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I have seen so many rave reviews of off brand T.VS like Viso. So I called all the warrenty repair stations in my area To get a little information for you cheap skates ha ha. Most stores do not repair under warrenty off brand sets. So this may sound stupid but before you fork out all that cash. Please check out the phone book first to make sure you have local repairs done on your t.v. It would be a real hassle to re=pack that huge t.v. and ship it who knows where. Even with top brand sets warrenty sometimes becomes a problem but at least you have someone to repair it.I still dont know why you folks love those off brand sets I have seen them on display and all of them have a horrible picture. The only set cheap t.v. I have seen that I might buy is the Sanyo they seem to have good warrenty service happy day stewee

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You are so rigth Stewart but another avenue to check

There is another way to check quality. Its how much the extended warranty cost, however it most be done through reliable coverage companies. I did this and found that the Sony HD TV CRT premium was far less for equal size screens and functions vs other make sets. A good place to investigate is ABT Electronics who gave a large price difference for equal screen size and functions.

Hay Stewart what do you have a degree in, mine is in electronics, I worked on the unavac in school. Hope the spelling is correct for unavac other wise I will pay hell, its been a long time.


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I started out in car stereo when the only option was 45 r.p.m. record players that looked like a huge chrome bread boxs that hung under the dash with a 5 lb. tone arm ha ha then after I burned out years went to National semi and A.M.D So I have seen electronics go from tubes, transistors and finally I.C. And from a young man I always wanted a home theater set up , but until now anolog t.v. was a joke now I am in heaven, but the funny part is after 1 short year my old 72" Toshiba d.l.p. is now history. And now hi-def is so reasonable that anyone can afford one but folks still want those walmart specials they just dont want to spend a few bucks more for quality so sad steweee

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Hey Stewee, I know you've been touting name brands & well,

overemphasizing relative cheapness as affordability, because, in the throes of buying fever, many folks wouldn't pause to consider local area repairability as a common sense thing.

You are big into home theater & deserve to appreciate yours, especially its integral snack bar. But, everyone's funds are different. And, I wouldn't even lust for a 1080p if I had loose money around. For instance, I'd be happy with a good 720p. I'm not concerned with any 1080p source material.

Conventional movie industry people don't want super high resolution - the make up & star's imperfections would show. Kind of like information overload or more than I really wanted to know. They've used soft focus deliberately for a long time. It helps keep the make believe world blissfully magic.

I watch TV & DVDs. I am guilty of having a couple thousand DVDs just so I can watch the classics I love at my pleasure. The conventional ones are too expensive anyway, let alone the extra for the new high def versions.

I didn't get into them early on, or CDs either, though I have a couple thousand of those, too. Radio, I do usually listen to in the car. But I can't abide listening at home through the Denon 4806 & Paradigms - considering they reveal the horrid quality of broadcast radio standards.

Happy New Year & why don't you drop by for a week's visit to restore my 1941 Fisher console radio? Would you like to clean up & resolder each & every connection? I inherited it down through family & had the old nostalgia of listening to late 40s, early 50s network serials in early evening to have made sure I kept it. I guess you deserve to consider you've soldered your share & then some.

My father-in-law wound coils at G.E. & repaired radios & then TVs. He eventually didn't keep up with the field as his last purchase was a premium priced Curtis-Mathis. Gads, that set was crap. An uncle had many happy years with Philco in Philadelphia. He took early retirement as they started the downward spiral & switched to happily teaching freshmen at Penn State (where I went on the GI bill.)

Dad stressed the family budget in time to get the 1950 World Series on a DuMont. Those rabbit ears pictures from 30 miles from Pittsburgh were nearly unwatchable, but we were happy to be up to date.

Too bad American companies ignored Sony Trinitron coming along. Drat, same as our old auto industry. A couple relatives had among the later of the solid middle class worker careers at GM.

Different world now, Stewee. My kids will work later than I did as they might mind their Ps & Qs about their 401Ks. Did the best we could with our 4 kids. Thankfully raising kids isn't a science or normally have legal consequences. Now I feel morally obligated to help the grandkids learn reality of their world by helping them with college. I don't have that much help to give. I don't envy the world they will mature within.

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Yes I think these youngins are really spoiled.What really blows me away is that I remember mom and dads first t.v. Dad installed a 40" antenna with a rotor. So everytime you changed channels you had to turn the rotor adjust the horizonal and virtical control , fine tune it. O the picture was horrible but we loved it . Now I pick up those same over the air channels in theater quality sound and picture. Its amazing . My only problem is when I go to the local Lush Budget home theater store and check out there billion dollor systems I come home and cry. It would be so nice to be rich I wouldn"t need to be in chatting with all the poor folks ha ha So nice to be old steweeeee

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