TV shows are widescreen anyway.

I'd like to see Jamie and Adam take on the burn-in myth. They would say "Myth busted!"

Also, there's no such thing as the memory effect in rechargable batteries - what people claim is the memory effect is actually the effect of them overcharging their batteries. But that's off-topic now Happy

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Pixel shift technology

I'm certainly not an expert, I don't even know if I qualify as a novice in Plasma. I'm running 3 newer LCD's instead.

But while I was shopping for them I kept looking at deals for Plasmas.

I've read frequently about what I think they call "pixel shift", a technology that constantly moves pixels in a way invisible to the human eye. They claim it completely eliminates the problem of burn-in.

How well it truly works is something to research.

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I Having a Hard Time Believing This

I can understand how the band at the bottom of the Fox News screen might burn in if somebody could be so obstinately determined to drastically lower their intellect and increase their ignorance by watching Fox News constantly, but the logo itself would be very unlikely to burn in. The Fox News logo on the left side of the screen is constantly revolving. This would tend to have the same effect as a screen saver and prevent any burn in.

The Pioneer Kuro is perhaps the best-made of all the plasma TVs and is among the least susceptible to burn-in in any event.

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OT Let's keep the politics out of the discussion, thank you

I agree with you 110%, but let's not offend anyone who wants to participate or ask further questions.


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To Flatworm

Please watch those comments.

These forums are a place where members can discuss their problems and issues without insult or other abuse or inappropriate language.

Your comment crosses the line.

Mind you don't do so again.


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To sexydarin, post removal.

There's no need to continue with such posts, so I have deleted yours.

This thread is heading south, so I am locking it before too much damage is done.


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