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beeping noise coming from my computer

by Becky M / July 3, 2006 10:11 PM PDT

Ever so often, I am hearing a soft beeping like some kind of alarm coming from my computer box itself...not in the speakers. It does this for a few seconds and quits.

I have a Dell 4700.Anyone know what it might be?

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Beep code?
by Willy / July 3, 2006 10:31 PM PDT

You maybe at the "theshold" of a alarm condition but is so short lived it corrects itself or falls back under the setting. Check your temp setting and then if you have it active, your "bios monitoring s/w" what it reports. This should all be explained by the manual or if on CD some help guide. usually, its a system monitor pgm. of some sort. If temp "overtemp" alarm, clean out your system case of dust bunnies, etc. to reduce heat build-up and route any cables&harness for bertter air circulation.

Next, you have your sound or audio card too close to a noisy RFI source. When the beep sound or similar appaears again, try moving the mouse alot, if this increases the noise(beep), audio setting is too high, reduce.

There are other sources for "beep codes", thus when it happens, write what if any beep sequence is repeated as a clue to the beep code. The beeps can be interpeted by the bios beep code from the manufacturer or vendor if under warranty as probable cause.

tada -----Willy Happy

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by Becky M / July 3, 2006 10:40 PM PDT
In reply to: Beep code?

Thanks! I will try all that you mentioned. Was leaning toward the heat thing...I have cats. I regularly opened my old puter and kept the fan clean, etc., but for the life of me cannot figure out how to open this case. My old one was just a matter of a few screws. Called Dell and got some guy who could hardly speak English, so just gave up on that route.

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Quick ideas
by Willy / July 4, 2006 2:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Willy

The sure way in order to open case is to visit the Dell suppport website. Find your model# and proceed to check "how to replace a HD" that way the instructions for opening case is included. Dell does it differently on various models, but you *may* have a large button(purple/green) on back, depress it and slide outer case back. Once inside case some Dell models you'll find a plastic hood or such over the cpu, the better to cool it, grasp it and remove or slide/pull/lift back to clean cpu area. Hope this helps, but use common sense in all this.

tada -----Willy Happy

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My experience with beeping
by Kat4547 / July 8, 2006 12:15 AM PDT
In reply to: Beep code?

I recently went through a beeping episode with my Dell Dimension 2400. It started to beep once in a while, pretty much like yours is doing now, but the beeps kept increasing until they became so bad you couldn't stay in the same room with the computer without going nuts! Tried absolutely everything I could think of from checking hardware profiles to running 5 or 6 different spyware programs, 3 anti-virus programs, and making sure the firewall was working on a 3x a day basis. Never could find anything wrong, yet the beeping kept getting worse and worse. Got to where I could barely control the cursor with the mouse; the keyboard sometimes wouldn't work; random windows for all sorts of programs would just open themselves up on the desktop making it impossible to do anything in any of the settings because other windows kept popping up over the one I was trying to work with. It got pretty awful. I finally, after about 3 months of trying to figure this out, went out and bought a new computer. I took the 21" monitor that had been on the Dell 2400 and hooked it up to my other computer that was using a 17" monitor, and that's when I discovered what had been the problem all along...it was the monitor dying. Hooked the Dell 2400 up to my other 21" monitor and guess what? It's fine!!! No bugs, no viruses, no problems at all with it! So the beeps were warning about the monitor, but how in the world I was supposed to know what they were warning about is totally beyond me.
My advice to you is to check ALL of your hardware and peripherals on another computer one at a time and see if you get beeps.

Good luck!


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by Becky M / July 8, 2006 12:43 AM PDT

Unfortunately, this is my only system. There are letters on the back of the computer that are supposed to be green. I noticed the other day that one was a red/orange...it was the letter D. I mentioned that to the tech this morning and realize now that he never did comment on it. Need to research what that letter indicates, too. Possibly the monitor?

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by Becky M / July 8, 2006 12:46 AM PDT
In reply to: Beep code?

