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best gaming desktop

Im not on a budget, as long as you can pay it month by month, i can afford it, I want to know what is the most powerful gaming computer... with configurable options so i can choose to pick out, and add some stuff while on the site. Thanks...

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there are many customizable pc builders out there

they include ibuypower,velocity, falcon nw, alienware, abs, cyberpower, monarch etc.

i would suggest monarch

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Why not build your own. Too many manufacturers out ther.

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Most def build your own. You will save hundreds on useless fees to have some company build it for you. I just bought a brand new top end hosting server for my private company... I'm building it myself and it rocks. If I had gone through a comapny such as monarch I would have spent almost 450 dollars more for the same equipment. If you are scared about building it yourself.... Don't be, its not that hard. Two websites to check out when you are ready: www.pricewatch.con and Good places to get started on the road to building your own machine. Goodluck!

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would this be ok?

would this be an ok setup? any ways to improve? compatible?
OCZ OCZ520ADJ 520W Power Supply
Power Supply
ASPIRE X-CRUISE -BK Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window
COOLER MASTER ALC-U01 80mm Cooling Fan/Heatsink
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Integrated into Chip FSB Socket 939 Processor
SOLTEK SL-K890Pro-939 ATX AMD Motherboard
ATI RADEON 9800PRO 128M Video Card
Video Card
CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS 70SB035000000 Sound Card
sound card
CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory x2

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max price

the max price could be 8000, but i would prefer 3000, or 4000.

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man, you can go even higher ;)

ok on the power supply, ocz is great for gaming pcs.

case, is your own personal preference

ok on the hs/fan

cpu - if you have money, i would go dual core amd. they cost a pretty penny, but you will be ready for the next generation of games that use both cores. or, just get an fx 55

mobo, you got money so go sli

your vid card you chose is incompatable with the mobo you chose, its agp instead of pci express. i would say 7800gtx, it is currently the fastest gpu ever made for a pc. and if you want really high performance, get two and a bridge chip and put the in sli Shocked

sound card is perfect

ram is one of the best, of course if you do have a lot of money, you might want to get 2 gigs

have fun with ur kick *** pc Happy


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would this be ok?

If you get responce from the gamming guys they might recomed a faster video card if your big into gamming.

WATER COOLING is a WASTE of money for an AMD64, spend the $129 on getting faster AMD64 processor.

Buy the the retail AMD processor that comes with a heat sink/fan. First reason it is warrented for 3 years this way, only one year if you buy the bare processor. Second reason the stock HS/fan is more than enought for this processor. I have 3 of them running 24/7 and no heat problems. If you have never built a PC here is a link that will help.

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OCZ OCZ520ADJ 520W Power Supply
Power Supply
RAIDMAX ATX-901WB Black with side window

I will go with normal heat sink and all for now... but I would like suggestions for a liquid cooling system... looks cool.

what proccessor is best?

need compatable and best motherboard
ATI RADEON 9800PRO 128M Video Card
hear it has more then enough power for current and upcomming games... i would like to save money then get sli
Video Card
CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS 70SB035000000 Sound Card
sound card
CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory x2

I would like suggestion on hard drive/drives and optical drives.
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i stand my post

well, u cant get a high performance cpu with an outdated agp slot. no need for h20 cooling. i would just re read all our posts


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Get 2 74 GB 10,000 RPM HD's... Those will rock.

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Ahh, I like to make suggestions to young dreamers

concerning the "best gaming desktop" especially one with a high budget. You indicated you would go as high as $8000.

As of yesterday the best chip for gaming is the Athlon 64 FX57 which cost $1021 in 1000 lot purchases.
AMD will also be "clock-unlocking" the Athlon FX-57 and certifying certain third-party PC fan and liquid cooling systems that are designed to help increase the performance of the chip and help it run faster than its rated speeds. The next best gamer chip is the FX55 at about $827.

