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Wow! A new forum and it's already filling up, just goes to show how much we like our Blackberries and respect CNET for its responsible posting.

Seems there are a lot of questions so I'll jump right in with mine. My BB, (Curve8310), is only four months old but my wife's (Curve8300) is 16 months old and her battery just wigged out. It indicated that it would take and hold a charge but the phone would die after a minute of talk time. A new battery solved the problem. But, the real question is the battery, or the source of the battery to be more specific.

My wife needs her BB for work so it's mission critical. So after she called me about the problem, I told her a new battery was going to be our first attempt at repair and she decided to speed things up by stopping at the AT&T store on the way home. Sure enough, the phone works great, for a wapping $48 and change.

My question is all these batteries I see online at places like Amazon where you can get supposedly OEM original BB batteries for as low as under $2. I'm thinking that at that price, how can you go wrong, even if they want $4. for shipping. They sell external BB battery mini-chargers for under $20. too. Wouldn't it be prudent to have a spare battery hanging around. Don't forget Murphy's Law as it applies to Blackberries. The rate your battery will deteriorate is inversely proportional to the distance you are from your BB charger.

And, I'm not done yet! A little more googling will yield the fact that there exist extended capacity batteries for Blackberries. I read where they have these 1900 and 2600mAh batteries that will require you to add a slightly fatter back panel to your BB to accommodate the bigger battery BUT, they also have 1500mAh extended life batteries that will fit in the same spot as your original Curve battery.

Granted, all these specs are for BB "Curves" but I'm sure the same applies across the board. And I know the new BOLD and 8900s along with the Storm may well replace most of the Curves out there but there are a million of us who already have Curves and love them.

So maybe a Battery thread is in order here. Batteries are always going to be one of the hottest topics to consider with any phone. And if you have any personal experience with Curve batteries, I would love to hear it. Thanks

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I have an 8703. I bought 2 batteries with an extra charger so I would always have one available. Starting out I could usually get a day out of a battery. Then all of a sudden at about 22 months they dropped to about an hour and then went downhill fast to where I couldn't use it for 10 minutes.

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I had to do it

I bought (2) supposedly OEM Blackberry Curve Batteries, I believe they are CS-2 batteries and I paid $1.57 each plus $4.00 for shipping. They were through an Amazon reseller that had a five-star rating and I just got confirmation of their shipment.

I'm thinking, how can I go wrong? Even if they don't last more than a couple months, I will learn something and at that price, I can afford to experiment with different charging techniques.

I also broke down and bought one of those little mini-chargers that charges BB batteries externally. I figure this way, I can always take a charged battery along with me whenever I leave home for any length of time. And I might find out that these batteries aren't so bad after all. Heck, maybe they just got a bunch of batteries that they need to get rid of before they get too old.

Either way, I'll let you guys know what happens with them. And I promise not to throw them in the regular trash, maybe Wink

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physics of batteries

No matter what they say about the latest battery technology, their charge capacity will compress with time. (Hysteresis The way to slow that process is to do your best to charge them when they have gone all the way, or most of the way, down. To the extent you can do that will be the extent your battery will live long and allow you to prosper.

On the other hand, if you just accept the inevitibility of the physics (ok, chemistry too), just carry a couple of spares and swap them out when necessary. This is what I do. I don't know the answer to your question about the viability of the cheaper batteries, but thanks for the lead. And given the advice above, if you believe it, why not just grab a small handful?

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Dispose of batteries responsibly

I meant to end my previous post with a request that everyone remember that batteries are toxic to the environment. Please dispose of them responsibly by making note on your calendar when your town authorities sponsor hazzardous waste disposal days.

THANK YOU, on behalf of planet Earth.

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I like to take my old batteries and throw them into the public drinking water. Not really but I just want to tick off the tree hugger post above me. Let's try to stay on the topic, please.

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not ticked

But you should read the other part of my post for your on-topic edification.

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Follow-up on my BB Battery purchase...

First, let me say, DON'T go to the phone store and pay 40 to 50 bucks for a new battery. My wife is kicking herself every day for that one.

