BO team disgusting pigs......

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Reporting: BO team disgusting pigs......
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I'd not use the term porcine but certainly arrogant

It's a poster and not cloth...yet, but one of those likenesses that could stir up lawyers if this were in the corporate world.

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As if Republicans hadn't wrapped themselves in the flag or

used elements (the stripes, the stars, or combinations of them as a background) of it in Campaign brochures and placards on the sides of buses.before.

It used to bother me when they did, but I didn't see any point in whining about it.

That seems to be the Republican strategy this year, whining all the way to the Presidency. I wonder if it will work, or just alienate that middle that they're trying to court.


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Romney's campaign bus.....
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Is Romney SELLING that image

to raise money for his campaign?

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Yes, actually, he is

In your OP you didn't specify that your beef was that the images were being sold to raise campaign money, just that they existed. But since you've now qualified that, you can clearly see that Romney's campaign is also selling items with modified flag designs.

So, again, are the Romney people disgusting pigs too?
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Yes....IF they had altered the flag itself

BUT THEY HAVEN'T........they are using the red/white/blue COLORS........but nowhere on their site (and I looked at every single item) have they disfigured the flag itself, Josh.

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And the Obama campaign hasn't done that either

It's an image suggestive of a flag but is not the flag. Just like the Romney images.

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RE:Yes....IF they had altered the flag itself
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Several of those are desecrations

They took actual flags and wrote on them or worse. That's against the law.

Did you see the one where they replaced the stars with a Tea Party logo?

Toni? Disgusting pigs or not?

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And the Obama "flag"

has a circle in the upper left replacing the stars which represent the all of the states. A circle is the shape of the United Nations logo. See...the plot thickens. Devil

This gets really stupid in a hurry, doesn't it?

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(NT) Can we expect the same post made to Toni?
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Your whining is showing........

'smack my hands, but make sure you smack hers too' pout, pout LOL

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(NT) I know Steven wants to be fair.
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Fair means no visual or aural marketing

other than in written word and speech. No logos at all. Nothing should be made in Hollywood or Madison Avenue. Anything said or in print must be truthful and appeal to intellect rather than just emotion. No outsourcing of one's image. Me thinks that species of politician is extinct.

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Going to answer the question, Toni?

Are the people who wrote on actual flags, and replaced the stars with a Tea Party logo and slogan "disgusting pigs?"

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(NT) did he add 7 more stars?!
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I wish they hadn't made such a thing about it.

It looks so stupid, that after all this uproar they might change it, and then look less stupid. Remember the other flag some were flying with Obama's face in the blue stars field area?

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I noticed that women's fashion recently ...

... started using the US flag to make women's casual shirts. Carrie Underwood had one on during a country music concert that was televised on ABC the other night.

I didn't see anyone calling her a disgusting pig for wearing the shirt but maybe that term only applies to the designer of the clothing.

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Who Ran My Underwear Up The Flagpole
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I don't like the logo idea anyway

Are we electing leaders or buying products?...or maybe it's too hard to tell.

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