As of a few days ago the most powerful video card for gaming is the Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX at $600 each.

RAM can be at 1GB as test have shown there is no increase in gaming (with current games) by using 2GB and in some instances it could possible slow down the gaming depending on the computer/game.

The FX57 is expected to be available immediately in the
US and Canada at:

ABS, AFT, Alienware, Bass, BOXX, Canada Computers, Cyberpower, Elite PC, Falcon Northwest, Hypersonic, Micro Center, Might Micro, Monarch, Nor-Tech, Now Micro, PC Club, Planet Computers, Polywell, Systemax, Totally Awesome, Velocity Micro, Voodoo PC, Zipzoomfly, and ZT Group.

Surfing through some of those sites, I came across one in particular that is offering the new FX57 and I have sort of configured a 'gaming computer' that should fit just under your $8000 budget at $7099, saving some $'s for games, provided you don't select the 46" Samsung Syncmaster 8ms Gaming LCD at $8839.60:

Athlon 64 FX57
3 each Hard Drives, WD 74GB Raptor SATA 10,000RPM
Pioneer Dual Layer DVD+-RW
Light-On DVD & DC Reader
2 each Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX at $600ea
19" Samsung Syncmaster 8ms TFT Panel Monitor ($484)
Soundblaster Audy 2Z5 Platinum Pro
Logitech Z-5500 Digital THX 5.1 speakers
Logitech cordless keyboard & cordless optical mouse
Other misc cluding shipping & warranty

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Re: Best gaming computer.


$8,000.00 for a gaming computer? The guy says he can afford it as long as he can pay month to month for it. His monthly payments would be pretty steep on an $8,000.00 computer I would imagine. An $8,000.00 computer for gaming? John; your kidding right?

Big Steve
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LOL... yep Steve....

re the $7099 gaming PC that can be configured just with Voodoo (haven't configured with others like Falcon Northwest..). Now add the $8839 LCD gaming monitor and it comes to $15,938.Wink

For more sensible configuration for us realists a Emachine like the new T6520 for $600 that will probably come out later in some retail stores with a sale offering a monitor & printer for the same price. Just add a GeForce 6600GT PCIe or Radeon X700Pro (around $160) video card and that PC would play any game out there extremely well for anyone except a chest beater with a $8000 computer budget.

When I was 16 years old, I was saving my money for a car to pickup Chicks and head for the Beach. Happy

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PS........the T6520 & T6212 can both
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After looking into building another machine and pricing the components, it became clear to me that the T6520 is a sweet deal. It appears that I can upgrade the video card, possibly add another gig of RAM (although 1GB isn't too shabby), and from what I have read online, upgrade the processor to a dual-core AMD if I wanted to.

For $599, this seems to look like a sweet deal, at least on paper. With some minor uppgrades, I could have a blazing PC at around $1000.

Do you know what MOBO they are using?


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the processor is socket 754

so dont plan on being able to upgrade the processor

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Yes, it would make a pretty good

gaming machine with the Athlon 64 3400 Processor, just get a good video card. The one gig of RAM is good for any current games.

Instead of $599 it is on sale since Sunday (for 1 wk) in the Best Buy Flyer for $559.97 with a 17" Flat Screen Monitor & printer.

Don't know what the motherboard is. Emachine shows the chipset to be ATI RS480 which can be configured as a socket 939 or 757. To upgrade to a 'dual-processor it needs to be a 90nm socket 939. There is still some debate going on as to what it is claimed to be:

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This is too good to be true

$559 for this box (looking like 939 socket), monitor, and printer.

Geez. Where can I find that Sunday flyer!!!

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If you didn't get in last Sundays newspaper

then when you walk in the door of Best Buy they have a rack containing the Weekly Flyer. Look on page 18..right side... "Upgrade for An Additional $100" and in small print T6520 and 17F3(Monitor), Z715(Printer).

If a 939 socket....still some questions to be answered by Emachine, also is it a 3200 or 3400 processor...some conflict in published specs:

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Thanks John.....

