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best photo software for doing calenders

Dec 28, 2005 8:15PM PST

hoping to put together a 2006 photo calender and wondering what is the best software to use

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Something I use.
Dec 28, 2005 8:36PM PST
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Best Software for creating a Calendar
Jan 6, 2006 4:39AM PST

If you have Illustrator or Corel Draw, these are super. If you have Microsoft Publisher, it will work. Any of these will work if you learn your way around them. Photoshop, Elements, Microsoft Word,Printshop, Printhouse. There are so many. What software do you have? Let me know and I'll print you one with your photos if you like. Spook

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Calender software!
Feb 27, 2006 10:07AM PST

Broderbund's "Calender Creator" is a favorite of mine. I'm using an older version so I'm not familiar with their latest program, but events and holidays can be identified in the daily squares.

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A Little Trick
Apr 10, 2006 11:29PM PDT

I run an arts promotional web publishing business, and here is a little trick you can try if you have OpenOffice (free) and Publisher (not free) or another program that can create calendars.

You can create your Calender in Publisher, OpenOffice, or some other program, then take a screenshot of it with Irfanview or another screen capture program, and save it as a tiff (better), or jpeg (smaller file).

Then paste the entire screenshot (after you crop out the window menu and frame) into OpenOffice Draw or Impress (presentation maker).

You can then export/create a pdf Acrobat readable file out of it for free (expensive if you buy a pdf maker) from OpenOffice,which can be sent as an attachment by email, and read and printed in color on anyones computer, since everyone has Acrobat Reader. They make good gifts to email people, and as promos, perks, or to sell, for your business.

Enjoy, Vincellent

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RE: best photo software for doing calenders
May 19, 2006 2:39AM PDT

Please feel free to try out our calendar software: ''Simply Calenders''.

With it, you can easily create high quality calendars using your own photos for any year up to 9999 in a wide variety of styles and languages.

These can be printed to almost any paper size that is supported by your printer. They can also be exported to PDF, JPG, BMP and TIFF formats.

Simply Calenders is free to try and costs $24.99 for full version.


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