Best Software To Install On A New PC

Hello everyone,

I recently ordered a new Dell XPS 17 laptop and just received delivery Friday. It came with 15 months of McAffee, so I'll just use that for now as my anti-virus and switch to something else later. I love Firefox, so I've already downloaded that. I think I may purchase Acronis TrueImage Home for drive imaging. I also just bought Office 2010 Pro. The PC is Win 7 64 bit, 8GB Ram, 1 TB hdd, it's got all the bells and whistles. So plenty of power, plenty of space.

Other than these, are there certain programs anyone would recommend be good to install on a new PC? (Free or certain utilities, things like that)

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What do you want to be able to do?

Answering that question is the start to getting advice about what software titles to acquire. You might want to use it for a while to see what its deficiencies are or what you might want to be able to do that you cannot without additional software. Then you come back with those ideas and ask what titles might work best.

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Look at...

I strongly suggest if you hadn't already, make the PC "backup/restore" discs now before you get too ahead of yourself. If not already installed get Adobe reader installed and if you like the best freebie I found is Open Office3.x. While you like Firefox, I suggest you try Google's Chrome. That's it, install whatever as time goes by. enjoy.......

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Software for New PC - Utilities

Thank you! It came with Adobe Reader and I just created my back-up/restore discs even though I did order one as well. I like to have extra. I just added Acronis True Image & Office Pro. I'm thinking of getting System Mechanic and maybe Revo Uninstaller. Anyone have any thoughts on these two programs? I've read pretty good reviews about them, so I'm thinking they should be good to install.

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I would suggest

I would suggest Foxit Reader over anything from Adobe for PDFs. While with one of the latest versions Foxit has taken what might be the first steps towards future bloathood, it still remains as a fairly small, low footprint, alternative PDF viewer, which lacks many of the security issues with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Programs like System Mechanic are never necessary, and just prove PT Barnum's point when he famously said there's a sucker born every minute. Also unsure as to why you'd need a separate uninstaller, when 99.9999999% of programs come with one that registers itself with the Windows utility. See the PT Barnum quote again. Why pay for a program that is going to do essentially the same thing as an included utility? It's like paying for bottled water when there's already tap water. Why pay to import tap water from some bottling factory in a plastic bottle? Despite all the claims, bottled water is really just tap water. The expensive stuff gets pass through a purifier, but then it's just purified tap water. PT Barnum would have been proud of whomever came up with that little idea.

And some programs to AVOID would be any kind of registry cleaner/fixer/whatever. These forums are littered with posts from people who were bitten in the **** by those. Assuming the goal is to keep your system running well, avoid those programs like diseased lepers.

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IMO, most don't need System Mechanic. On top of that, the freebie ASC(Adv. System Care) does pretty much the same thing. Yes, I like Revo uninstaller. If you're going to be getting into installing and removing some pgms. to test, etc., you'll find REVO helpful.

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I wouldn't suggest that you load up on system utilities

any more than I'd suggest you'd fill your garage with automobile cleaners and polishers after buying a new car. Find a good balance between getting maximum use from the PC and keeping your paranoia in control. Acronis True Image is, IMO, a worthwhile part of a backup plan. You'll need protection against virus and malware attacks but you don't need to build a fortress if you don't invite marauders. Just as you can worry so much about keeping a new car pristine that you never enjoy it, the same can happen with about anything. Install on your PC what will be useful for you and don't fill it up with a lot of junk that gets in the way of that.

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Just say no to ASC

That would definately be on Jimmy's "snake oil" list, don't necessarily agree on Revo as version 1.92 is free. Even though McAfee is free for some time consider some of the other free options; Avira, Avast, MSE. Foxit Reader is a good alternative to Adobe Reader, just ensure you opt out of the foistware(Ask Toolbar especially)by doing a custom installation. A couple of light resource base utilities I'd suggest are WinPatrol and Process Explorer. WinPatrol has a free edition but the one-time fee is pretty much a drop in the bucket if included in the total investment on a new computer. As no single antimalware/antivirus program is 100% effective consider Malwarebytes Antimalware Free Edition for weekly second opinion on-demand scanning and to assist with security updates consider using Secunia PSI. CCleaner is often suggested as more convenience than anything but avoid the temptation to use the registry function, besides if you have Revo there enough cleanup tools included.

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