1. Please note that just above the text editor (where you enter a question on the forum) is the following paragraph, and if certain information is not present in your question, our reply may not be very helpful:

Tip: If you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others identify your problem for a speedy resolution.

Note: You have the option of using the hyperlink "Edit My Profile" on the right side of the main page to fill in applicable system information so that it is available.

2. A suggestion to consider when anomalies happen like this is to consider that corruption may exists in that areas and the steps suggested in #6 of [Q276393] may be required. In addition, since it is possible a user profile itself may be corrupted, create a new user profile to see if they then functions correctly.