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Best prepaid cell phone service

Who offers the best prepaid cell phone service? Best rates, best plans and best devices? I've been with AT&T Pay As You Go for more than a year now but I am considering making a change because of poor signal strength I've been receiving on my phone, a Samsung A137. Would changing out the sim card help out or not?

My phone is used strictly for emergency use only, less than 60 minutes a month, no unlimited use, no texting, no web surfing, no email, just for making calls. I'm spending $25.00 every 3 months just to purchase minutes. AT&T says I'm in a high signal strength area but most of the time when I try to use the phone from my home I cannot, the phone will say "no network", it has no signal.

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If there's no network / no signal ...

there probably won't be another network either.

Why not ask a few of your friends to visit you with their phones and see what those phones (other models, other makers, other services) tell about signal strength?
Then take your phone with you to them and compare over there.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


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Re: If there's no network/no signal ...

Do prepaid cell phones operate off of different cell towers than post paid cell phones? For example if I had a Samsung A137 with AT&T under a 2 year postpaid contract would it be possible for me to experience the same signal problems that I'm having with my prepaid Samsung A137 with AT&T? Are sim cards only in prepaid cell phones?

There is one cell phone provider here that many go with, it's a Mississippi based company which many said worked good after Hurricane Katrina, the company is Cellular South. Cellular South offers one prepaid plan, it cost $50.00 a month and their phones are also not cheap. Could you see me spending $50.00 a month on a phone plan when I use the phone about 60 minutes a month?

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No: same tower, same phone, same technics.

Same sim. Only a different plan.


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Best prepaid cell phone service

For price I believe T-Mobile has the lowest rates on the planet! Here is how I get service from them for .83 per month. You read that right eighty three cents per month with no surcharge per day of use.
When you start service for the first time buy a $100.00 refill card this entitles you to what they call gold status which is one year of service. Then for year two just buy a $ 10.00 refill card, because you will be a gold customer that ten bucks gets you another year of service. so the first year you get over 1000 minutes for $100.00 and in the second year you roll over your unused year one minutes and buy an addittional 10 minutes for $ 10.00. If you only use your phone for 60 minutes a month you would have used 720 minutes and rolled over the balance of 280. So refills are available in 10, 25, 50, & 100 dollar increments just buy what you need for year two.

As for coverage they are not the best, however they do have a feature on their phones that searches for an available network and quite often I can make a call from this alternate network for .25 per minute.

Check with your freinds and neighbors to see what is working in your neighborhood.

I have a 5 year old vanilla Motorala phone that has been abused but it still works just fine.

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Re: Best prepaid cell phone service

Did I read that right? $0.83 a month for your prepaid service or did you mean to say $8.33 a month for your current prepaid service? Right now I'm averaging just under $9.00 a month, I'm on the $0.25 a minute plan with AT&T's PAYG service instead of the $0.10 a minute plan which has a $1.00 a day access charge which is charged or deducted from your minutes only on the days that you use the phone. I purchase a $25.00 minute card from AT&T every 3 months. They do offer a cheaper card for $15.00 but it's good for only 30 days. I'm going to an AT&T store tomorrow to get a new sim card, the card is free if I come to the store and let them check my phone out, if I ordered one over the phone from AT&T the charge for the sim card is $30.00.

If I get a new sim card and bring the phone back home and I still have signal issues then I'll have to assume there's something wrong with my phone which is now over a year old, the warranty has expired but I paid only $29.99 + shipping for the phone in January 2009 when I bought it from AT& It's a Samsung A137 flip phone which when it works its great but it's not a flashy phone by any means. It was the only flip phone sold by AT&T last year as a new Pay As You Go phone which had the 1 year warranty, all the other flip phones sold were refurbs having only a 90 day warranty.

I wish AT&T did offer some jazzier looking prepaid phones in a decent price range but they dont. They currently are offering a Motorola Razor for $99.99 which is too pricey for my budget which is why I selected the Samsung A137 for $29.99 last year. Wal-Mart is selling a line by Straight Talk which has nice models but the phones are kind of pricey as well as their plans which are all unlimited. Prices start at $30.00 for 30 days of service or a plan with a few more features for $45.00 for 30 days of service.

