but you don't tell us very much. Take a look at these for instance:
1. Do you have a hosted site that maybe you have accepted an offer to monitor?

2. Did it start "asking" to be installed after installing some hardware or even software?

3. Did you check into some "automated solution to bug and virus problems over the Internet,"

other potential answers:

Print your list of files from the command prompt either manually by opening a command prompt and issuing the necessary command(s) (dir > lpt1 or dir > filelist.txt then edit and print that text file) or make use of the following batch file (just copy the bolded text into notepad then save it as filelist.bat in your root directory (or in your Windows directory or any other directory in your path). Then make a shortcut to it in your SendTo directory in your user profile which makes printing from Windows Explorer a simp-le matter of browsing to the directory (folder) then right clicking and selecting Send To filelist.bat.

rem dir %1 /o:n /s > "%temp%\FileList.wri"
dir %1 /w /s > "%temp%\FileList.wri"
wordpad "%temp%\FileList.wri"

REM Rem the line above this one and remove the REM from *
REM the line following this to print to the default printer *

REM wordpad /p "%temp%\FileList.wri"