BIN extension on Macintosh files

On our Macintosh server Windows Word files are stored and end in .doc. If I FTP into the server from my Vista machine and copy them to my desktop, they become xxxxx.doc.bin.

Help!! I can't open them in Word. Why doesn't it just transfer the file.

If I log onto the server as a user, I don't have the problem. Any thoughts.

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Reporting: BIN extension on Macintosh files
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Typically .bin files on a Mac were a compressed archive as memory serves, but that particular compression program generally fell out of common use 10 years or so ago.

My first thought is you should try a different FTP program, since that seems to be where the problems start. The good news is that FTP is among the oldest protocols on the Internet, so there's literally scores of FTP clients out there to choose from.

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Maybe that is the problem. I use IE to log onto the server and from the visual representation of the documents copy & paste the to my desktop. Would FileZilla work?

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Seems worth a try

Seems worth a try. Worst case scenario you waste about 10 minutes. Also, have you tried actually opening the downloaded file in Word to see if, due to some bit of stupidity only Microsoft's IE developers could possibly understand, it's just appending an erroneous extension?

In the open file dialog box, just set it to all files in the filter combo box, and then select the file with the .bin extension. Or you could just try renaming the file to remove the .bin extension to see if that would work. Contrary to most people's belief, the extension of a file doesn't mean anything, it's just a convention started decades ago to help tell different files apart. The only part that really matters is stored inside the file. So in this case, Word will either recognize the file as a format it can decode or it won't.

If the extension trick works, you still may want a different FTP program, if just to save you the effort of having to rename files every time.

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FileZilled Files need converston by with BinHex 4.0

Tried to use FileZilla and got t he message that the file must be converted with BinHex 4.0. Is there another FTP program that will do that automatically?

Thanks for your help.

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That's a very strange message.

- When exactly do get it?
- Are you doing a binary or a text transfer (Word files are binary, and ftp fully supports that in binary mode)?


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Message comes from Excel

"File must be converted with BinHex 4.0" Message is in Excel when I try to open it.

Tried both Word and Excel files and I get the following

Word - files are renamed xxx.doc.bin
Excel - files have message when I try to open them with Excel "File must be converted with BinHex 4.0"


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Unclear. Strange.

- Word doesn't rename files.
- From i get the idea that it's not a message Excel gives, but somehow in the contents of the file.

Some process on your Mac is doing strange things with the files. Or maybe I should say (because you describe the Mac being used as a 'server') the program that stores files on that server does some strange things.

Luckily, the link above shows what to do. Worth a try.


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