Blink Rendering Engine? Which Windows Browsers Use it?

I am aware that Blink is now in Opera 16 and Chromium. Is Blink used by other browsers right now, today, 15 August? I hear tell that Chromium clones Iron Browser and Comodo Dragon browser will use Blink soon. Tell me,please what is up. Thanks ahead of time for your kindness.

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Clarification Request
I have a question.

Why would this matter to most folk? But my second question is why does it matter?

In my opinion DIVERSITY is good. Here's why.

"There's some concern that the common code base Blink and WebKit share could lead to some problems when it comes to recommending new standards. For the time being, it's going to be much easier to make a proposed spec work in both Blink and WebKit than, say, Gecko. Mozilla, Microsoft, and other W3C members will do their best to make sure everyone's on the same page."

So I'm unsure if I would care if it's one or the other given the common code base.

I'm certain it doesn't add to security.

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Proffitt: Why it matters.
First, because I am free. Freeware allows me to make free choices, and so I want to see what organizations use Blink. Some guis are fun,others are a pain--I choose what i need,and thus I want to know what organizations use Blink. Capiche? In gist, there are several webkit/windows browsers such as Slimboat, Iron, Comodo, Cool Novo,etc. Some have user friendly guis, others are junk. Now Blink is starting to take over for Webkit on some. I want to know where Blink is used. Kindly tell me without a lecture on morality. The question is facts only: which windows browsers are using Blink,please.Thanks a lot ahead of time.
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For this one you ask in the developer forums. Here is good

But I think you can get closer to the developers if you join the right forums.

Your reply makes me think you know Richard Stallman.

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Please quantify this: "you can get closer to the developers if you join the right forums." Which forums do you posit shall explain my quest. That is, which organizations are producing Windows browsers with Blink engines? Advise which forums,please. What or who is Stallman?
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If I could list that then we've have your question done in a flash. That's why I think you'll have to ask in the developer forums for each browser.

Yes, you could use google to do this research but you seem like you want a direct answer and nothing else will do.

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Proffitt: Blink
Sir, I have a google alert out on blink in new browsers. I think someone will comment when , hypothetically, one of the clones like Comodo Dragon, just a hypothesis,switches from Webkit to Blink, or, hypothetically,if IE switches to Blink, etc. Just hypotheses,out of the clear sky, and yes,not likely that MS will switch soon. The Chromium clones have promised to do that when they issue a new rendition. Borth Iron and Comodo Dragon have promised that directly tome from their user forums.
Kindest regards for your valuable time, Mr.Proffitt.
Robb Thurston
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How about my concern?

Isn't diversity best for the industry?

Here's a paper that calls out that "one size does not fit all".

You may want Blink to be in all things but without diversity a single security or other finding would wipe out all users of said product.

I'd like to read what you think about diversity, good or bad.

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Proffitt: Blink

Sir, if I implied that everyone developing browsers should use Blink and Blink alone, it was assuredly a mistake by me and I heartily withdraw it. Now,relative to diversity,yea, I am in favor of it. I use FX with some add-ons, as for example, to compose this email to your good self sir. In the background I have Qupzilla playing Beethoven Piano Sonatas. I do understand that IE has developed a superiority in security lately, but Mr. Gates has cut me off--I use XP and am limited to IE 8, otherwise I would use IE 10 and above as they develop. Chromium clones are private and provisionally secure (when protected from scripts by applications like No Script etc.). Above all Chromium is fast and is useful in streaming media. I am playing with Opera 16 to see how Blink acts there because I refuse to use Chrome, but like Chrome clones which are private. I am playing with seven browsers now--just road testing and having a lark. IceDragon and Comodo,
Qupzilla and QT Web, FX, Opera, Iron, such a lark!Life is fun with diversity.
In gist, I have read and am now applying, that different browsers have different virtues.
Very kindest regards Mr.Proffitt for your valuable time.
Robb Thurston

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