I a bit confused because your questions seem to wander a bit and I hope I'm answering your question: The component cables that are connected from the DVD-half of your combo player to the TV are specifically meant for DVD playback. They do not send VHS signals or the TV signal from your combo players TV tuner. To watch TV on your TV from component connections, you need to connect your cable box directly to the TV using component cables. I have the same setup in my bedroom as you, and I do have the cable box connected to my combo player/recorder so I can record programs on VHS, but I am limited to either coax, S-Video or RCA connections. My combo player does not have component inputs for video, only component outputs. Is yours the same? If by chance your combo player does have component video inputs, then I guess it's possible to do what you want: Component Video-Out from cable box to combo unit, then component Video-Out from combo player to TV.