Black vertical line in centre of tv

Hello people I came across this problem
That is this line in centre of tv is like 4 inch all the way down now its black and flashes with white stripes
But it's been other colours too.
Like 6 months ago it was only once in a while.
Then I stored tv and then I moved I set up my ty now it's almost permanent.
I'm disappointed no longer under warranty I ordered a t-con board don't even know if it will help but going to try it out if someone know what the problem is that would be awesome and much appreciated.

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Reporting: Black vertical line in centre of tv
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Be sure to google your subject title.

You'll find ideas like yours along with boards, connections and panels. The truth is that you won't know till you replace a few parts which one it is.

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proper TV diag.

ppffttt not really if you can properly diag an LCD TV sigal DC current and ground path or a TV board or panel for the fault area and read voltage rails , grounds and an ohm meter with a DVM for that you don't have to swap out the wrong boards to find the fault area ,

OP should watch this

These things are simple to diag and fix with a DVM ,thats all you need on these outside of a cold gun and hot gun for intermittents or maybe flow some solder connections or clean an LVDS cable end

the current, ground and signal paths above the board level traces and ASICS are simple in these TV's

most TV today may have only 3 boards outside of the ~2 panel LVDS driver boards usually at the bottom of the TV panel now and none hard to DIAG for the faulty board ,panel or or cable if you know how and sometimes I can fix a board or LED bar in a panel without a board or toooooo spendy new panel .

A mainboard *almost never makes an LCD TV go dark while powered on and not shut down at power on while a TCON or PSU/ LD board sure can , horizontal lines and voids are always the LCD panel cell .

the plasmas are little more difficult it's usually an X or Y sustain board and or same side panel buffer board or PSU on those if not the panel .

I think the OP has a faulty LCD panel cell ( bad panel ) anyway .

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may be a bad panel

Lacking a picture and if it isn't the main board or TCON or an LVDS connection ,the LCD Panel Cell is bad IMO .. if you could host a picture somewhere that would be good

If it matters here I can bench and repair LCD TVs ,they are simple to diag. .

I have an electronics education and have replaced LED lamps inside TV panels too like my 55" 2015 4K HDR Sony LED bar I just did along with some board level repairs in it to get DC current to the new salvage LED bar

The old LED bar overvolted the LD board and the T3 power transistors that smoked open when the that LED bar was failing .The LED bar tell was partial screen dimming and my DVM to pinpoint the faulty board parts after it went all dark and in a boot loop I had to reload the firmware with a special procedure to foix after the othert stuff was fixed ,

Tomorrow I finish repairing and restoring a nice vintage vacuum tube 1960's Hallicrafters gen. coverage AM shortwave radio I found on ebay and rotate it in and see how it shakes out and if it stays in here with my 2016 Grundig before I score a 1937 or 1938 Zenith short wave 10-15 tube big glass round dial project or radio chassis that definitely will stay

Some late 1930's Zenith radios and a few others could easily cost as much as a new Buick back then and hold up to a modern $1,000 -$1500 ICOM digital com. radio on AM shortwave just fine and beat the pants off the 1960's Hallicrafters I picked up and my Grundig .too

1937-1939 was the pinnacle of radios like that and in general for a consumer furniture grade gen coverage AM/SW radio like that .since then.

everything else LIKE 5 TV ,4pc and sound is 2013-2016 or newer at the home like the 4K HDR 1000 2016 Samsung SUHD 55 KS 8000 in here and this PC and the grundig Shortwave a 5.1 ELAC speakers and little older Sony ES AVR

The vintage stuff is not digital at all and I came up on all that and it's actually much more difficult ,interesting and challenging to diag and repair or upgrade than a 2017 4K HDR TV or PC . but I like the TV's and most of the other stuff better now outside of a few old radios for what they do and tinkering .

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