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Built new dual core but its slower than old p-4

I purchased a Intel DQ963FX motherboard and mated it with a Intel E2200 Dual core processor. I have 3 gig memory and a NVidia 9400 GT graphics card w/1 gig memory. The machine is not used for gaming but for everyday on line tasks. The on board graphics are disabled. I updated the Bios to the latest version and am running XP Pro SP3. I have the usual antivirus protection enabled, Purchased Zone internet suite, Nortons (kept disabled in case zone craps out)and malware bytes, Super anti malware, Spybot S&D and ad aware.
Sometimes when I start this machine and go to Firefox,(or IE for that matter) the system will slow to the point that even audio is stunted. I have the latest java enabled so I don't think that is the problem. This motherboard has very little in the bios to tweak so that hasn't been tampered with too much (latest bios update was installed after the slow started). Whenever the slow down occurs if I restart the machine it will run up to speed for awhile then eventually slow down again. My old P-4 3.02 was sooo much faster that I regret ever having built this new clunker. I unfortunately gave the old machine to my grand daughter. Is there a known problem with this mb or proc that I haven't found yet? Or, Is this the best I can expect from Intel? I'm considering junking this setup and starting over but with maybe a quad next time. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Reporting: Built new dual core but its slower than old p-4
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I can't say about the boards, but

I do have comments about the software you're running.

Norton, (which product?), disabled. Disabling Norton doesn't stop any background processes working. If both Norton and ZA have the firewall, anti-virus, and anti-virus options and any of the Norton's options are still running in the background, you are going to see conflicts. I would completely uninstall Norton, and just keep the installer and licensing details to one side, in case ZA fails. I doubt ZA is going to 'fail' is such a catastrophic way.

Spybot S&D. Sadly, this is not the utility it once was, and the TeaTimer option is known to cause problems on today's machines and software.

Similarly with Lavasoft's AdAware.

Sort those out, and if there are still performance issues come back so others can help with suggestions or comments about the self-build or other issues.


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uninstalled everything not in use

took out everything but zone security suite and still have malware bytes on the side. seems to load quicker (5 min as opposed to 8 min) so I am hoping that this is the fix.
Thanks, Jim
if it slows again today I will re-post to this thread.

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That's good

but 5 minutes for boot up still seems a little long to me.

Is it time to check your startup files, and see if there's anything there you can disable? Goto Start > Run, type in msconfig, (that's MSCONFIG), and click OK.

Then in the System Configuration Editor window, go to the Startup tab and start looking to see what is trying to load at startup, and what you really don't need to load straight away. De-select those you don't need.


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will try the msconfig,

will try that but most of what I saw is gibberish to me, if I cancel something or stop a program from loading is there a possibility I will kill my system or do permanent harm, if the program is stopped here is it still available in the start programs location or is it permanently removed? Is there a list of what each item is somewhere and is such a list down loadable? I cleared out everything from add-remove programs that wasn't currently in use by me, but kept a copy of purchased programs, but if I stop something necessary in msconfig will I still be able to boot (even if its in safe mode) or can I do permanent injury? Thanks for your help so far,

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No, none of the entries in that Startup tab in MSCONFIG will break your computer if they are disabled. But some are definitely required, whilst others are just a nuisance, and will slow startup.

Disabling any entries does not remove the software, and the entry remains in that startup list, whether disabled or active

Google is your friend here, (you can Google each entry), but in this startup list you will usually find those applications that attempt to force you to use their software by loading part of it up at startup, so it is quickly available for you. There is a correlation, generally, between the icons you see in the Notification Area, (by the clock in the right hand side of the Taskbar), and the entries in that Startup tab.

Some of the software that attempts to load at startup are;

* Real Player and any Real components. None of this is needed at Startup. If you need to see or listen to anything using Real Player, it will start when you need it.

* Quicktime is another player, not needed at startup. iTunes, also is not needed.

* Any Adobe entries, and any Java updater entries.

* Any Instant Messaging software, eg AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, etc. Not needed at startup. If you want to chat with someone, just start the application from the Start menu shortcut, or any shortcut on your Desktop.

* Browsers. Firefox has an option to load at startup. Not needed.

* Any other software that you may want to use later on in the session, but which you can just as easily open from a Desktop shortcut or Start menu shortcut.

The following, if you have them, are needed in that startup tab;

* Firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware.

The rest you will need to research for yourself. All systems are different, so it is difficult to tell you what your system needs or doesn't need.

I would start easy, and consider one entry at a time. There is no great rush to sort this out if you are otherwise happy with your computer's performance.


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that did it

Thanks Mark,
It seems to have done the trick, eliminating all the duplicated security and keeping only my zone fixed the slowdown and the ticking the start up files sped up the loading so it seems like all is well now.Still loads at about 4 minutes but that's about half of what it was.
Thanks again,

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Spybot S&D

Frankly we are discovering that having OVERLAPPING protection to be a cause of such complaints.

Uninstall this and retest.

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