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Re: Best prepaid cell phone service

"Did I read that right? $0.83 a month for your prepaid service or did you mean to say $8.33 a month for your current prepaid service?"

Yes you read that right with t-mobile there is no $1.00 per day of use charge and for the first three years I bought $100.00 dollar cards on promotion and got 1200 minutes with each purchase. As I don't use my phone much for the next two years I just bought a $ 10.00 dollar card ( 10.00 devide by 12 months = .83 per month ). My wife and I both have t-mobile phones and for those of us that don't talk much this is quite a savings.

Our phones are motorola v-330's flip phones older than dirt but work just fine.

As for other carriers coverage I find when traveling with freinds here in the pacific northwest that usually verizion and or A T & T have better coverage than me however there are times when one or the other of them won't have a signal and t-mobile will.

Good luck with your search

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Re: Best prepaid cell phone service

That $100.00 card bought you 1,200 minutes a year which would be 100 minutes a month, correct? What was your rate per minute on your calls each month? For example was it $0.25 per minute or more than $0.25 per minute? Under my current plan with AT&T since I am paying $0.25 a minute for my calls I am not charged the $1.00 daily access fee on the days that I use the phone to make calls.

For someone like myself who averages around 60 minutes in calls each month, no incoming calls, all are outgoing calls since nobody has my cell number would it be a good move to switch to the $0.10 a minute rate plan and be charged the $1.00 a day daily access charge only on the days I make calls or would you recommend that I stay with my current plan of $0.25 a minute with no daily access charge when I use the phone to make calls? I don't use the phone every day because if I did I'd stay with my current plan. I use the phone about twice a week.

I got into a situation several months back where after purchasing $25.00 minute cards every 3 months I was stacking up some minutes, at one point I had almost $50.00 in accumulated minutes which kept rolling over when I continued to add minutes, if I didn't add minutes at the required time I would lose those accumulated minutes but AT&T also told me one time last year that those accumulated minutes would expire or disappear after a certain amount of time, I believe they told me 6 months if I still continued to add minutes to my plan when it was time to do so.

The carriers make it complicated on prepaid, if I used a cell phone a lot, say 400 or more minutes a month I'd probably go with a postpaid account except I hate to be locked into anyone's contract for a 2 year minimum with a hefty early termination fee which is why I've been purchasing just the few minutes I need just to get by but with my signal issues, I'll know tomorrow when I go to the AT&T store to get a new sim card if the new sim card will solve my signal problems or not because what good is it to have a phone loaded with minutes when you open the phone to make a call but you can't make a call if you can't get a signal. It's like throwing money into the wind.

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Prepaid phones, plans and Cell towers/reception

To figure out which service might give you the best coverage, there's 2 things you can do: as already suggested, have several people come over with their phones and see how good their signal is; second, look online to find out what towers are in your area - the closer the carrier's tower, usually the better the signal (unless of course you live in a geographic location that interferes with signal reception). Try sites like and

And I've been told that prepaid phones thru the major companies (like ATT, Verizon, etc) do have different reception than their contact plans. Why/how, I don't know, but that's what I've been told multiple times, and sometimes I can't tell a difference btwn mine and someone who is on a paid plan, other times I can't get a signal yet someone that has a paid plan will (both going thru same towers).

Re cell phones - yes different cell phones can different reception. I've found the best way to find info on this, is to read reviews about a specific cell phone model. Reviewers will often mention how good/bad their reception is. LG seems to do pretty good (what I currently own), and several Motorolla and Samsung phones have great reviews when it comes to reception and call clarity.

Service Plans. First, figure out which towers are close to you, and try to get a prepaid service that uses that provider if you can. Once you know this, then you'll be better prepared to look at providers (there's no point in looking into a provider that uses Sprint for instance, if there's no service in that area!)

