I used to use a Dyson stick vacuum, which for all of their marketing actually proved pretty decent. Unfortunately it began losing suction after just a year of use. Still use it for "lightweight" items like upholstery and curtains.

I did some more research before getting my second vacuum and settled for a Miele (the C1 compact). Lots of good things said about Miele by professionals online (people who vacuum or do carpet cleanings for a living). Particularly, that they last forever and have incredible suction, which I'm experiencing first hand.

You mentioned you live in a house. I'm in a smaller 900sqft apartment and for what it's worth, I vacuum about once a week. I only need to swap the filter out every 4-5 months. If you're in a larger home, you should scale this down and take filters into account. Off brand, you can get replacement filters and bags. It costs me about $40/year to get replacements.

I was hesitant about having to pay for these little extras but IMO better than replacing a whole vacuum every few years (as I needed to with Dyson / previous vacs).