Hi kjr71,

Many Verizon phones can receive email but getting one that provides good internet access is another matter and will limit your choices.

I use an LG Voyager on Verizon. It is a hybrid multimedia phone that came out over a year ago. The "hybrid" part stems from its dual full-size displays. The external display is a touchscreen that uses your finger (not a stylus). Opening the clamshell case reveals an internal display the same size along with a full QWERTY keyboard that makes texting a breeze.

The Voyager includes a Mobile Email application that lets me monitor up to 10 email accounts. It can handle Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, AIM Mail, Verizon.net, and any POP email account. I use it to monitor three of my POP email accounts. You can configure each email account separately with regard to whether you want to be alerted when a new message arrives.

The Mobile Email application is designed only for text. HTML tags and embedded pictures will be stripped off. Also, all attachments will be stripped off. However, you can view and reply to email messages without deleting them from your mail server. So you can view them again later from a computer with all formatting and attachments intact.

The Voyager also has an HTML browser for surfing the internet. But it cannot handle flash sites---so you cannot view flash videos (a major limitation in my opinion). Nor can it view pdf content.

The LG Versa is brand new (it is another multimedia phone) and it includes a newer version of the browser in my Voyager. The Versa's browser has a tabbed interface so you can have up to 3 different webpages open at the same time. But I've read that it still cannot handle flash videos. Booo!

If you truly want a top-notch web browsing capability, then you'll be forced to get a high-end PDA phone or Smartphone. Many Blackberry models and many Smartphones with Mobile Windows will include browsers that let you view a much wider range of websites---including flash videos and pdf content.

I strongly recommend that you test the phones you're interested in before you commit to one. Make a list of the websites that you want to view and ask a sales person to allow you to view them on the phone to see how well it works. There is no substitute for this. Many people have purchased phones thinking they would let them surf their favorite sites only to discover afterward that they cannot.

When you test a phone, also check out the way it navigates a website. Some phones make navigation easier than others. With the Voyager, it is easy to accidentally click a link when all you want to do is scroll a page---however, I have big fingers and users with smaller hands may have much less trouble (plus, the Voyager offers two different ways to navigate: the external touchscreen and the interior QWERTY keyboard). Again, these are the kinds of issues you can only discover by using the phone before you buy.

Best regards, WiredNot