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Black Line across Samsung 50" Plasma has appeared?

Hey, sorry if this has already been posted and answered, but i am new lol.

The other day my tv (above) has just received a small thin black line at the top of it going from 1 side to the other.

I've searched a bit on Google and noticed that other brands of TV have had this issue aswell.

I've tried switching the TV off from the mains, resetting the TV settings etc. But it has still appeared on all outputs.

Is there a solution to make it go away? Thanks guys/girls.

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Reporting: Black Line across Samsung 50" Plasma has appeared?
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Same problem

I have the same problem with my TV. I am 5 months out of my warranty and can not get any help from Samsung. Looks like this is an ongoing problem even though they tell me they have never heard of this.

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Black Line across Samsung 50" Plasma has appeared?


I've not heard much on this, although there could be several causes. Unfortunately, without inspecting the unit, it's difficult to determine what the issue could be.

Is it happening on all inputs?

Regardless, you might consider setting up a service if you're still within the warranty to have your unit inspected.


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Me too! 50" Plasma

I have the same problem. Thin black line right through the middle of the screen. I want to know if it can be fixed or if I need to find a new manufacturer for my next purchase. I am interested to see the responses for this thread.

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same here

i have 42" C450 with black line going top to bottom 2/3 on the right side of the screen.
what did you end up doing?


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Yes, Don't Go With Samsung Again

Sorry, I'm late to the party, but despite it being a difficult task, do NOT go with Samsung for any future purchases.

I had a problem with my 5 year old 50" DLP set. I contacted them knowing full well it was out of warranty, but after two calls, three emails, and one snail mail letter, they gave me no help whatsoever. Not even a "Here's who to contact for service" response.

I now have a 50" plasma with the black line issue, but LG has been VERY helpful so far. We'll see how it plays out, but customer service matters.

Good luck to both of us!

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Me Three - but I now have 2 black horizontal lines

...PN50B850Y1F - it started out as one thin black line about 2/3rds of the way down the screen, but then a couple weeks later, a second line appeared.

Thought I would check in with consumers that experienced same issues prior to starting what could be a long, drawn out, non value-add process of contacting customer service.

Has anyone experienced success thus far?

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i had to replace mine to a brand new one. a technician came to my place and offered to fix it. i refused and insisted on getting a new TV, and i did. so far so good. good luck.

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My PN50B550 was feeling left out...

This just happened to my set today. A thin horizontal line (looks like an entire row of burned out pixels) has appeared about 8 inches from the top. Shows up regardless of the input device...

I bought it from Best Buy (no extended warranty) in May 2009, so it is no longer under warranty. I submitted a repair ticket with Samsung, I'm curious to know what it will cost to get it fixed.

I am also not impressed with the Samsung brand anymore, I had a computer monitor that was less than 18 months old burn out recently. Very disappointing - I think they're one of the better brands when it comes to picture quality; but, I don't care how good the picture looks when lines start appearing across the set...

Has anyone that has had this problem had it fixed outside the warranty? If so, how much did it cost?

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2nd black line just appeared...

Just this evening another black line has appeared on my Samsung 50" plasma. As I mentioned before, my set is out of warranty. Checked with HSBC (bank that provides Best Buy's credit card) to see if they offer an extended warranty... no such luck. If I had only used my Visa or Mastercard I would have had an full year extension on the warranty.

I contacted a Samsung certified repair shop and described the problem. I was told that it would be $600-$800 to repair the set - which is about the cost to buy the exact same TV brand new.

Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again.

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5 Lines Across TV

I have the same problem with my Samsung 50 inch Plasma TV. When I contacted Samsung, they said it would cost $800.00 to fix it. They also kept saying they make high quality products. I don't know who they were trying to convince me or themselves. I know the Samsung I bought was definitely not a high quality product. I think there should be a law suit against Samsung because so many people are having this problem.

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Movie night. - 3rd black line appeared

Wow, just gets better and better... Tonight, a new thin horizontal black line has appeared between the other two lines I've mentioned in this post earlier. My Samsung PN50B550 is obviously burning out.

Are Samsung HDTVs any good? Hell no. Are Samsung products in general any good? I'm starting to think no, considering I've had a Samsung phone, Samsung LCD monitor and other Samsung electronic merchandise burn out on me in the last couple years. Like others have stated on other forums, I'm hoping for a consumer suit against Samsung. Pretty sad that their stuff doesn't last more than a year....

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(NT) Black horizontal line on Samsung PN50B650
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Black horizontal line on Samsung PN50B650

I have the exact same problem that just appeared on my Samsung PN50B650. I contacted the local Samsung Certified repair dealer here and they told me that it's an extremely common problem. The panel needs replacing. They encouraged me to contact Samsung for some help with this which I did. My warrentee ran out 3months and 11 days ago, the samsung not so helpful reps said had I phoned before the 3 month period was over they might have been able to help, but because I was 11 days over the 90day extension period I'm now on the hook to fix the tv myself. T

They also tried to tell me it was not a common issue and that the local dealer was not telling the truth. Not telling truth???? I searched the internet for literally 30secs and found loads of reports of this same thing. When I described the problem to the service tech over the phone, I didn't even mention the brand of tv and he immediately said "it's a samsung, right?". Now how would he know that if it wasn't common?

