..... for the Bank of Scotland? They end with "Less talk!"

One has a wedding as the setting. When the minister asks the groom to say "I do". the groom turns around and says, "That depends on what you mean by 'I do' have we studied all of the ramifications of this merger? (blah, blah) Who among us can say we are prepared to be sure?" The Best Man steps into his place by the bride and says, "I am."

The other has a group hiking in the woods, and one is caught in quicksand. As he sinks, the rest start talking about the problem solving, forming committees, etc. Just before he disappears, they finally throw him a rope.

What I don't get is why city governments hire outside "consultants" at huge costs to report on plans for this or that. They don't get into projected costs or anything else concrete. They just issue a report that the city has a plan for this or that.

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