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BOL - How long before CNET pulls the plug?

Molly is often gone; Jason is gone, but still on the home page as producer; Rafe needs to learn how to pick up the shows pace.

Molly has great rants, even when the facts don't back her up; she doesn't always dig deep into a story. She needs someone steady at the helm to control the show and keep it moving forward.

Cooley makes a good Molly replacement; rants plus knowledge. I think I would get tired of him if he was on every day though.

Face it, two of the three best parts of BOL are now TWITs. Molly's heart isn't in it anymore. I'm betting it doesn't reach 1500.

I won't know though, as of today it's deleted from my Google Reader. It's been fun.

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BOL - How long before CNET pulls the plug?

I don't know I am guessing when either Rafe or Molly winds up on TWIT.

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I haven't listened in quite awhile, myself

There's something to be said for chemistry, and a feeling of family, etc., and with all the changes, and given all the changes in the last year, it's just not the same. That's nothing negative whatsoever to do with the current hosts.

Just think, though...if BOL became a TWIT property, they could rename it "BOT" (buzz on twit). Gotta nice ring to it, eh?

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(NT) Understood...I'm feel the same...
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Well, I think we need to give it time

Tom & Molly were the best, but they had been working together since the beginning. Rafe has occasional flashes of brilliance. He really knows his stuff. I really liked Cooley, Donald Bell adds a lot. Benito needs to step up and chat more.
I think with CBS sending Molly all over heck, it's hard for them to build up any familiarity.
Molly & Rafe won't be the same as Tom & Molly, but I see some interesting interplay there.

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I agree merrybrown...

...if they want to keep the show alive they need consistency.

Rafe, Molly (or whomever) and Benito need to work together daily for a few months to get it to click. If Molly is often going to be away, find another permanent host. Molly one or two days a week gives the show good punch.

I think the show needs a female host, someone with a little more drive than Rafe (who I do like, it's just he's so naturally low-key). I just find BOL to be painful to listen to since Tom left; with all his experience, he really hit the ground running on TNT. His rotating co-hosts are exceptional, not a dud in the bunch.

Biggest downside to TNT is co-hosts/guests on skype; on the road hotel internet often sucks. On todays TNT the scheduled guest, from Britain, missed most if not all of the show because of power problems, of all things.

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Definitely needs consistency.

Meh, what are you gonna do about it. Change is a fickle beotch.

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It is pretty upsetting after so so so long as a daily institution, but more and more I speak to people and they are choosing TNT as their first choice daily podcast - I"m not there yet, but I understand.

Whomever is going to be the daily host has to be COMPLETELY on the ball, which means not mis-understanding a story or a thread of discussion.

That is Dr Tom M's speciality - he"s ALWAYS going to know the technical/political back story OR he"s going to be able to honestly sound like he"s interested. It is not good enough to be ignorant or to ignore matters.

I am so hoping that it all comes together soon, because there are flashes of greatness but not yet consistent gold amongst the new format.

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My problem with TNT...

... is that the podcast rarely publishes before 7 PM ET, well after my drive time.

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1 +1 not equalling 2

Rafe is good at his shows and Molly is good with her's. Their styles just don't mesh well. A Molly/BT or a Rafe/Donald BOL would sound great.

Extremus2--a female host aka Gadgettes? I miss them.

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Gadgettes was fun, a great vehicle for Molly's loopy, bawdy POV.

She needs a chat show ala "The Wendy Williams Show" on BET.

BTW, doesn't anyone on CNET read these things? Jason is still listed as producer and they're still running his tweets on the BOL homepage, many of which reference his work on TWIT.TV.


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New Host

Honestly, I don't listen to BOL a lot, but when I do, I like the current personalities. But true, it does need a makeover. It needs a new permanent host. How about Cooley? Brian Tong is OK, I like him on the Apple Byte, but sometimes his personality can get a bit annoying. Don't know how he would do on a live podcast.

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The problems the show is facing

I think that the problems that the show is clearly facing are the fact that Molly and Tom built it up to be one thing and now they're having to try to ask new people to come into an old environment and make it the feel the same.

Honestly I think they need to get new talent who are younger and who can devote more of their time to the podcast as well as create their own feel for the show.

I also feel that the show needs to abandon it's carousel of guests format and focus on having 2 or 3 regulars who can build up a new culture, with new jokes, and new running themes.