I've used Virgin Mobile for years (they use Sprints network), simply because they don't charge that ridiculous (IMHO) daily access fee. They offer a few different plans, such as a per minute plan (mine is 18 cents/min, but that has been carried over since I first signed up, I'm pretty sure its higher now, 20/min I think) or monthly plans ($20 for 200mins). I'm also not a heavy phone user, and use mine for phone calls and occassional texting, and usually spend about $15/month. You have to add time every few months, $20 every 90 days OR $10 every 45 days - although there is one of those cards that gets you access for the year (I think its $100). They have very basic phones up to those that have keyboards, MP3 built in, etc.

My mother recently switched from Virgin to Tracfone. Their rates are probably about a cheap as you can go - it varies somewhat, as the more you spend, the more minutes you get. The best thing to do however, is get one of their phones that comes with double minutes for life - that way every time you buy time on your phone, it is doubled (spend $20 for 60 minutes, and you actually get 120). If you don't get a phone that comes with the double minutes for life, you can buy it for $20, but why do that when you can get it included with the phone (just ck the packaging, it will say). With this service you also have to add money/minutes every 90 days unless you get one of their cards that gives you service/minutes for a year ($100, year of service, 400 minutes). Most of their phones are pretty basic but still very nice. As far as carriers, it depends on your area and the phone - tracfone will tell you which ones will work for your area, probably based on what cell phone towers are nearest you. My mother's goes through Verizon's network towers I believe. While Tracfone doesn't always have the best reviews online because of their customer service, frankly in all the years I've been using a cell phone I've only ever had to contact a customer service person once, so this wasn't a big consideration for us. In fact since I've been needing to use my cell phone more at work, I'm considering switching to Tracfone as well.

Another one you could check out too is Net10, owned by the same corp. that owns Tracfone. Their prices are 10cents/min all the time, regardless, so in that regard very simple plan. They also carry some nicer phones for those into that.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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Re: Prepaid phones, plans and Cell towers/reception


First of all, let me thank you for taking time to give me such a detailed answer. As for my geographic location, I live in Biloxi, Mississippi, my home is about 3 miles north of the gulf, fortunately my home did not sustain any storm surge from Hurricane Katrina back in August 2005 but my neighborhood was definitely hit hard with wind damage. I was not here for Katrina, I evacuated about 100 miles to the north and rode the storm out there where the weather was still very bad later in the day.

No phone service then whatsoever but my phone then which was a contract phone with Sprint did have text capabilities, I just didn't know it had it and to this day I have never sent a text message over a phone. I'm an old timer who will hit the big "55" in June 2010 so I have never bothered with texting.

I appreciate the information on the cell tower locations and will definitely check that out. As I stated previously when my phone works it's an OK phone, nothing to get all exited about, a Samsung A137 but what do you expect in a phone that you paid $29.99 for. Again thanks for your detailed post and have a nice weekend you hear.

Big Steve
Biloxi, Mississippi

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More tidbits about Tracfone/Net10/StraightTalk

If you decide to go with one of these, as I've mentioned (as many have mentioned on the web), their customer service isn't the best in the world. I would highly suggest NOT trying to port your number from another carrier to any of these. I've heard many complaints of it taking anywhere from 14 days to a month to get a number ported, and while they're in the process of doing it, your phone # you're trying to port will not be available. Just get a new # and save yourself some hassle and time Happy

Check online for codes for free minutes and such - especially for Tracfone, they're available A LOT! and sometimes the different services will offer different buying options or specials on their website than what you can find in a store too.

When deciding on a phone there's plenty of online reviews about them too. Check out which phones their website shows you after you enter your zip code, figure out which ones appeal to you and look up the reviews. Mum has the Motorola W376 and its worked great - a lot of good reviews about this phone online! Some are better at one thing (like call clarity), while another model is good at something else (texting), and its good to find out about a cell phones quirks too (like how easy is it to accidentally hit the 'browser button' and end up on the web without realizing it, yes I've done this, lol) And if you have problems with the phone after you get it, there's likely someone online who has posted about it already!