The beep code is in a sequence of 2 beeps.

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I like your Reply on the codes
by islandporgy / July 11, 2006 2:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Beep code?

When I built my first computer I read a lot about the beap codes.
The first one I learned about was When I first booted up on my new system. If I got one beep all my case leads to the MB were correct, and I could go on from there. Every time I reboot or turn on my computer I get that one Beep.
If I got more then one beep on first reboot I had a lead problem.
There or other beep codes that let you know there is somthing wrong with My computer.

Thank You for the info you gave:

Wendell H

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my computer is beeping
by santomaso28 / December 17, 2010 8:42 PM PST
In reply to: Beep code?

hey there is a beeping noise coming from my computer i keep it on for 10min and it does not come on it just keeps beeping. My dad had is brother put it together so what can i do about the beeping.

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This to a 2006 discussion.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 18, 2010 12:58 AM PST
In reply to: my computer is beeping

Hides your plea for help.

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Agree .most likely a heat warning. To check
by VAPCMD / July 4, 2006 8:56 AM PDT

download and install "Speedfan". It'll help you get a sense of the system temps now and anytime thereafter.

Let us know.


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by Becky M / July 4, 2006 10:43 PM PDT

Thank you...just what I needed! It's showed 118F when I first downloaded the program and down to 111F this morning. I went online with Dell chat...don't have patience to talk with those people on the phone...and he told me the temp should run between 60 and 110F.

He gave me instructions on how to do a diagnostic just on the fan from the startup and it passed just now. He told me to continue to monitor the temp, count the beeps and run the diagnostic in the middle of the beeps if possible.

I feel better, but cautious.

Thanks to everyone!

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by StCastle / July 6, 2006 11:27 PM PDT
In reply to: VAPCMD


I have the same kind of beeping problem...could you wrtie down on this forum how to do the diagnostic like the Dell guy explained you?


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by Becky M / July 7, 2006 9:08 PM PDT
In reply to: diagnostic

Sorry I didn't back sooner. These instructions are for Dell computers only:

Restart your system and press F12 whwn the blue Dell screen comes up.

You'll see an option that says "boot to utility partition". Please select this option and press enter.

You would then get the screen that says Express Test, Extended Test, Custom Test and Symptom tree...choose Symptom Tree.

From the list please choose, "Problems with fan or System seems hot." Click on Run Test.

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the bazaar
by Becky M / July 7, 2006 11:06 PM PDT
In reply to: diagnostic

I am not convinced that this diagnostic is accurate as the temp went up to 126F, beeps started and the diagnostic passed it in the middle of it. I am online with them now and will report other findings.

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by Becky M / July 8, 2006 12:34 AM PDT
In reply to: diagnostic

Okay, here is the actual conversation...some of it is pretty funny...


07/08/2006 08:28:05AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "There is a feature called hyperthreading, I will give you steps to turn it off as it helps in cooling down the system."

07/08/2006 08:28:54AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "I'm sorry, I don't understand...could you explain further?"

07/08/2006 08:29:07AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Sure."

07/08/2006 08:29:53AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Becky, the temperature will *** down if we turn off the hyperthreading."

07/08/2006 08:30:25AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "okay...why is the hyperthreading even there if it causes problems?"

07/08/2006 08:31:30AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "by the way, *** should be spelled come...*** is not a very nice word in English"

07/08/2006 08:32:03AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "just helping you out...no offense intended"

07/08/2006 08:32:06AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "I am sorry for the typo error."

07/08/2006 08:32:28AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "no prob"

07/08/2006 08:35:09AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Becky, since the system is too hot to touch when it goes hot, I will consult to replace this system for you."

07/08/2006 08:36:27AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "what happened to turning off the hyperthreading? Is replacing absolutely necessary as my hard drive is too full of info to lose it"

07/08/2006 08:40:16AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Becky, let me give you the steps to turn off the hyperthreading as if simple step can take care of this issue then I will not recommend you to backing up the data and it will take lot of time and efforts."

