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Blue Screen Of Death

Basically I know absolutely nothing about computers, or my own computer for that matter, other than that I have XP, not even sure if this should be in this part of the forum or not, but here goes.. Basically, I had a power cut one time, and since then, I've been BSOD'd every time I try to log on, after the Windows loading screen, but before the log-in screen.. The error message thing that comes up is 0x000000ED (0x8A3A7900, 0XC0000006, 0X00000000, 0X00000000).. Anyone know any possible reason for it happening, or preferably, how I can stop it happening, any input appreciated. I have tried putting in a Windows disc (It's not an official one, got it from a friend to try to help with the problem, it didn't) and booting directly from the Disc, but that also goes to the BSOD, and also trying to boot my computer in safe mode gives me one too.

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The machine seems to need repair.

A machine that bluescreens when booted with the XP CD is a sure sign it needs service.

Who do you use for repairs?

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Well, I've not needed to use anyone to repair it, as it has been running fine without any problems, up until recently, I had a power cut, and just left my computer, went to work, and when I came back, it was just blue screening.

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The problem here is

That since the XP CD can't boot then we have to think the machine has hard damage. It is possible for the hard drive to be so corrupt that it will cause XP to fail from CD or other sources.

What's damming about this is that Microsoft admits this in a KB article and their fix was to boot a Windows 7 DVD and let that repair the drive. What they don't offer is this DVD for this repair. And you can't use the XP CD for this. More at

What this means is most folk will have to swap in a new drive or boot up DBAN or such to wipe the drive clean and start over.

This is why I ask where you get your support for such troubles. Maybe they have the Windows 7 DVD.

Someday we hope they'll offer that DVD for download when this happens.

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So, apart from doing the mentioned above, there is no other way of fixing it, is there no way I could just completely reinstall my XP with the disc I have? I have no previous experience of doing this, so I don't really know.

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The other way.

I am out there so I have the CD/DVDs needed which is why I asked where you get your machines serviced. They might help you along with the Windows 7 DVD boot and fix that Microsoft notes at they support site. Sorry but that article is eluding me today.

If you need to save your files try The LaCie Miracle at;forum-threads where we can get access to the files with yet another but free boot CD.

Armed with that we shouldn't lose any files.

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I don't mind..

Losing any files, I was contemplating doing a full wipe of my computer anyways, and starting from scratch, as there was nothing on there that I really needed anyways, I know I need to delete the partition, but have no idea how to do that, any tips?

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Since we can't use the XP CD.

I'm thinking you could use GPARTED (see google.)

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Stop error meaning

Found this on a stop message website. Hope it somehow helps O.o I don't know much about computers either but this is a start.


(Click to consult the online Win XP Resource Kit article.)
The kernel mode I/O subsystem attempted to mount the boot volume and it failed. This error also might occur during an upgrade to Win XP on systems that use higher throughput ATA disks or controllers with incorrect cabling. In some cases, your system might appear to work normally after you restart.

* 0x000000ED: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME {KB 297185} Win XP (During reboot while upgrading to Win XP)
* 0x000000ED Error Message When Volume on IDE Drive with Caching Enabled Is Mounted {KB 315403} Win XP (NTFS volumes on some IDE drives)

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At least that doesn't sound like it's anything too major, just a shame I have absolutely no idea what pretty much any of that means, when I say I know nothing about computer, I mean literally next to nothing at all when it comes to the technical side. Silly

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Microsoft Support for BSOD

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