Once you have your phone activating it online is definitely easier than calling in to activate it. Oh and you often have to activate your voice mail AFTER you activate the phone, so be sure to do that once your phone is up and running (they tell you all this info when you sign up online).

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Re: More tidbits about Tracfone/Net10/StraightTalk

That Motorola phone that your mum has, the W376 sounds like the phone offered in that TracFone infomercial which I watched the other night. I think the phone in the infomercial was a Motorola W376G offered through Wal-Mart, not through TracFone itself for either $19.88 or $19.98. So you recommend whatever phone I buy buy it directly through the provider's website instead of buying whichever phone I decide to buy from a store like Wal-Mart?

That "double minutes" for life offered by TracFone, is that a good deal? Would you believe I checked my Samsung A137 out just a while ago, the phone which I got a new sim card for yesterday but still wouldn't work, well I powered it up about 30 minutes ago and the phone had 2 bars on it's signal meter and I was able to make a call.

Now I'm checking it again and it's back to no signal, the symbol for a phone's handset with a red line drawn through it is appearing once again in the upper left hand corner of the phone's screen and when I tried making another call it said as it's said so many times these past few months "No Network". I'm going to have to get another phone, I just have to decide which provider to go with. AT&T does offer 2 models by Nokia in their prepaid line up, are Nokia phones any good?

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Buy whereever gets you the best deal...

"So you recommend whatever phone I buy buy it directly through the provider's website instead of buying whichever phone I decide to buy from a store like Wal-Mart?"

Mom bought hers at Walmart, that's fine. I just looked at the website, and now they're charging $30 for it (it was only the $19.98 or whatever, so they've changed it). Since there's no extra incentive to buy online instead of at Walmart, I'd just go ahead and buy it at Walmart.

Sometimes Tracfone will offer online deals that are better than buying in the store, so that's why I suggested it might be good to check their website first before buying. But in this case it looks like buying the phone at the store will be cheaper.

"That "double minutes" for life offered by TracFone, is that a good deal?"

Oh yes, I'd definitely recommend getting the double minutes! A number of their phones already come with that, including the Motorola W376. (If you get one that doesn't come with it, you can buy a card that gives you the double minutes for life, currently on sale for $20 on their website. But really I'd just get a phone that came with it.) That way, say you got the 120 minute card for $30, and gives you 90 days of air time. With the double minutes for life deal, that means you get 240 minutes for the 90 days. Since you're using about an hour a month, that should give you plenty of time - and if you went this route, then you'd only be averaging $10 a month for your cell phone.

As far as the Motorolla W376, its a pretty good phone. Read a lot of good reviews before mom bought it, it is one of the better ones for call clarity and ability to pick up a signal, which was one of the reasons I suggested mom get it cause we live kinda out in hilly country where its hard to get a good signal due to the ridges/valleys - its not a very strong signal, but it picks up enough of a signal to make/receive calls. (keep in mind of course, that I can't guarantee how it'll work for you, this is just our experience - again it'll depend how close you are to a tower, and how hard it is for that signal to get to your house - but that goes for *any* cell phone service)

"AT&T does offer 2 models by Nokia in their prepaid line up, are Nokia phones any good?"

I'm afraid I've never had a Nokia so can't comment on those, so unless someone else chimes in here, I'd suggest looking those models up online - there's reviews on just about every cell phone out there. In fact there's one on the 2320 here on CNET

I've used Kyocera, LG, and now a Samsung; mum has had the same Kyocera and LG as me, and now has the Motorolla. Kyocera is ok, a very basic phone, but I've liked my LG and Samsung better and mom her Motorolla - I have to say these have had better signal strength and call clarity too than the Kyoceras.

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Re: Buy whereever gets you the best deal...

TracFone has a nice flip phone by LG on their website and so does Wal-Mart, its an LG 410 but on TracFone's website when I type in my zipcode it says the phone will work in my area but on when I type in my zipcode I get a message saying that the LG 410 will not work in my local area which is confusing. Right now Wal-Mart has 46 different cell phone models on their website, why are you asked for your zipcode and why is it that only certain models will work in my area while others will not? Does it have something to do with cell tower coverage?

