Call me a killjoy, but personally, I don't like <most of> the contrived would-be comedic calls at the end of the cast. Some people just try too hard. I guess my humor threshold has gotten higher. It's got to be pretty witty for me to appreciate it nowadays.

So, I'm hoping the Buzz Crew are simply being judicious now about what passes muster and what's just filler where random voicemails are concerned.

As far as doing the "live" show goes, it's fine in theory, but c|net doesn't strike me as the kind of company now that has the money to do this. IF someone at c|net sales got creative and got sponsorship for such things, that would be great.

I'm surprised c|net can't get a daily sponsor for BOL. I can understand why some tech companies would be reticent to do it, given that they could be skewered by the hosts on a given story. But how about some other type of sponsor that's not in the tech realm, but still universally known, like Dunkin Donuts coffee? Come on, guys.