Needless to say, I encourage people to avoid Samsung completely, not only for their product but for their lack of customer service and complete denial of such a common issue.

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thin black line among other issues

I have a 50" Samsung plasma (model #PN50C45OB1D) Which also had the thin black line that would come and go. Then the tv shocked the life out of my husband and completely died for about 30 mins. 4 days after that the tv completely doesn't work. It turns on but there is no sound and no picture. I called Samsung and they scheduled for a repair man to come out and take a look. He stated there was an internal crack on the tv and that it's been happening a lot to my model. He said there was something wrong with the tv and it was nothing that I did. After a short battle with Samsung they have denied fixing the tv and stated that the tv repair man, product services and managerial services said it was caused by physical damage. I'm so frustrated that I as well as so many other people are having problems with these tv's. We just purchased it in 02/11. As consumers I think we need to stick together to get these issues resolved!

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More horizontal lines on my Samsung PN50B550

I just want to keep the world updated on Samsung... uh... quality. Since my last post, I have gained 4 additional black lines across my Samsung plasma HDTV. I have owned the set for barely 2 years, and now it is like watching TV behind some telephone lines.

From searching the web, it seems like posts about of Samsung HDTVs failures have become more common.

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Try calling again?
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Thin black line across the set

I have the same issue with my set today.

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Cross posted at link.
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2 years and 1 line

I bought this TV to replace an HP MD5020n, that went out after two years. It had a bad light engine that they wouldnt replace. Now I got this TV and according to all the post and internet searches, it has a problem with black lines and bad customer service. There is only one line but I am not looking forward to more coming. It sucks that companies can make these inferior products and then charge so much for them.

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Since you did call it in, do you have the Transaction Number

Please add it with the Country so the Ambassador can see about this.

I'd like to discuss the comment about inferior and charges but let's save that for another discussion. It's a very interesting topic.

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Samsung came through!!

I came across a few posts (;posts) out there where Samsung consumers with various problems had contacted the Samsung Executive Customer Relations line (1-800-522-7341).

I figured it could not hurt. I had already attempted to go through their first level of customer support and opened a fix ticket back in February 2011 when I first experienced the black line issue. At this time, the warranty had been expired 9 months... so I was on the hook for a very expensive repair - not happy.

A couple weeks ago, I called the number above and gave them my ticket number from the reported issue in February. I asked if I could get some 'help' with the repair - e.g. I pay for the labor, Samsung pay for the parts (which are more expensive). The support specialist asked me to wait on hold while she looked into what she could do for me.

After a few minutes on hold, she told me that Samsung would extend my warranty for an additional 30 days (effective the day I called) and that they would cover the full in-house repair of my TV!!!! I nearly had an heart attack (like the day the first line appeared)! Within a week, a repairman came out and the set looks like new!

So to anyone else having an issue with their set (especially if you find similar issues posted all over the internet), give the number above call, hopefully they will come through for you as well.

Thanks Samsung!

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thanks for the info - Samsung came through for me too

I was pretty disappointed when the first black horizontal line appeared on my Samsung 50" Plasma; it was only 15 months old. After the first call to Samsung (the regular customer service line) they of course told me there was nothing they could do since it was past the one year warranty period.

I'm glad I stumbled across the comments on this site, as I then escalated my problem to Samsung ECR and after telling them how disappointed I was, that it was a known defect, not acceptable, etc. they agreed to replace my TV. I called every week to both get and provide updates - new black horizontal lines continued to appear - 4 in total.

It took a five weeks from my first call to when I got my new replacement TV yesterday - a 59" 3D plasma. Wow, I am impressed. Let's hope this one lasts more than 15 months.

Thank you to everyone on this site for providing information on the Executive Customer Relations line; I would have given up otherwise.

Just a note to Canadian customers: call 1-800- SAMSUNG, register your complaint, then ask for escalation to ECR (I tried to call ECR diretly from one of the phone #'s above, but you have to go through the Cdn customer service site first).