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Net10 bad idea

In my case,I did not use the Net 10 phone very much, so my time ran out while I still had 280 minutes. Their cheapest extension card was $30 and if I recall correctly they start you out with a phone and 300 minutes for $30. So, just to get on the air again takes another $30.
I wonder if anyone at net 10 has thought this out? I'm not going to use the phone at that rate. I think they will wind up with a lot of one-time customers. It seems to me very stupid.

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Its all a matter of how much you use...

As far as Net10, yes pretty much the cheapest you can spend is 15$ a month (a 30$ card gets you access for 2 months, 45$ for 3, all avg out to 15/mo). So if you think you might spend that much, then its not a bad way to go. At 10 cents/min for talk and 3-5cents/min for texting, $15 could get you 150 mins talk time (or 2 hours of talk time plus 100 texts sent/read each month for anyone reading this who texts as well).

But if you talk say an hour or less, then yes TracFone -even though it can cost more per min (in my prev post for example, if you got a 120min card for $30, and got the double minutes which gives you 240, then it works out to about 13 cents/min), it can be better because their minutes last longer (the $30 card lasts 90 days for instance). So you could essentially spend just $10 a month, for an avg of 80 mins/month available over the 90 days.

So its just a matter of just how little a person uses a phone. 2-3 hrs a month, Net10 may be better, for someone using it say an hour or less then I'd go with TracFone.

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Re: Its all a matter of how much you use...

Early this morning I watched an hour long infomercial produced by TracFone advertising a Motorola flip phone sold at Wal-Mart for $19.88 I think, came with the double minutes feature. The phone looked nice, nicer than my Samsung A137, I plan to take a closer look at that TracFone package. Which cell towers does TracFone use if you would know?

What's your opinion on Verizon's prepaid service? They have a $0.99 a day usage fee charged only on the days when you use their phone and the calls are $0.10 a minute or no daily access fee and calls at $0.25 a minute, similar to AT&T. I believe if I read it right you could purchase a $30.00 card with Verizon which was good for 90 days, anything less than $30.00 was good for only 30 days. I don't know if their minutes roll over from month to month, I plan to go back to their website later to check that out.

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Tracfone uses multiple towers and varies by location

They have contracts with all the major carriers to use their towers, and which one you end up with depends on your location and the phone you use.

There are two main cell phone/network types, those that use GSM (this includes ATT, T-Moble) and those that use CDMA (Verizon, US Cellular, and Alltel). So some phones work on GSM, others CDMA - Tracfone and Net10 offer both.

That's part of the reason they ask you for your location on their website, so they can determine which network would be the best, and from that determine which phones you can use. Its good to check their websites first, if you're going to buy from a store, so you can figure out which one you should get. It may not be a big deal if you live/work in a location with many towers of different carries - you're likely to find one that works regardless. However if you live out in the country, then it can definitely mean the difference between getting a signal or not.

As far as Verizon's prepaid, I had considered it at one point, because with it they do offer a plan where you get free calls to other Verizon users (since I use this mostly at work, and most of them use Verizon...) However I decided not to, as they still either wanted to charge daily access fees (which I'm sorry, but any cell company charging 'access fees' is bull) OR you had to pay a higher per min rate. Even with the free calls to other Verizon users, the 'access fee' would add up to be more than using a per minute rate from a prepaid phone company like VirginMobile, Tracfone/Net10, etc

As an aside to the Verizon prepaid, another option out there for those reading this thread, especially if you want cheap access and are a heavy user (lot of talking, texting, browsing) you may want to check into Straight Talk. It is managed by the same company that owns Tracfone and Net10 (so yes, same issues with customer service problems if you ever need it), and it uses the Verizon network. They offer a $30 month plan (1000 each of mins and text, as well as a set gig of web) or a unlimited $45 month plan.

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Re: Tracfone uses multiple towers and varies by location

About Straight Talk, that $30.00 plan offers more minutes than I would need, as I stated way back at the beginning of this thread my phone is basically an "emergency" use only phone and the 13 months that I've been with AT&T @ $0.25 per minute I have averaged about 60 minutes of talk time each month.

