Midrange of what? Consumer, prosumer or professional grade?

I'll assume "prosumer" as this is the midrange between consumer and "professional".

To limit wind noise, use of an external mic is suggested. This means the camcorder needs a way to connect and external mic or you will record the audio to an external recording device (like a Zoom H2 or H4).

In either case, either a boom mounted shotgun mic in a zeppelin or "dead cat" or a wireless lavaliere (clip-on) mic - or both, simultaneously - would be appropriate.

Assuming your activities are captured to video in daylight - or otherwise good lighting conditions - the high end of the consumer range may be good enough... the Canon HV40, HF and HF S series and Sony HDR-CX500 series would be on the short list. The mid range of the prosumer cams has the Sony HDR-FX7; the "low end" of what Sony refers to as their pro line includes the shoulder mount HVR-HD1000 and HVR-A1. At the high end of the prosumer range is the Sony HDR-FX1000, Panasonic AG-HMC40, shoulder mount AG-HMC70... then creeping more into the pro lines... JVC GY-HM100, Panasonic AG-HMC150, Canon XHA1, Sony HVR-Z5...

All of these camcorders can capture video that can be edited by the current versions of MovieMaker or iMovie - assuming the computer Operating System is also current - and the hardware meets (better yet, exceeds) the minimum requirements for the different video file types created by either miniDV tape or flash memory storage media.

MiniDV tape camcorders require the computer to have a firewire port - so that computer hardware configuration needs to be identified.