OK profile 1.1 players are already out now, I think there are 3 or 4 1.1 players including the PS3. Profile 2.0 (finalized) will be out this summer, is some cases this spring.

1st toshiba need to kill the hole hddvd thing, it is rumored on Tuesday (19th) that toshiba will have a meeting with the CFO, CEO & all of them, about hddvd's future. The day of the 'announcement' we should here from Uni & Par the same day with some release dates of titles. Don't worry Transformer will be in the top 5 1st release movie blocks, it was the best selling hddvd title besides Planet Earth.
I want the uncut American Gangster on BD & many people will want that version on BD, too, so they MAY need a extra month to release that movie. I would rether wait & have them get it right 1 time.

Big/Top sellers will get released the fastest, but it will not happen over night. I am sure that Uni & Par are readly for the switch now & getting titles readly to be stamped (made onto BD). Par would be a little faster to the stores with there title catalog BD's, like Shooter, maybe 2-3 weeks it would take to get to the stores.

I sooo hope Uni redos BGS, it got such bad reviews, the dvd sounds like it is better then the hddvd version.

In the end it many take up to 1 year for Uni & Par to get ALL catalog titles onto BD & to the stores, if more stamping facilities were built it would speed up the proces. Some movies will need to be retooled to look better, add more sound tracks & change things form the hddvd code to JAVA; these things are mostly going on NOW to speed things up.