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Bluetooth stopped working in Windows 10 Acer Aspire V

Dec 16, 2017 2:42PM PST

Hi all,

starting this evening I have an issue with the Bluetooth on my Acer Aspire V. The device runs Windows 10 and has worked perfectly fine up to this point. I should also mention that I use mainly Bluetooth headphones.

Earlier this evening I had a video playing on the connected TaoTronics TT-BH20 headphones and walked a bit out of Bluetooth range in the flat. The signal broke as usual (did that 100 times before) and at first continued when I returned but as I finally sat back down the audio had just stopped working over the headphones. Upon checking the Bluetooth settings, I see that the headphones are shown as connected. I try to first disconnect them, then unpair. Both times it said, "Failed to disconnect / unpair. ....

So I restarted the laptop. Manually restarted the Bluetooth services and made sure their start up setting was on automatic and restarted again.

Now, when looking at the device manager, there is a long list of various Bluetooth devices shown. With all of them it says in properties "device is not connected to the computer". Only two options in the context menu are updating the drivers or uninstalling. None of the devices are considered "connected but disabled" but all are just displayed as not available.
I updated windows and all drivers. Nothings changed.

Here you can see a screenshot of my device manager

Here you can see my Bluetooth device settings

Does anyone have an idea what could have caused this and how I can fix it?

Thx in advance Happy

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