Been having audio problem for some 5 years. tried two different tv's and 2 stereos, but still happens time to time..currently using Pansonic viera plasma, bose ascoustimate 5 speakers with sub woofer all going into a pioneer elite 5.1 stereo receiver... This problem only happen with the TV. not the apple tv or PS-3..or VCR.... Here's the issue....the sound cuts out from time to time...raising the volume with the remote will temp correct it....the crazy part is.....if i'm watching some thing with a sound track (music) the talking part cuts out while the music continues to play but at a somewhat lower volume... No i'm old and half deaf, but even i know this is not normal..any help would be appreciated..

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Clarification Request
happens with cable or sat box?

If so, this in not unusual for an audio feed to be disrupted/volume levels varying with certain channels @ certain times/during certain types of feeds (e.g. DD5.1 vs matrixed surround, etc.). As much as I complain about Comcast (for example), I still eventually find something else to complain about Wink

Have you considered swapping out your cable or sat box just to see what happens?

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thanks for your input.....I have Fios, it's happened when i had comcast also.. It even happens when i replay the "effective area" on my it doesn't matter if i'm watching live or on DVR, same problem.. Again this is not a channel sound difference issue. Sound will go down to a whisper during a show while music still plays...Once i raise the volume to the highest level possible, the sound returns, which allows me to return to a more normal level....i've also switched HMDI cables and optical cables....i'd pull out my hair, but i lost that years ago..

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OK. Sounds like you have narrowed down the issue

You say it happened with Comcast too. That leads me to blame your Pioneer receiver, since it's the only static component there sending out audio to the speakers/switching HDMI signals, etc. Swap that out with something else and see if it improves the situation. (Amazon has a relatively liberal return policy IME for just such a need, btw.)

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THANKS FOR your input.....The pioneer (which is about 4 years old) is the 2nd receiver i have tried...So that's 2 tv's, 2 receivers, 2 cable companies......The only thing left which is common to all is my Bose system or the bandwidth that actually enters my house. Is it not consistent......I guess if it happens again, and i have it on DVR so it keeps repeating, i could turn off the receiver and use the TV speakers and listen to what i hear then That might cut down my options a little more..... Just thinking out loud...Once again. i appreciate your help on this...

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Yes, could be Bose too

I would definitely test the TV speakers and another brand of surrounds if possible.

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No sound

Actually hoping the sound goes off to test my theory...I'll let you know with another post...Thanks again.

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