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I don't think the age of the hosts

has anything to do with it. I think it's more about their ability to play off on another. Rafe and Molly are getting there. She just keeps getting called away. She was good with Donald too. Brian Tong, is good but he needs more folks to bounce off. He is all ready pretty pretty high energy (although,since falling in love he has toned that down.)

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The age of the hosts matters

The age of the hosts matters because, typically, older employees have more responsibilities in different areas. You can fill in for the Toms or the Molly's with the likes of Brian Cooley or someone, but he won't be able to devote any attention to the program either because he's busy with so much other stuff.

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So it's how much time the host has to devote...

Not their age. We want people who can spend more time on the podcast, certainly. I still maintain the age is not important.

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TWiT Network ads

Do TWiT shows still have obnoxiously long advertisements? The reason I stopped listening to their shows altogether was because I became tired of 5-10 minutes ads with no clear demarcation between real content and paid content. BoL is really going down the tubes lately and I'm considering switching. But I won't listen to TWiT shows with such annoying advertising.

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(NT) Not Tom'
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I inadvertently clicked Submit. I meant to say not Tom's TNT show. He reads an ad (and honestly, if I were the advertiser, I'd be a little miffed at the way he blows right through them). It doesn't go on forever by any stretch on his show.

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Tong means the end

With this new move (putting Tong in the driver's seat) the show is doomed. He brings little to no insight to any topics except to go uhhmm, uhhmm every three seconds. Episodes he's on are barely tolerable as it is and having to listen to this chucklehead daily is just too much. I honestly cannot understand how he was hired and is still able to hold down work with so much talent around him. We can only hope he's the band-aid until the suits can convince Cooley to team up with Molly. THAT would damn near trump anything on TWiT.

Leo's rightly poached the best talent and soon enough he'll probably land Molly.

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Brian Cooley would be awesome!

Wonder why they don't try that combo?

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Thinking more like that every day...

I actually like Tong, a lot. He got under my skin initially, but have come to appreciate his humor. That said, he and Molly may be a good mix personally, but a TERRIBLE mix professionally. It's too much like Gadgettes with them. I like Molly's rants with a measured counterpart. Cooley may work and Donald is getting better at being a counterpart to Molly, but I can't think of a combo as good as Rafe or Tom.

I tried TNT for that vacation week they had and it wasn't as good, but if BoL is going the way I fear it is, I may switch.

I think CNET needs to see BoL as the community builder it is for promoting other parts of the CNET universe, but it's been a completely underutilized property.

As for Leo poaching Molly, I doubt it, but I wish he would.

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C'mon Molly jump ship to TWiT!!

I started listening to TNT initially but I didn't love Becky. On BOL I thought I'd quit cause I've NEVER liked Rafe, I just tolerated him lately, cause Molly was the saving grace. Brian Tong every day?? not so sure on that one. Jason is SORELY missed. If Molly was at TWiT things could get back to "normal", but Leo has said he's tried... maybe he needs to try HARDER! I'm sure there's more job security at CBS and with a young child I'll bet it's something to consider for Molly.
What I miss the most are the old TMV - There will NEVER be anything like it again. It was MAGIC. Sad

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He's good on some topics like Apple.
Problem is with Tong and Molly and no Rafe or Tom. There will be no rudder. The show will always be off the rails.

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How do you like your podcast?

If you like the "here's the topic, discuss, next topic" then Rafe and Cooley are your hosts. It you like off the rails like gadgettes then Molly and BT are the hosts. Donald can work with either style so that nice. I've tried to like TNT, but it's too professional and news-y for my taste; even with Jason.

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I like a bit of both

Ideally I'd have Tong, Molly and Rafe on full time.

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Goodbye BOL

I can't stand it any more, Tong is just too immature, the show has lost direction.

Bring back Rafe or Cooley.

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Like or dislike

Wow!! Rafe is part time and BT as full time co host? What do yall think?

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Oops my bad

Nevermind I see a new thread has started.

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Please make him go away

Brian Tong really doesn't belong on CNET at all. He is useless. How did he even get this job? He doesn't fit and it's obvious. I've just started listening to BOL and right away he just seems awful. He is way too hyper and doesn't know anything the relates to tech. He belongs on more of a trendy, shallow type of radio show that comments on celebs or something. Nice guy, just doesn't make sense on this show or anything on CNET really.

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