Did you recently update or add any new drivers? If not, and then it might have been an update from microsoft that caused it (like you said). If you have system restore activated, then you can try to boot in safe mode and restore your system back to a later date.
If you don't know how to restart in safe mode, then here are the steps.
1. Turn computer off
2. Turn it on and immediately begin tapping the "F8" button repeatedly until you get an options screen.
3. Scroll up and select safe mode.
4. After it boots, click on administrator and load
5. Now if you made it this far then click on Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->System Restore
6. Now choose a date back when your computer actually worked, and run the wizard
7. Once the wizard has been completed then it should reboot itself and hopefully that will fix the problem. Let me know if this helps.