07/08/2006 08:41:15AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "okay...if that doesn't work, we can then talk about a new system."

07/08/2006 08:42:04AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "can I find info about hyperthreading on your site?"

07/08/2006 08:42:42AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "I will give you steps for the same."

07/08/2006 08:43:01AM BECKY MCMULLEN: "thank you"

07/08/2006 08:47:02AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Restart the Computer and as soon as you see the Dell Logo Screen (The very first screen that comes up) start tapping "F2" Key."

07/08/2006 08:49:29AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Click on performance on the left hand side and highlight hyperthreading and turn it off."

07/08/2006 08:50:17AM Agent (Nidhi_01105620): "Hit escape and save the changes and exit."


I did all of the above, but the hyperthreading is off by default so no changes were necessary. I then went back in and turned the hyperthreading on to see if perhaps he made a typo and to see if it made a difference in the temperature. It raised the temp almost immediately.

He never did tell me the importance/definition of hyperthreading so don't know its function or whatever or a link on the Dell site to see what it is, so that's my next step.

Bottom line is it looks like they will be replacing the computer, but I'm assuming that it will be a refurbished one. Anybody know?

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by StCastle / July 8, 2006 12:46 AM PDT
In reply to: thebazaar

Thank you very much Becky, unfortunatly my computer isn't a Dell...so I assume that this strategy won't fit my computer...I'm just hoping that the sounds are not signaling something terrible in my computer....such as replace the motherboard or you'll lose everything...anyway backups are just ready to go;)!

Thanks again!

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Becky M....exactly what CPU is in your system ??
by VAPCMD / July 9, 2006 5:03 AM PDT
In reply to: thebazaar

If not 100% sure....download/run CPUZ....it'll tell you exactly what CPU is installed in your system. Be interesting to see what Intel shows as the thermal operating temps and limits are of your CPU. Many systems have CPU Temp warning options where the user can go into the BIOS and set CPU TEMP WARNING THRESHHOLD. So if you set the TEMP warning at 90F and the CPU runs normally at 120F, it'll beep all the time. Alternatively if you set it at 150F, it will rarely or never beep. If Intel says the max CPU temp is 170F...then 150F might be OK for most situations.


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by Becky M / July 9, 2006 7:39 AM PDT

Man, now this kind of stuff is over my head. It looks like I have 2 (two) Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz in Slot #1 and Slot #3. The processor name is Intel Pentium 4.530. Core speed 2992.4, Multiplier x15.0, FSB 199MHz, Bus speed 798.0 MHz

Greek for sure!

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Intel 530 CPU
by VAPCMD / July 9, 2006 3:01 PM PDT
In reply to: VAPCMD

Here's the spec on the Intel 530 CPU...max temp looks like it's about 155 degree F: Thats more in the range I thought might be the max. Sure about having two processors ... slots usually refer to RAM.

sSpec Number: SL7KK
CPU Speed: 3 GHz
PCG: 04A
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Bus/Core Ratio: 15
L2 Cache Size: 1 MB
L2 Cache Speed: 3 GHz
Package Type: LGA 775
Manufacturing Technology: 90 nm
Core Stepping: D0
CPUID String: 0F34h
Thermal Design Power: 84W
Thermal Specification: 67.7

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cpuz results
by Becky M / July 9, 2006 6:58 PM PDT
In reply to: Intel 530 CPU

I don't know why I didn't do this first...screenshots


Yes, it was the memory I was looking at re 2 processors. My bad.

Don't see anything that says CORE voltage...just the voltage. Is that the same thing? Looks a lot different.

So looks like I'm in temperature range according to Intel, but the figures Dell gave me were between 60F-110F


Okay, I did the verification thing and this is what came back. The ''Freq'' is in red if that means anything.

