To answer your last question, wired is always preferable to get internet access to the Panny BR player. It probably needs it worse than the PCs in your office, which wireless can often suffice.

Could you simply relocate the 'N' router closer to the HDTV? Considering it's a model with greater range and penetration ability, that shouldn't present much of a problem if you could utilize a bridge router for the printer if needed. [Also- couldn't you simply make a traditional wired/ethernet connection between the printer in the office and the PC in there, adding the printer as a shared network resource(?)]

Regarding your connections, I presume you do not have a separate A/V receiver and surround speakers in this mix(?? If your equipment is as you've cited already and you are using the HDTV speakers only, the below scheme is how I would connect everything.

[Coax from wall to Moto cable box]
Cable One box (HDMI out) -> (HDMI in) Panasonic HDTV

Cable One box (Coax out) -> (Coax in) JVC VCR/DVD combo

JVC Combo [VCR side] (RCA a/v out) -> (RCA a/v in) Panasonic HDTV

Blu Ray (HDMI out) -> (HDMI in) Panasonic HDTV
*Add the following connections if you want to utilize the DVD player on the JVC instead of always viewing DVDs via the Blu Ray player-

JVC Combo unit [DVD side] (Component out- R/G/B) -> (Component in- R/G/B) Panasonic HDTV

JVC " " (digital optical out) -> (digital optical in) Panasonic HDTV