I have been reading that thread now. It's like a suspense!

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Re: LOL yep Steve.

Mr. John Robie:

I certainly did like your post; it's good to add a bit of humor to a board that discusses such techno matters. I took a chance last week and applied for a VM card; I got approved and received it by mail just a few days ago.

Now I must decide which PC to buy. Mr. Robie what's this I've been reading for example; buy a Socket 939; not a 754; 754 is outdated. What are they talking about? I know I already asked you before; which is better; a Pentium or an Athlon processor? I believe your response was to flip a coin.

Now I've read several posts by others that say that I should consider 64 bit; 64 bit what? If I plan to buy a good LCD monitor down the road; one with both analog and DVI connectors; should I also consider a better video card than just integrated graphics?

Those video cards can really get up there in price. I was pricing some on VM's configuration website and they certainly have some expensive ones. What's a good basic video card to consider for a non-gamer like myself that I could use later with a nice LCD monitor with DVI inputs? How much minimum memory should it have?

Where do you guys manage to know all this stuff? Many posts in this forum are telling others to consider Socket 939 rather than Socket 754; to consider a 64 bit capable processor; to go with a video card with PCI express 16X; etc. Are these posts submitted by people who custom build computers or what because they are talking way over my head.

I might read somebody recommending something today and tomorrow I'm reading a post by somebody else saying that what I read yesterday is already old news and outdated.

Does this technology change that fast? I have a fear that if I go ahead and buy a PC from VM; next month it will more than likely be already outdated. Again thanks for your post.

Big Steve
End Of Message

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Technology changes fast.....

Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, all for 64, stand up and holler. :^O

AMD has had their Athlon 64-bit out for awhile, and here in January Intel announced their 64-bit versions in their new 6xx series processor. Since then the Intel Dual Core processor with 64-bit are out. Now just Tuesday Dell announced their new Intel 5x1 series processor with the 64-bit support. So, 64-bit is available in AMD or Intel computers, but really has little (or no?) home user 64-bit programs out yet that I can speak of. There is promise for future 64-bit programs including games. I think 64-bit support is something that can be had in just about any computer you buy today, but IMO does not make computers without it obsolete. Same for the AMD 754 socket.

Socket 754-pin was a natural upgrade of the Socket 462/Socket A in the Athlon XP versions.
It was the first socket to be used in the consumer Athlon 64 and is still used in the Athlon 64
3700, 3400, 3200, 3000, 2800, and 1800 Processors. The 939-pin is the latest for the Athlon 64 and the main difference is that the 939 has dual channel memory support and supposedly a little faster. They are used in the Athlon 64 4000, 3800, 3500, 3200, 3000, FX 55, and FX 53 Processors. The 754 is now used in value computers and IMO is a good socket for the money in certain computers (like the new emachine T6520).

Buy a computer today and another slightly better will replace it in just a month or so. Re the emachine T6212 out in January, now the T6520.

Yes, it will also happen to you, but so what. The Pent III, 500MHz computer I bought for $2475 six years ago (which a $400 computer today can duplicate) would still serve you well for what you desire a computer to do. All I did was upgrade the RAM, Video Card, and Power Supply, and it is still good for just about anything, my grandkids using it mostly for gaming when they come over. My sister has a 10 year old Dell that she flat out refuses to get rid of and can well afford a new one.

The new PCI-Express x16 socket for video cards will be on more new computers as soon as retailers run out of AGP socket motherboards ( & computers). The AGP cards are still excellent and will be around for some years to come. Can you imagine how many computers are out there now that are not PCIe, believe just only last year there were 188 million new computers sold.

If you buy a computer with Integrated graphics, make sure that it has either an AGP or PCIe slot for future upgrading. From what I have read the new Intel Integrated graphics 900 can handle DVI with a LCD monitor, but I suggest spending around $110 and get a Nvidia GeForce 6600 or around $160 for 6600GT video card(they will support DVI). Video cards seem to be coming down in prices and will further do so now that the new $600 Nvidia 7800 is out.

