What you may be seeing is the SSID name of a nearby wireless network named BestBuy.

What kind of interference do you get with your new Satellite laptop? What happens when you try to connect wirelessly?

I'd check your router/modem for default admin passwords, default SSID name and think about getting off wireless networking until your wireless security is straightened out and moved off vendor default settings. If a firmware update for the router/modem does not fix, or is not available, maybe time to use only wired (CAT 5) networking and/or replace your hardware with the latest and newest versions with more secure and configurable wifi.

Wifi, however, is inherently insecure and can be hacked into by those who know how. Even the latest iterations can be broken, given enough time (and money).

Make and model of your networking hardware can help here. We can look into known issues for you if the make and model is known.