Right now, I'm sitting on half a dozen Blackberry batteries and a bunch of useful information. I bought them all through Amazon but, of course, through various resellers that they use. I found that some are not so reputable even though they try hard but still, they are not worth spending your money. In particular, there is one seller that I will be sure never to use as even though their BB batteries where under $2.00, ($6.00 w/shipping), after they apologized for sending me a "used" battery and agreed to send me a replacement if I removed my somewhat neutral which equals negative feedback, they sent me two more used batteries.

It's not real difficult when it comes to Blackberry batteries, to tell how old or used they are. I'm sure everyone is aware of those four little gold colored electrical contact points on the BB batteries and it is a no-brainer to look at those and see just how worn they are and estimate how many times they have been in and out of something that has made electrical contact with them. The sharp contact pins in Blackberries or any charging device leaves a distinctive imprint on those battery contacts.

There is one particular seller on Amazon that I bought a couple batteries from and they were about $6.00 each plus shipping. BUT, these batteries were day-one BRAND NEW. You could easily see that no electrical contact had ever been made to these batteries. They came with between 15 and 20% charge in them and I charged them up over night and have been using them exclusively and trying to use them as hard as I can. These batteries are the greatest deal on the planet right now. I highly recommend them and if you want to know who the specific seller is, just ask me. I don't know if I'm allowed to just arbitrarily name people here but I will answer specific questions.

Also, I was so impressed with this seller that I made two additional purchases from them for other Blackberry accessories and everything came brand new, sealed in original Blackberry packaging, complete with Blackberry warranties. Car chargers for under $5 and external mini-chargers for not much more. This seller is incredible and I'm certain you can't go wrong with anything you buy from them.

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Who do you recommend as a seller of batteries?

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Best Blackberry Battery deal

If you go to Amazon and do a search for a storefront called "SF Planet", you'll find the same deals I did. I suspect this seller might be reached directly, but I don't know if they advertise the same deals. The products they offer are also offered by dozens of Amazon sellers and I have only tried two of them. One I know that I will never ever order anything from again and SF Planet who is going to get all my business for my Blackberry and other needs of that sort. After three separate orders from this seller, I am just blown away by the quality, price, service, and speed of delivery. If only all stores could be like this one.

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I paid about $5 incl. shipping on Ebay

The original 8320 battery stopped taking a charge, suddenly, after about 18 months. (I've had other cell phone batteries last for years - but I suspect the BB is harder on them than a "plain" cell phone would be.) I only change phones every few years<G>
This new BB battery has worked perfectly for 2 months. What I can't understand is how some dealers can sell a product for $6 that works just as well that others get $45. My $6 battery seems to be identical to the original - but of course could still be a good knock off.
BTW - how long do users BB run w.o. recharging. With BT on all day and 2 hours of talk time - it is pretty well done by bed time. If wifi (UMA) mode is on, runs down faster. If I stream music from Pandora, I won't get more than 6-8 hours. OTH, it seems to charge fairly quickly.


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From what I've read... all depends on a lot of variables. I think the BBs with WiFi like the 8320 are harder yet on batteries but my 8310 has no WiFi and I think that's why I can get several days from a single charge. I rarely let my battery go down below half way though. I try to charge it every other night if not each night.

Buying one of those inexpensive charging pods was the best thing. I think the weakest point of a BB is its USB port. Both of mine seem to be finiky about making a good connection. But the charging pod charges via the gold contacts on the back of the case and thus cuts way down on the wear and tear of the USB connection. Now, I only use the USB to transfer media onto and off of the BB. All the syncs and backups work via BT while sitting in the charging cradle and the cradle makes it real handy to grab the phone if someone calls.

I highly recommend spending the few bucks for one of these and you can find it at the same place I mentioned above.

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eager to get the address

Do you mind to send me some more details about the seller in Amazon. I use BB 8900 for about 5 months, and I think I need to get a spare battery because the original one usually last for about 20-24 hrs without hoursly talking time, mostly BBM or texting.

Thank you

prsbhowo - Indonesia

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Just Google "SFPlanet" and you'll find everything you need for your BB or any phone for that matter. And you're going to be blown away by the price, quality, and service.

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