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Best graphic printer for my business?

Dec 14, 2008 12:07PM PST

I sell personalized invitations and party favors, I bought a printer (Hp color laserjet 3600) months ago but I'm not 100% satisfy with it because the graphics look like pixelated even if a use a graphic in really high resolution , the colors don't look at all like the real colors in my design/proyect , I have to do 2 files one for my client to preview how it will their invitation/favor etc will look like when they are printer, and another one to print using lighter colors etc to make my printer print the colors I want.... as you can imagine this I do the job twice , and I'm tired of it , I'll LOVE to find a really good printer that prints at great resolution, that will print perfect graphics (pretty much the way I see them on my screen).
I cannot affort(yet) a proffesional printer like a imagePROGRAF iPF9100, but I'll like to buy something that graphic designer like me will use, you know we look at every single detail in our work once is printed.

I need help finding the right printer for my business so my clients and I will be happy with the results!

I can affort a printer that cost up to $1,000 (a little bit more)...
What are the best brands ? how can I choose the best printer for what I need?
I'll like to get a Laser printer because the "ink" last more than in a Inkjet printer. I cannot buy a inkjet printer for what I do because I print a lot of graphics/art work everyday so the ink will not last very long .

Anyone knows what are the best laser printers?

Thank you!

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Best graphic printer for my business?
Jan 8, 2009 4:28AM PST

I too have a small graphic design business (invitations, business cards logo design etc...) and would greatly appreciate any answers to this e-mail. I currently have and HP 2605 and i constantly have issues with paper jams. They said it could handle cardstock, vellum, texture type paper and they were so wrong!

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Mar 11, 2009 3:43AM PDT

When I started school for graphic design 4 year ago my instructor told us Epson was the best

Here a few:

Epson Stylus Photo R1900 Inkjet Printer

Stylus Photo R2880 Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Pro 3800, Photo Quality, Tabloid Size (17" Wide), Inkjet Printer

Stylus Pro 3800, Photo Quality, Tabloid Size (17" Wide), Inkjet Printer - Professional Edition

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Stylus Epson 3800 pro
Mar 27, 2010 4:46PM PDT

I was hoping that you would able to tell me if this printer would meet my requirements. I have a small business which is growing slowly. I need a printer that will print on bomboniere boxes, Chocolate Wrappers etc. I need the graphics to be very clear. Will this printer give me that of what I require? Thanks for taking the time to read my request.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks Jo.

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Canon Fan
Apr 13, 2010 8:55PM PDT

I started my business 4 yrs ago and bought a Canon MP830 all-in-one. It is great. Prints beautifully at high res, low res, everything inbetween. Basically no problems with paper jams or interface with other programs. I highly recommend Canon. All of the functions work beautifully from faxing, to printing, to reading digital camera memory, to copying and more. It has two paper trays (so you can load labels and regular paper for two different types of jobs). It is fairly hard on ink, though. The ink carts are just as much a rip off as anyone else's. But, that is life. The price is right.

I have had an HP (I had very bad luck with that one re: paper jams and not working with various programs), Epson (very good printer), Brother (took it back within 24 hrs). Got to say, Canon worked best for me.