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Thank You

I had this happen to my 1 year old Samsung 51" Plasma I cam home one line and then another not to mention my warranty ended last month... I called the customer support line and a nice young lady gave me an extended warranty after diagnosing the problem that the tv was having. I have an in home repair scheduled for Wednesday to fix the tv free of charge. So fingers crossed the problem will be taken care of and I can continue to enjoy my set

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Samsung came through for me too

I had the same darned black lines come up onmy 55" plasma about a year and a half after purchase. After reading this thread, I first called customer service and they said I had to pay for the repair, and then I told them to contact Executive Customer Relations because I had read that this was a well know issue with Samsung TV's. Stretching the truth a bit, maybe....
Before I knew it, they called me back to schedule a service call, and bam! two days later a tech guy came out and fixed the thing (replacing a panel of some sort, or something that somebody referenced on this site).
Now my family is sort of missing the black lines - they say the TV looks smaller now. I don't ask about such things anymore.
Anyway, thanks to those on this site for helping me get this resolved. And let's give Samsung some credit as well, I guess. They did fix it for free after the warranty expired.

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Hey man

I have the same exact TV as you and have the same problem except I only have 1 thin line about 8 inches from the bottom of the screen. I have tried to call customer server and got my issue escalated to ECR and they seem not to be any help at all. Do you have any suggestions?? They tried to offer me this new thing they are doing, which is a rebate program form. Basically I pay for the TV to be fixed and they rebate me a portion of the money. However, there is a list of the TVs that qualify for this and our TV specifically is not on there. The other rebate was to purchase a brand new TV and they would refund me back 10 percent of whatever the TV cost. So a TV that cost 1000 dollars I get back 100 is not worth it to me. I just want the TV I originally bought to be working fine.

To anyone reading: Honestly I will probably never buy another Samsung product again and as long as anyone ask me I and anytime I have the opportunity to bad mouth Samsung I will and tell them my experience. I purchased my TV June 18 2009 and I am writing this June 4 2012 making my TV a few days shy of being 3 years old. In my opinion, televisions this expensive should not be experiencing any of these issues within the first 10 years of the TV. Older televisions were able to work for 10 years plus and we're in 2012 and these supposedly high tech TVs are having trouble after 2 and half. That is a big joke and it's a shame Samsung can't even meet me in the middle to get this issue resolved and keep me as a loyal customer. If this is going to be the case with these TVs manufactures need to provide a longer manufacture warranty with stricter polices because Samsung and any other TV manufacturer should be liable for defect parts that go wrong with their products.

With that said the quote goes you live and you learn and I have learned to never purchase another Samsung product. Next time ill try LG and see if life is really good.

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Keep at it

Make sure you get a transaction number as you escalate the complaint. Then just keep at it. I emailed them every week until I got a response. I think they just want to see if you will give up or not. Keep contacting them. Samsung finally agreed to supply the &800 part and I pay for the labour but that is less than $200. Had the repair done yesterday and watched my TV for the first time in 2 months without any black lines!

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One solution ...

Hi, I have a Samsung PS51D555 which is about 7 weeks old and this thin line (top of the screen) problem came a few days ago. I sent an email to the local Samsung -service and they answered just a couple of hours later. A tech wrote that he will come to my house to check this problem (because all over 37" tv's belongs to the home service first). Well, a couple of days later he came (actually today) and took the back cover off. There was a connectors on the left side of the panel and he took every connectors off and pushed them back. After that, the power on and this thin line was disappeared. A whole thing took about twenty minutes. He told that this was a most common reason for this thin line issue. So, I can only thank this local service here in Finland!

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Edit ...

So the problem was a loose connection, and there was no charges at all even this tech drove about 100 km in all. The warranty covers a whole service.

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2nd Failed Samsung Plasma

Have the same issue.
9 month old PN50C8000YF.
Removed the back and reseated all of the ribbon connectors. Did not resolve the issue.
Started with 1 line. 3 weeks later I have 5 lines total.
The issue is with the Panasonic boards the ribbons are connected to.
I called support since the tv is still under warranty.
They seemed aware of the issue as of now, and are fixing for free.
I hope they replace it with a better board this time. not the same faulty Panasonic POS.
After a lot of research. This is a common issue with LCDs and Plasmas across all manufacturers. If not black horizontal lines, you can also be rewarded with rainbow vertical stripes. Also known to happen to Samsungs
This is due to the Chinese and Korean parts currently in use today. Oh how I miss the days of Japanes parts and tv's that lived for 10+ years.
All electronics companies just rebrand the the same hardware. Most of the boards and parts for all manufacturers are made in the same Foxconn factory in China.

My 42" Samsung Plasma started bleeding large amount blue background after 14 months of use. I thought 1 failed Plasma would not result in 2, but I was wrong.
Lesson to be learned. Purchase an extended warranty through the reseller when buying tvs, cause you will need it, regardless of manufacturer. Maybe a little more with a Samsung.

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Had same problem. Samsung came through and fixed it

I had thin 3 black lines appear horizontally on my 50 inch Samsung plasma tv that was 15 months old and 3 months out of warranty. I called 1800-SAMSUNG and explained the problem. Without hesitation, she told me that she would extend my warranty and send a tech out to my house and repair the problem for free. Not the answer that I expected to receive from their customer service center after reading other posts. She apologized for my troubles and a tech will be coming by at the beginning of the week.

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