That $30.00 a month plan with Straight Talk, any unused minutes available at the end of the month according to the fine print I read last night on their website do not roll over into the next month and if you have any minutes remaining before you have to purchase your next $30.00 worth of minutes you will lose those available minutes from the previous month, not a good deal for me in my opinion. does offer several different models of phones on their website by Straight Talk as well as a choice of either a $30.00 a month plan or a higher plan for $45.00 a month.

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Best prepaid

I did some research for a family member who wanted a cell phone but couldn't really afford the 30 to 40 or more per month of normal plans. The best in our area (Portland Oregon) turned out to be T-Moblle low can buy $100 worth of minutes (10 cents per minute) and become one of their gold members..that give you an extra 15% worth of minutes each time you buy new minutes. If you buy $100 of minutes (1,000) you can have those available for up to 1 year with NO additional costs. Nothing per day, nothing per you about 83 minutes a month of usage and costing about $8.00 per month. Many of the prepaid charge daily fees when you use them, many charge 25 cents a minute (ATT)...Plus Walmart sells the recharge cards at a discount. If you don't use your minutes, as long as you purchase another $100 worth of minutes (and you can buy lessor amounts they just expire in 30 to 90 days) all your unused minutes carry over.

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Re: Best prepaid

Well I just returned from the AT&T store where I was given a new sim card for my 13 month old Samsung A137 flip phone, the new sim card changed nothing, still no signal. The sales clerk at the store to prove a point put my old sim card in one of their store demo phones, the store demo phone worked with my old sim card, the clerk then removed the new sim card which she just installed in my 13 month old phone and installed it in another store demo phone and that phone also worked with my phone's new sim card.

I have just been on the phone one last time with AT&T's Prepaid tech support in the Phillipines to make sure the problem was with my phone and not my old sim card and after about 20 minutes of troubleshooting over the phone with tech support, tech support told me the problem was with my phone, that I needed to purchase a new device. The store had only 3 AT&T prepaid models in stock, my Samsung A137, another Samsung model which had a horrific glow in the dark bright blue case for $59.99 and a model by LG that had a fancy keypad for texting for $99.99 and that was it.

The store did not stock 2 Nokia prepaid models which are available on AT&, just those that I mentioned above. I wasn't going to buy another Samsung A137 so I left the store with nothing but my old phone which contained a new sim card, a phone I could not use and a big case of disappointment. So now I'll start looking at prepaid models by other carriers. Today was a disappointment but since I paid only $29.99 for my phone 13 months ago, it could have been much worse.

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Virgin Mobile for me

I'm a big fan of Virgin. The Kyocera flip phone was $10, and with autopay it's $5/month. .18/min for the first 10 minutes in a day, then .10 for additional minutes. I don't use the phone much and the unused time carries over; right now I have a $65 balance which translates to many hours of talking if I ever need them.

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I have the same service but a better deal

I usually purchase the yearly plan for $100 from AT&T online and get $125.00 worth of phone time credited to my acct. and can roll over my unused $$ from the previous year. You can do this until your acct reaches a plus balance of $300. then you need to spend that down before buying more time. This is a better deal than the $25.00 every 3 months. I use my phone for emeergencies only also but can still use up about $50-60. worth at 25 cents a minute per year so no problem with the rollover as for reception if you live in a stone house as I do or even brick or a well insulated home or a home that has other buildings close by it can be difficult to get good if any reception. But if you are home why do you need to use your emergency only cell?

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Re: I have the same service but a better deal

Quote: But if you are home why do you need to use your emergency only cell?

Answer: I use my "emergency only" cell when I hit the streets in my car. I like to have a phone with me when I leave the house just in case of an emergency.

When I'm here at the house I use my landline phone service which is also with AT&T. My current landline phone bundle has unlimited LD on it for $24.99 a month. Last month I talked "1038" minutes in LD which is why I have the unlimited LD service here at the house because I can't take that service with me when I hit the streets although I wish I could.

