BO and the taxpayer....again

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Reporting: BO and the taxpayer....again
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(NT) BO and the TONI ... again.
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RE: Wonder if the FISA court can get them back for National

Wonder if the FISA court can get them back for National Security reasons?

WHY would FISA do anything for TheRUMP? Why do YOU trust FISA? Does TheRUMP know you trust them?

Trump's FISA tweets throw Washington into chaos

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's sunrise tweet casting aspersions on the domestic surveillance program his own intelligence officials have called essential set off a thunderclap of concern in Washington -- and underscored the pitfalls of the President's morning television tweet-alongs.

Phones at the White House began ringing almost immediately after Trump wrote at 7:33 a.m. ET that the FISA program up for reauthorization in the House on Thursday may have been used to "badly surveil" his campaign.

TheRUMP and his tweets...again

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It got renewed....and surprise, surprise.....

Trump was right all along when he said his campaign was 'tapped' by BO. Can YOU admit he was right? AND that they were tapping him BEFORE the lying dossier even came out?

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RE: It got renewed.

Not because of TheRUMP...in spite of TheRUMP

House passes FISA reauthorization despite Trump tweet criticizing the program

Link provided upon request and grovelling...

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Did you really expect anything other than criticism

since it's been proven now that HE was a target using a false dossier AND that he was 'tapped' BEFORE getting that warrant? He could have vetoed the passing and didn't though, did he?

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(NT) Can't admit he was right, can you?
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(NT) I could admit he was "right" but I'd be lying....
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I could SAY he was "right", but I'd be lying

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(NT) How is it a lie when it's been proven to be right?
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RE; it's been proven to be right

Got a link to THAT claim?

the "claim" THAT that he was 'tapped' BEFORE getting that warrant?

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Seriously, TTT PRANK CALLS posts a youtube

that only repeats the same thing over and over with NO proof to go along with the accusation????? And you expect people to actually take this as credible? You DO know that "
1 month ago
The ABC reporter was suspended for 4 weeks without pay for reporting that ********. ", don't you??????

Yep, it's like shooting fish in YOUR barrel...

AND, Trump didn't have to provide the proof of the tapping......it was actually uncovered two weeks ago as FACT..........

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YOU provided the link

told me to take my pick....so I did...

YOU don't read what you post/claim,,,,,

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Unfortunately you decided out of

all of them to pick the LIE........typical.....

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RE:Unfortunately you decided out of all of them

YOU don't like the one I picked?

I'll give YOU a "do over"....

Go back to YOUR link...take YOUR pick...and post it here.

IF you're not too tired/lazy.

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Just incase YOU don't click on links...let me help you

The president’s decision on Saturday to lend the power of his office to accusations against his predecessor of politically motivated wiretapping — without offering any proof — was remarkable, even for a leader who has repeatedly shown himself willing to make assertions that are false or based on dubious sources.

The president was adamant in conversations with several people throughout the day on Saturday that he believed he was right about the wiretaps, according to three people with direct knowledge of those conversations.

Two people close to Mr. Trump said they believed he was referring to a Breitbart News article, which aides said had been passed around among his advisers

Mr. Levin, a day earlier, railed about what he called a “much bigger scandal,” claiming — again with no proof — that Mr. Obama and his aides had used “the instrumentalities of the federal government, intelligence activity, to surveil members of the Trump campaign and put that information out in the public.”

I could go on but...for what purpose......

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There are actually emails/memos

that have turned up showing that Trump was under a 'counterterrorism' surveillance BEFORE the election as a candidate WITHOUT A WARRANT (Comey even testified to that a while back but everyone assumed he was talking about the surveillance done after the dossier came out) and it expanded once the dossier came out. As a candidate, during the transition, and after he took the oath.....

I could go on but....for what purpose....since you don't/can't admit that BO and the LIAR were in cahoots to take down Trump and guarantee her election and it continues to this day.

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RE:I could go on but....for what purpose

YOU provided the links that you claimed backed YOUR argument...I read the links...selected parts that disputed what YOU claimed...

Them's the facts....Ya' got nuttin'

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Like I said above.....

I gave you many that prove otherwise and yet you chose to pick the LIE...ok

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RE:chose to pick the LIE

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose....Unless you are really good friends...

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YOU chose to pick a link that

CLAIMED to show proof of your and their LIE, but didn't PROVIDE the proof, only a rant. Again....I provided links to PROVE that the LIE IS A LIE, but you chose NOT to read any of them and cherry picked the LIE as proof without ANY proof within that link. But that's the liberal parroting for you.....you guys live with the same mantra....state the lie often enough and people will begin to believe the lie rather than their own eyes and belief in them.

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RE:but you chose NOT to read any of them and cherry picked

I was "lucky" to "cherry pick" a link to a story that proved MY point...and NOT to read any of them

YOU wold think I would have to read at least some of them to find one that was in disagreement with YOUR point of view since YOU provided the links..

YOU don't want to talk about YOU, NOT taking the time to select a link with YOUR point of view and just posting a SINGLE link to the story and selecting the different sections that highlight the points YOU want to make?

You know, like I do in many of my posts....

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You offered up a youtube video where a guy CLAIMED to have proof, and gave NOTHING except HIS WORD that he had it. Huge difference, JP....

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Huge difference, JP...

Unlike TheRUMP?

I am the least, I am the most, I am the best...I am.....

the word braggadocios comes to mind....

1 a : empty boasting
b : arrogant pretension : cockiness

the air of swaggering braggadocio that all important men are expected to show in fighting —C. W. M. Hart

2 : braggart

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And not a word from you about how

BO is ripping off the taxpayers again for his 'library'.......when you have 100 of your own elite supporters bit..ing about it, you KNOW it's bad.

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When TheRump isn't POTUS any longer

Do you think HE will have a "library"?

I'm joking...we all know the answer to that one....

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again, no comment about BO's ripping off the community

and his own elite supporters openly criticizing him.........

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BO who?
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On Presidential libraries.

A collection of Presidential papers is of great use to historians.* It would work for them in a monumental structure or a warehouse, as long as either furnished "a clean, well-lighted place".
Most [all?] are monumental.
I believe most [all?] are partly funded by donors.

*So the people don't forget their history and are condemned to repeat it.

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