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Built my PC and having problems, Are my parts compatable?

Dec 28, 2019 2:39PM PST

I recently built my PC as I received components just as I asked for Christmas, I had watched build guides and had selected parts according to one guide based in my budget range. Due to complications I assume my parents got me an alternative case to what I initially requested. Due to this, As well as the fact I am having issue setting up my PC to my monitor. I wish to ask anyone who has any technical knowledge of PC parts and/Or manufacturer compatibility to please respond to my post. I shall list my PC components as well as my case, Monitors as well as peripherals down below for ease of checking compatibility.

- Ryzen 5 1600
- B450 Tomahawk
- EVGA 400w Power supply
- Sapphire pulse Radeon RX 580 graphics card

- Case: SAMA M1 ARGB

- Monitor: Viotech 24 inch curved 1080P 75Hz refresh rate monitor

-Peripherals: Razer death adder essential White & Razer Mercury black widow lite

If you could please help check weather or not all of these components are comparable with each other would make my year, Thank you Happy holidays

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Is this your PSU?
Dec 28, 2019 4:57PM PST notes a split +12V RAIL.

Now that's not always a bad thing but it can mean odd issues that everyday folk have trouble working out. To see if you are possible pushing your luck I use a quick and dirty test. I take the TDP of the CPU, GPU and 20 Watts per drive to see if I exceed a single +12 rail. If it does I call it not a good fit.

30 Amperes at +12V is 360W.
CPU TDP = 65W.
GPU TDP = 225W
Drives (2?) 40W
Total 330W.

So the PSU should be OK.

Back to the BUILD. It is VERY UNCLEAR what issue you are having but the MONITOR might not wake up being it's non-standard. I don't expect it to wake on boot. This has long discussions so let's skip that for the more common issue I have with Ryzen builds.

1. The BIOS is out of date.

ALWAYS get your Ryzen build's BIOS up to date or to the version the MOTHERBOARD MAKER SUGGESTS. We never take the advice of the seller or folk in forums (unless it's over at PCMR.)

2. I like the basics of this build except:
a. The split rail PSU.
b. The 75Hz monitor. I'd like to see the old 60Hz and 120Hz so these wake and play without pushing the builder to the brink. 75Hz may be fine but the story is light so for now I'm not a fan of this choice. THAT IS, I WOULD NOT CONNECT THIS WITH HDMI!

FINAL ANSWER? The parts look compatible but with caveats about monitor connection, BIOS version and then ... drivers.
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Dec 29, 2019 11:00AM PST

I am a first time builder and sourced my parts from research and a similar PC build guide. My issue is when I connect my monitor and PC via HDMI cable my monitor shows the Viotech logo and then a no signal screen and then proceeds to show a black screen. Now I built my PC & it turns on, However I am not sure of what I did wrong due to this being my first PC build and Im 13. Perhaps I wired something wrong? also Im not sure how I can test the connectivity of my Monitor?

Thank you

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I'd try the monitor on another 60Hz source.
Dec 29, 2019 11:37AM PST

Your story is not done. Try the monitor on a bog standard HDMI source like a cable box, DVD/BD player or what do you have?

HDMI in it's spec does not support 75 Hz so I'd test this on another HDMI source.

-> But let's forget the monitor for a second. Maybe you are just this new and it's just a PC that doesn't work. That's more common but you HIGHLIGHTED you thought it was a monitor connection problem. TELL ME HOW YOU KNOW THIS! Example: You would prove the PC is fine on other monitors but not yours.

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How do I test the problem?
Dec 29, 2019 1:07PM PST

I thought the problem was the monitor due to the fact that my PC WILL power on and light up. However when connecting it to the monitor it just shows a screen which says no signal. I shall give a very detailed explanation of what I have done so far.

So far I have built my PC after collecting the parts, My newly built PC will turn on and the fans (All but 1) will activate. I have not connected my PC to the internet as well as I haven't yet downloaded Windows on it. In the terms of my monitor I have built its stand and placed it upon the stand. I then connected the HDMI to HDMI cable to the PC and monitor and connected the monitors power supply to the extension cable. This is when I turn on my PC and the Monitor shows the No Signal message.

Unfortunately I am the only on in my household who currently owns a PC, Albeit I don't know If it works. This provides the dilemma of testing the PC for I have one monitor which evidently is not capable of working with the PC. Me and my father are preparing to ship the monitor back to Viotech and buy a new monitor to replace it. Will this help with the problem or should we wait before buying and or sending back the current monitor?

Thank you so much for your help, I have tried 4 different websites just like this and haven't gotten a response.

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My bet is the PC is not working.
Dec 29, 2019 2:31PM PST

Given the story you have a non-operational PC. Sorry but no, there is little I can offer since you can give me 10 PCs that do what yours does and there will be 10 different causes.

That's why no one can tell you exactly what is wrong with your PC. Look at the effort just to figure out it's not as you wrote " issue setting up my PC to my monitor."

-> The usual build process DOES NOT have us put the motherboard into the case unless we are ready to remove it if it doesn't work.

That is, when a PC doesn't work you start by removing every card, stick, drive and connection you don't need to get it to beep or display. This can be hard on the new tech that arrives thinking the PC industry has evolved to where the PC tells you have the HDD LED plugged into the RESET pins.

Again, make it as small as possible.

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I will check both the PC and the Monitor and get back to you
Dec 29, 2019 3:48PM PST

Is it possible to mess up a PC build in any way besides wiring? If that is the case I will rebuild my PC. However If it is not the case I will rewire the motherboard, GPU, SSD and Power supply. After that I will try hooking it up to the monitor and see what happens, If I have an Issue I will respond with what the new or concluded Issue is

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Dec 29, 2019 4:32PM PST

I only wrote one of the few hundred I run into too often. It is not the one in your case since you would have tried it by the time I replied here.

What do you mean by rewire the items you listed? Why would you do that? Why is the wiring of those suspect?