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Boot from DVD without a DVD drive

Nov 28, 2007 11:49PM PST

Okay, this is a rather complicated question, so I'll do my best to make it plain and simple.

Here's the situation: I have a Dell Desktop with Pentium 4 1.7GHz, 1 Gb of RAM, 40Gb HDD, and a CD writer drive. I recently set out on a hacking project to get a certain operating system (not linux) working on this machine. Unfortunately, this particular operating system is ONLY available in DVD format. The particular patched ISO I have is 1.36 Gb. I am looking for a way to boot this system natively into the installer (various vmware hackery has been unsuccessful) and install onto the hard drive. Unfortunately, I don't have a DVD drive...

The other equipment I have available: MacBook, 2Gb SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive, ethernet cables...

Please note that I am aware that I could just buy an external or internal DVD drive, but as I don't really have any money to spend, this is not really an option.

Also, I am familiar with Linux to some degree, so having to use a LiveCD is not a dealbreaker

My ideas: Is it possible to somehow boot from an ISO file, either on a flash drive, or on a separate partition? Or, is it possible to "burn" the ISO image to a hard disk partition, boot from that partition, install the OS, then boot into the partition where that OS is installed? Or, can I use the Flash Drive to boot the installer as if it were a DVD?

Any ideas would be appreciated, as I have been unable to find any guides for my particular situation...

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That might depend on the particular OS involved.
Nov 28, 2007 11:57PM PST

And from the booting options your BIOS has. So please tell more about both subjects.


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Nov 29, 2007 12:07AM PST

The "particular system" that I am talking about is Mac OS X Uphuck v1.4i r3... Just for a proof of concept really, wanted to see what it was like, and learn about stuff in the process...

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No so OK really.
Nov 29, 2007 12:24AM PST

This is what the forum policies happen to say:
This community forum is a place for ideas and constructive participation, and not a place to violate any laws or to discuss illegal activities. This type of activity includes, but is not limited to, advocating or asking for information regarding software piracy or unauthorized emulators of software or hardware, sharing or distributing viruses, licenses, registration information, software keys, "cracks," or other information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks, or any other systems. Please refrain from posting this kind of message."

So you'll understand why I lock this thread now.