CPU : Intel Pentium 4 530 (*1)
CPU PSN : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
CPU Cache : L1 : 12/16 KB - L2 : 1024 KB
Core : Prescott (90 nm) / 0xF34 / D0
Freq : 2992.48 MHz (199.5 * 15)
MB Brand : Dell Inc.
MB Model : 0M3918
NB : Intel i915P/i915G rev B1
SB : Intel 82801FB (ICH6) rev 03
RAM Size : 512 MB
RAM Freq : 199.5 MHz
RAM Type : DDR2-SDRAM Dual Channel
RAM Ratio : 1:1
RAM Timings : 3-3-3-8
Slot 1 : 256MB (PC3200)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : Samsung
Slot 2 : 256MB (PC3200)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : Samsung

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Is this something to consider?
by Becky M / July 9, 2006 8:29 PM PDT
In reply to: cpuz results

Is there a temperature in my house that I should maintain?

Should I shut down my computer when I'm not using it?

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On or Off...and TEMPs
by VAPCMD / July 9, 2006 11:40 PM PDT

Q: Is there a temperature in my house that I should maintain?

Generally speaking...just the temp you're comfortable with.

Q: Should I shut down my computer when I'm not using it?

Personally my PC is connected to a hefty UPS, inside house temp 75F or less and I leave my PC on 24-7. Turning it in and off many times per day probably stresses the components greater than leaving it running with monitor going to sleep after 15-20 minutes.

But if you leave your house open and the temp rises to say 100C where the PC is located...that usually causes the temp in the PC to rise too. If you can stand the higher temp...see how much it affects the PC thru say Speedfan or similar.


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Re: On or Off...and TEMPs
by Becky M / July 10, 2006 5:47 PM PDT
In reply to: On or Off...and TEMPs

Pretty much what I expected, but was grasping at a straw, so to speak. My pc also runs 24/7 with house temp between 75-78F. Will do some experimenting there. Thanks for all your time and help!


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(NT) (NT) U R Welcome...keep us posted.
by VAPCMD / July 10, 2006 10:41 PM PDT
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by Jennimu1001 / October 10, 2016 10:50 AM PDT

My computer is a Asus , sonic master
It makes a beeping sound and a sound that's like an alarm .the both sounds come up at the same time and sometimes it stops but then comes back up I don't know who do can someone help me

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It's been a decade.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / October 10, 2016 11:11 AM PDT
In reply to: Help

And if the old answers are not playing out for you, start with a fresh new post with full model numbers, age so folk can add a new idea.

This old thread is now closed.

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I thought it was just HP
by gbear1970 / July 10, 2006 2:23 PM PDT
In reply to: thebazaar

Your conversation sounds like what I have been through with HP. If so, forget a new computer, forget anything but more of the same. I bought a new HP Pavilion last October. It has had 3 complete harddrive failures since then. I have had 3 hard drives in it. The last time I demand a new computer. I finally was able to "chat live" via the Internet with someone who actually spoke English. HP's best offer was to not charge me for a tech installing the new harddrive and for the running a complete check on all circuitry, connection, etc. Tech came to house. Stuck in the harddrive, started loading the 12 disks it takes to load the crap they have on their harddrive. Oops! It failed to load right! He calls some mysterious number, is told to bypass something and he begins to reload the disks again. At disk 3 out of 12 he says he has to leave and for me to just go ahead and finish loading them. He checked anything. I installed the first two harddrive replacements. I now have a lovely HP doorstop. I have let it sit for a month because although I had all data backed up, it took a day to load the HP junk. Then I have a day or two reloading and resetting all my old programs before I can reload data. I have spent weeks trying to find a way to reach a higher up to talk to. The CEO says it will be looked into. Yeah, there is a whole web site of what she is not looking into.

Try my latest method. I am posting my problems on every web site I can find that deals with computers. Maybe someone from HP will read it and care enough to do something about it. You know, like Microsoft cares Happy

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by kaviraj123 / March 29, 2013 5:22 AM PDT

i had this and i realized it was facebook notifying me whenever someone posted...

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