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I read of that earlier. They are a problem.

In our deep south they're considered a challenge for sport hunters. I'm not sure how it works. I'm told the 'hard to track' is true, so encouraging hunting might not be that effective. They're called boars and sows here, usually.

I recommend using the nuclear weapons left over from our Federal Hurricane Abatement Program.

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some states offer bounties on them

I think Texas is one of them. Some eat them, but they have "trichinosis" so best avoided for food, unless cooked very very thoroughly at high enough temp to kill the egg cysts in them.

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Gross James.

I've known about this for 60 years. Of course, today with the medicine and such, No problem. Sure, wild hogs will not be vaccinated like farm pigs but still gross.
I had round worm as a kid. Sheep, and sheepdogs.

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Never go barefoot on a farm.

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Makes the collieries sound positively healthy.
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(NT) Did we ever talk about follicle mites?
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(NT) As noted, thorough cooking solves the problem.
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...and just to rile up the biblical minded. Could it be that noticing the painful consequences of eating pig meat was the reason it was thought to be a no-no from God?

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All the commandments that touched on health

have been found to be beneficial. The dietary laws were different; they had a religious purpose. They were lifted when Jesus 'fulfilled the Law', when trichinosis was as yet unknown.
In our era it has always been tempting to make a connection, but there is none.

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yeah, God didn't know about....

....trichinosis till we discovered and told Him about it. He Just didn't want them to enjoy bacon.

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Having given us life, Jehovah doesn't owe us any more,

except keeping any promises he made along the way, like Gen 1:28.
In spite of that, he often does 'splain things, as promised at Amos 3:7. But just where we would expect reasons, during his listing of the 600+ commandments, he limits himself to one, which seems to have nothing to do with the rule.
See Leviticus 18:4,6,21; 19:3,4,10,12,14, and many others. (Remember to back-substitute "Jehovah" for "LORD" if you're using a defective Bible.)
Interesting, isn't it?
While you're at it, read the whole verse 19:10. Good thing you're not a Jew, right? I guess Netanyahu hasn't got that far in his mandated Bible study. De 17:14-19
Cf. Ruth ch. 2. Remember that the Moabites were often bad guys in Jewish history.

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New Yorker drawing.

Couple of bible guys herding pigs.
"If he didn't want us to eat it, why did he wrap it in bacon?"

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Using neutron bombs.

Kills the pig but leaves its house looking like a sty.

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Perfect targets for AKs and ARs

They only rule should be that all guns must be aimed to the north. Happy

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... or straight up,

on a windless day.

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Anyway, aren't you the guys who build walls

on your seasides?

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Speaking of pigs

A South Carolina man is facing charges after his pet pig escaped and ended up at a local elementary school.

The school is private property... they just can't get him like that," Wallace argued. "Also they grabbed him by his two back legs and carried him in mid air by [them]."

Wallace added, "there were children and teacher crying as they were doing this."

He told The State that Leroy is quite smart and can open the gate by himself. "He can even open the refrigerator, which is pretty cool," he added.

Not as smart as Arnold....
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Groucho anecdote.

Eating lunch in a studio commissary. Someone mentions that the pig is (ritually) unclean. Groucho stands up, says "The pig? Unclean? The pig is the cleanest animal there is- next to my father!"

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