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Brace for Major Microsoft Patches Tuesday

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Reporting: Brace for Major Microsoft Patches Tuesday
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I read the article. Lets see.....XP is 9 (NINE!) years old
and yet more of the patches apply to it than to Win-7...
pardon me, but I wonder if Ford would still be around if it
was having to go back and fix 2001 Taurus models...even if
they knew about the same problems in the 1997 Taurus models.

I think MS got caught in a trap of their own making....LONG
ago they should have totally changed their thinking once it
was clear that virus writers were on the upswing, and
their mindset that 'any-user-can-do-anything'. They were afraid
to change the basic internals because it would mean older
versions would be too incompatible. But at some point,
a clear cut-off should have been made - even at the cost of
alienating a lot of users. Should they have done that back in the
late Win-98 or certainly Win-ME days, all those users would
have come back by now.

Personally, I now run Linux, and if Linus Torvalds ever dies,
I would like to donate to his shrine. Linux has been all I'll
ever need.

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True logic is totally out-of-reach for

about 75+% of the total population of humanoids of this world.

Do not think that MS did not know of all of this retardation of the non-will to upgrade to better machines and way better operating systems since win. 98 Second Edition. MS had to make a custom service pack 1 and more for win. 98 ever since. People spending millions on keeping their garbage tech. and software per organization.

Servicing Billions of computer users is quite a feat, you know. Hundreds of advanced countries needing such constant service. Thank god for the internet for allowing of this to be possible. Phew!

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Yep, it's going to be fun.

I'm going to make sure I have 'my own' System Restore backup point created before I even touch those updates.


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Make an Image Back-Up

I use Paragon DriveBackup to image my boot drive prior to any MS update patches except Defender. I have only had 2 updates go south on me but in both cases System Restore was not able to recover it and I had to restore from the image.

With the right BU software it is a very small investment in time for a very big payoff if it was needed, in both cases where MS updates smoked my system, the longest part of the recover was waiting for the restore to finish.

Oddly enough in both cases the next try went without issue.

For Symantic/Norton users, Turn-On Silent mode during the updates and it will greatly reduce the risk of things going wrong because Norton kicks off some intense background job, learned that one the hard way on the recent Adobe update...

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Now, I remember why not to use Symantec's overpriced

garbage software. Turns out that the cheaper and more innovative ones, does not have these, weird, issues.

Anyway, it is almost 6 am here, in Ottawa, Ontario-Canada and, no sign of any activity coming from Microsoft Update, yet. We, international people, might get it on Wednesday, instead. For some inexplicable reason.

Good Luck everybody! Since, I will not need any.

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Which ones have you seen with no issues?

To date I don't think I have seen a Windows anti-virus software that never causes issues and fares well on the cNet and other ratings for doing its job?

That said, I was so disappointed with NIS 2010 that I was about to change AV software, since NIS 2011 was a free upgrade for me I decided to give it one more chance.

So far I am pretty happy with NIS 2011, it seems to use a lot less resources and has much less impact on performance (except when it is doing its background thing which is easy enough to stop).

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or ignore it completely. Every single time I apply an update it screws up my system, makes some hardware unusable, etc. I've turned off updating.

Now I have to decide whether or not it's worth the risk.

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Piece of cake

Got my 16 injections this AM with no pain. Quick and easy. The only annoyance was the usual restart. Just waiting for any side affects but a full HD image was done last evening.

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Nice to hear

That is good news, I plan mine this weekend.

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A mere 18 minutes for all 13 updates for mine.

I do not have Office and the other one so, got all mere security updates for IE8, .Net Framework 4.0, detector of malicious software and, the rest for Win. 7's definitions for its internal security matrix.

A big 47Mb worth of definitions updates. 3 minutes to download and 15 minutes to install, reboot and, reconfigure itself out. But, my System Mechanic Pro. 10 told me that I generated 59.99Mb of junk files and, 13 registry entries had to be removed so that the new ones can take full effect as of right now. Tells me that 12.99Mb of much older definitions were taken out also. Probably gotten useless as time goes forward.

For me no possible lethal updates/upgrades done to any apps. and the windows hard coded program. So, even before downloading the whole thing, checked what was forecasted as to be downloaded from the Microsoft servers and, told myself:"Major updates and upgrades my butt""That'll be a mere monthly routine security definitions' updates reception and implementation""Phew! what a useless scare these bozos gave me!"

That was, indeed, a piece of cake. No worries here. Seen way worse than that.

Do not know about those poor saps with the Win. XP and earlier versions. A lot of crashes and screen black-outs, I suppose. Wink

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No Problems Here On Win 7 Or Win XP

Depending on the machine, there were from 15 to 22 Updates.. So far, I've updated about 50 computers using the Windows Update site.. Not allowing any to occur "automagically". All installed well and a standard restart went well on all machines..

Hope this helps.


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Me too . . .

I only have four; two desktops and two laptops, all running XP Pro. And it was painless. One wonders as to the condition of the machines of people who always have problems after updates. I've NEVER had a glitch. Then again I don't tweak, screw with, or otherwise treat my machines badly.

"Auto-magically". That commercial drives me up the wall. They are playing on the guy's, uh, tactfully, deficiencies. But he's making money I guess.

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Windows Updates.

No problems here, I agree with Wildclay that NIS 2011 is pretty good, it works in the background without any noticiable effect.
Wales, UK.

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17 and no issues

Well I did mine after an image backup and no issues, end-to-end about 20 minutes counting the reboot.

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No patches sent

via automatic update on Tuesday or Wednesday. Had to go out through Windows update to download and install these patches

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