''I can't get online.''
That tells practically nothing. Does ping work? Can you mail? Tell us what happens if you type www.google.com in the address bar. Just three questions that might tell more when answered.

I just don't think 'hijacked' is the term to use, and I don't think it's a browser problem. Tried winsockxpfix already (http://www.google.com/search?q=download+winsockxpfix&meta= )?

Regarding your old programs (and data!) I would advise you to plan a backup (and restore) scheme. With everything safely on a backup (which could be on your second hard drive, if you don't have a cd- or dvd-burner) a format and reinstall is much more feasible. And moreover, it feels so much safer to have those valuable things on two places. You wouldn't want to be one of those people on these forums who erroneously thought a hard disk was meant for permanent storage, and forgot about the necessity of backup, would you.

Hope this helps.