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Bluetooth Audio Receiver

I have lots of speakers that are not Bluetooth enabled, Can they be connected to BT Audio receivers that are placed upstairs or outside, and can I plug a USB Bluetooth transmitter into my PC and send audio from it to the receivers?

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Not clear

While I've done this, I can't be sure others can. It's the right parts but the setup is finicky and I've never found it easy to duplicate for others. That is, there always seems to be another setting I didn't have to play with the next time.

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If I made a list of the speakers

If I made a list of the speakers would you help me select a Bluetooth receiver?

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I don't think that's needed.

Speakers are a fungible item so I rarely find that to be a deciding factor. For me the issues is how to configure bluetooth audio. It's all of a simple 3 to 5 buck bluetooth usb dongle for the PC and then a bit more for the receiver but that's just the tip of the iceberg on the software setup.

After the receiver you'll need the usual amplifier but again, another fungible item with many choices.

Your question sounds as if you want someone to come over and set it all up.

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How to configure Bluetooth receivers

Bob said, "For me the issues is how to configure bluetooth audio"

I have had almost no luck using Bluetooth _except_ I can play music sent from my cell phone to a JBL Micro Wireless BT speaker. I don't know why the same speaker doesn't pair with my desktop computer. I have found Staples, Walmart, NewEgg, etc. have good pricing, but they don't have the same technical knowledge as OEMs. So I ask experienced users.

I would like to attach two or more speakers to BT audio receivers, and place the receivers in three different rooms. What specifications should the BT receivers have for accepting BT signal and for connecting speakers? Do I need amplifiers?

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That's exactly where I see folk have issues.

Remember we are dealing with -> Windows <- and while I prefer to use Bluetooth A2DP I can't write a tutorial or more here. For that we turn to the internet, google and more.

After you've done this a few times you begin to think "what were they thinking?" as you find you didn't repeat the same steps with each setup.

-> Apple and it's AirPlay is a lot better and a bit less wonky.

About amplifiers. Since the common BT Audio receiver can't drive a speaker (I use them with headphones) that's a pretty easy question. Yes.

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Great Bluetooth Receiver

I have been looking for a bluetooth receiver for ages. They either seem a bit pricey or don't seem very good quality. I recently found a great site... after my cousin recommended one of their speakers.
Having a browse around, I found a bluetooth audio receiver that looked good and was only £19.99.
I bought it cos they have a great returns policy so felt like I had nothing to lose.
As soon as I got it and plugged it in, it was amazing. Sooooo easy to use. You just plug it in, sync it with your device and my old hi-fi speakers were playing my latest playlists.
It's definitely my best buy of the summer, my old hi-fi is an amazing system but just made a bit redundant as now I only really use my iphone and ipod to listen to music.
Definitely saved me from throwing out a great system and having to spend a fortune on another one!
Best buy of the summer by far....I've put a link in below.
Hope that helps!

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The range issue.

Just noting that a buddy duplicated my setup and then complained about the usual 30 foot range limit. Bluetooth is not something we use for long distances. Since you are doing your research I bet you knew that.

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30 feet range OK

Under my house there must be a pile of sand because my basement is always dry. In the summer time its cool and during the winter it stays pleasingly warm, but there are no windows. I love the feeling of nature around me, so I want to keep my desktop computer downstairs, with my audio library on it, and play music on speakers located where I like to be, upstairs (definitely within 30 feet) and outside about 30 feet away. My son recently moved to Florida and left me his speakers. I have 3 computers that share my Home network and have one other thing in common, they have lousy speakers. I like to listen to smooth Jazz, sentimental piano music, and download podcasts. What would you do? Should I use Bluetooth?

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That's the worst place to put a router and of course a bluetooth transmitter. I'm sure you can get it to work within the range limits but why folk want to repeat the lessons about range is a bit of a mystery. At least we broached the subject.

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30 foot range

I use High Performance DSL. The line-In terminates in box on the outside of my house. A cable goes from there into a wireless router located in the basement. The router has 4 Ethernet ports. I plugged an Ethernet switch into one and ran wiring from it to several rooms, including those upstairs and outside. I don't use the cable any more. Wireless 802.11N does excellent job. Maybe the time is not far off when Bluetooth's capability will improve. It has gone from 6 to 30 feet. Since access is unauthorized maybe encryption should be used?

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I rarely worry about Bluetooth security.

It's something I use for "transport" and not any network, file or printer sharing so I don't have much to secure.

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