Steve, yes, whatever you buy will not be obsolete or outdated, as a 6-7 year old computer would probably do what you desire in a computer. The end is not near for the development of computers so a month after you buy one there will be a little faster one with different features to read about. Take a look at the T6520 (754 socket) when they start having packaged deals at some of the retail store.

You indicated at one time, I think back in February, that you could spend around $1200 on a computer. My favorite right now if I was buying is the new 'Dual-Core'...... to be able to have several things going at the same time without a strain....&....


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i'm copying that

sry but it's just a fun little quote...

aside from that, Socket 754 vs 939's biggest thing is that 939 supports the x2 and that it can support PCIE, dual channel was the reason, butthe reason now is that S939 is to AMD as LGA 775 is to Intel, it's got all the bells and whistles

also, Socket 939 has the 3700+ to (the new San Diego)
along with the 4200, 4400, 4600 and 4800
in addition to 3 FX generations (53, 55 and 57)
but S939 also has nForce4 (a huge advance over nForce3)
PCIE (again, a good thing)
and it provides a socket that you can use for AMD for at least a little while more (supposedly they have a new one coming down the pipes)

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Steve, also check out these latest
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Also Gateway Dual-Core Processor
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A) the 10,000 RPM Hard Drives are worthless for gaming, you'll see about a 0.03 % increase in performance for around a 50% increase in price (their nearly $200 per)
while SATA-II disks are nearly as fast in disk access (with NCQ)

B) I don't know where you've gotten your video card information, but the 9800Pro is already having issues with current games, and it will not support the expansion pack to Half-Life 2 correctly
it has issues with FarCry on certain levels due to it's lack of HDR, and it has issues with running Doom 3 at respectable resolutions, in addition it has issues with Half-Life 2 at high resolutions

It WILL NOT support Half-Life 2's expansion, and it will have more issues than you can shake a stick at with Quake 4 (Based on the Doom 3 engine, with about twice the graphics/eye candy enabled (Doom 3 is running at the lowest level of graphics it's engine can do, and at that level it can use all of AGP 8x, Quake 4 opens the engine up more)

the Radeon 9800Pro is a lower mid-range part in terms of performance, and I would advise against it on many points such as:

A) has issues with current games
B) has known cases of no support for future games
C) does not feature SM3.0, meaning it cannot run Unreal3, which is yet mroe of A and B
D) is going to be relativly slow for current games, i.e: you'll be running Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 at 1024x768 on your "amazing gaming rig" while machines costing the same ammount using simmilarly priced cards such as the 6600GT will do 1280x1024 or high, A, B and C aren't issues for them, and the only thing they'll run into is just lack of raw power (instead of lack of required tech features)

I would suggest you consider GeForce 6 or GeForce 7
avoid Radeon 9 and Radeon X, as neither offer any form of SM3.0 support, and Radeon 9 has a LOT of issues with current games

Radeon X's lack of SM3.0, while some may say "it's just eye candy" in an IQ comparison (lost link, and site was in Cylic so it wasn't readable) a Radeon X850XT Plat. Edition compared to a GeForce 6800GT, on all counts the 6800GT won, and in FarCry the X850's image (this is a $600+ card) was just unacceptable for it's price range (if it cost $100 i'd be fine with it, but for $600 it's a joke)

GeForce 7 is going to have more added to it's line-up as it slowly replaces GeForce 6

as for CPU's, you can have a good CPU with AGP, but you'll have to hunt for the motherboard

the best CPU in the world for gaming is the AMD Athlon64 FX 57, yet over all i'd reccomend the AMD Athlon64x2 4800+
as it will offer about 90% of the gaming performance of the FX57, and provide you with a dual cored CPU (meaning you won't need a new CPU next spring)

in addition to all of that
I would suggest you don't start a thread off with the following topic:

"money is no issue, I want the best"

if your budget is $8000, that is VERY FAR AND AWAY from unlimited money

No, i'm not being hostile, i'm just explaining something

on c|net most of the members are rather polite about their replies, if you asked a question of that context on an overclocking/more extreme (extreme in terms of performance orientation, c|net is general help/advice, i'm talking a fourm like XS) you'd get laughed off the face of the planet/given links to computers like Mare Nostrum (a super computer in Spain, it's like #6 in the world)

I would personally suggest something along the lines of the following:

AMD Athlon64x2 4600+ or 4800+

nVidia GeForce 6800GT PCIE, 6800 Ultra PCIE or 7800GTX PCIE

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (anything above it is the exact same card, the "Pro" series cards are just slightly modified to accept more in/out sources)

Hard Drives:
RAID 5 array of 4 250GB SATA drives

Power Supply:
PC Power & Cooling 850W (if you have the money, buy it, it's $500, and it's THE BEST (I'm suggesting this because you should be able to re-use it until around 2009, in theory)

Anything featuring at least 4 fans

as for your H20 cooling system for the CPU, i'm going also go into that (yet another thing I know about)

A) all WC kits are trash, do not buy them, this includes anything from Thermaltake, Koolance (Koolance's blocks aren't bad, their not great, but their Exos isn't anything special (it's a waste of money))

in addition Zalman's cooler isn't designed for performance (it's not bad, but it's not about low temps)

if your doing water cooling, either build the thing yourself buying parts at a site like
or don't do it all, as the best water cooling kit/pre-assembled system your going to find will only match average to slightly above average air cooling

basically you'll waste $200+

If you want to REALLY get into spending money you could buy a prommy or vapochil, which is around $1000
it's a phase change cooling system for the CPU
runs at around -50* C, now that is cooling that is worth the money (to a point, a lot of DIY'ers and modders have begun to find ways to hit those temps with less electricty for a fraction of the cost $200 range)

water cooling, phase change, evaporative cooling, cascade cooling, and TEC cooling (an advanced form of water cooling) are targeted for performance
not a "look, it makes it better" factor

water cooling a non overclocked rig is a waste, unless your going for silent, in which case you should still build it yourself (unless you just absolutly love the styling of Zalman's water cooling (as you cannot buy anything that looks like it except from Zalman))

In addition to all of that, if you truly want the best rig avliable, overclocking is almost a must (nothing at stock can compete with overclocked computers, and I can back this up)

I did a run-off of "the ultimate gaming computer"
it was a SMP system running a pair of 3.6GHZ 64-bit Xeon's (and believe me, they'd out-perform current dual cores in multi-threaded apps, as current dual-cores cannot compete with SMP's (in the future however they should be able to))

it also featured a pair of 512MB 6800U's @ $800 each, (their still that expensive) however the 7800GTX is faster and cheaper, so i'd change it to those

well, anyways, the final system cost was just a tick over $11,000 with a pair of 22" professional grade Viewsonic monitors, I believe it had 8GB of RAM, over 2TB of data (2000 GB) storage

something like 4 DVD burners

it was total excess, and if you'd like the actual "plans" i'd be glad to linke you, but given that you seem to be fairly new to the whole world of building a gaming PC, i'm going to actually un-suggest my suggestion of the dual cored CPU

I suggest you save that $8,000
and I suggest you buy one of the eMachines John suggested, and also buy a PCIE 6600GT

it'll cost under $1000, and if you find a package deal you'll get a monitor and printer

buy that
and get a game such as Half-Life 2, or Doom 3
and play it

if it's not fast enough, come back, and we can get you into a monster of a machine

if it is fast enough, you just saved $7000

and I could proably safely say, it'll be fast enough for you
(it'd outperform your current DIY design, as the 9800Pro is an awful GPU compared to the 6600GT)

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