I haven't had much experience in using cell phones here in the house. I know a lot of folks are getting rid of their landline phones and switching to cell phone service but are there any really good cell phones on the market that can stand up to the quality of a very good quality landline phone? I don't know because the only cell phone I've been using is this "tin can" prepaid Samsung A137 for the last 13 months and thankfully I haven't had to use it a lot because at $0.25 a minute I'd go broke making LD calls on it from here at the house.

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Re: I have the same service but a better deal

Has anyone here heard of a prepaid wireless company by the name of Page Plus and if you have what do you know about it? Feedback appreciated.

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Page Plus

I've not used it myself, but this site has their own review of it, plus a lot of comments about their service - there's also info/reviews of almost all the other prepaid services on this site

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Re: Page Plus

The only thing I don't like about Page Plus is all of their phones are refurbs, don't know what the warranty period is but it's probably 90 days on refurb phones like AT&T. Boost Mobile has a good pay as you go minute plan, $0.10 a minute, can add $20.00 to your plan every 4 months but their phones, most which are new are quite expensive.

I talked to someone in the store today while I was buying groceries, this guy had a phone by Virgin Mobile, he had their unlimited talk and text plan for $60.00 a month which is more than I need. If I can buy a new phone for less than $50.00 and get by on $10.00 in minutes or less each month I would be happy I think. I am looking into something else, it's a postpaid, contract plan with a company based here in Mississippi called Cellular South.

Cellular South has a talk and text plan for $19.99 a month, 200 daytime minutes, unlimited text which I wouldn't do, no nights and weekends which I wouldn't need, got the landline phone with unlimited LD with AT&T and because I'm low income I also qualify for a $13.50 credit which would come off of that $19.99 each month, don't know what the taxes would be on that plan, their phones are also pricey and the thing I don't like is the 2 year contract requirement which has a $175.00 early termination penalty fee if I ended service before the 2 years was up. I think pre-paid is still the better way to go for me.

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RE: RE: Page Plus Cellular

I use PagePlus, have for 3 years, and love it!

Same coverage as Verizon (same towers).

You don't have to buy phone from pageplus.
BYOD. You can use almost any Verizon phone with them. No Blackberry's and no new Impulse phones. I am using an old enV that was given to me. Just find a Verizon phone (they're easy to find) and Talk and Text will work. Data may take some tinkering.

I use their 1200 talk/1200 text/50MB data for $29.95/mo. awesome price without a contract.

Renewal cards last 4 months (most pre-paid last only three).

$10 card = 100 min = 10 cents/min
$25 card = 416 min = 6 cents/min
$50 card = 1000 min = 5 cents/min
$80 card = 2000 min = 4 cents/min
Minutes carry over as long as you buy a card within four months.

So, $80 card in January, $10 card in May, $10 card in September.
$100 per year. 2200 minutes. 183 minutes per month.
or go with all $25 cards.
$75 per year. 1248 minutes. 104 minutes per month.

Beats the crap out of T-Mo.

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Re: Re: Page Plus Cellular

So I can buy a phone from Verizon and use it with Page Plus? Do I have to buy a Verizon phone directly from Verizon or could I buy a Verizon phone from Wal-Mart and make it work? Thanks for your post.

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prepaid best programs and help at

Yes page plus is a great one.
Good coverage and rates
You can use most of the usedverizon phones. But you have to be careful - if they are sold for prepaid can not use them right away. Or blocked due to unpaid bill etc You can buy refurb or used phones on ebay.
Also options at independent dealers etc.
Go to PPforums. Some very helpful dealers will answer questions whether you buy from them or not. They also have forums for other providers but Page plus seems to be their biggy on that forum.
Monthly or ala carte rates

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WOW! It doesn't take long for kitty to spam!

I would suggest that you do not visit PPforums. It is run by a PP dealer who is only after your $$$. I have had several people tell me not to use the dealer that runs that forum. I would go to the page plus forum at howard forums with any questions. The users there are way more experienced than the new dealer at ppforums. That new dealer was run out of howard forums by other better dealers because of the way she does business.

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