Section I:

1. Re-register the files suggested in the article [Q914224].

2. Check the article [Q949104] and obtain the latest Windows Update Agent as there may be missing or corrupted files currently which cause the anomaly you note.

Section 2:

1. Three links for your reading pleasure:

a. "Browser Helper Objects: The Browser the Way You Want It?

b. "What is a Browser Helper Object?."

c. "BHODemon" that can be downloaded may assist with your situation perhaps.

2. When using WinXP Service Pack 2 you have the option to use the "Add-on Manager" to control installed Web browser add-ons (either installed by M$ or some Internet sites either with or without your consent) which give different functionality to your Web browser to make browsing a little more fun (animated mouse pointers), effective (extra toolbars and stock tickers) or they slow down your computer or force Internet Explorer to shut down unexpectedly.

3. "Itty Bitty Process Manager (IBProcMan)" - a ZIP file download and requires no installation:

I've been seeing more and more cases of infections by trojans that kill any antivirus or antispyware programs you try to use and remove them. For such cases, I created a standalone version of the 'Itty Bitty Process Manager' inside HijackThis. It should be a bit harder for trojans to detect, since it has no window caption. If they do start targeting it by filename, rename the executable before running it and you should be good to go.

A standalone version of the little process manager included in HijackThis (Misc Tools section). Shows full paths to processes, optionally shows DLLs loaded by processes. Can save the process list (and dll list) to file, as well as copy it to the clipboard. Compatible with at least Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and newer.

Very useful for cleaning up systems infected with trojans or viruses that kill antivirus and antispyware programs.