Thanks for the post. Just saw an ad on TV for Netzero. Wondered who they were. Won't go there. had a problem two years ago with Microsoft free offer from a purchase with BEST BUY. I never installed the software and never used their services. Yet, was billed for services that I never signed up for. Made a huge mistake accepting BEST BUYS link to Microsoft for a trial thirty day offer. Do not ever sign up for a trial version for ANYTHING. This was the advise from my credit card company. Once you do, the credit card company has very little control and you will be billed every month until you go blue in the face. I had to call Microsoft and my credit card company for over a year to stop it
Try hotmail or excite. They are FREE and are good. Hotmail has filters to eliminate junk mail and you can list what you do not want to receive. Good luck.