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BD-P3600 tv doesn't recognize player - stuck in "LOAD"

I purchased the blu-ray a couple of months ago (8/09). Finally just got around to hooking it up (12/17). I also bought a new samsung series 6 tv. Everything was working perfectly and looked amazing! Then...NOTHING....

When I set the system up last week, it automatically saw that the firmware needed updating so I did.I was watching movies via netflix and blockbuster without any issues. YouTube and Pandora were fine. My own bluRay disks were playing with any issues.

This morning I ejected the disk out and wanted to listen to pandora and now the blu-ray just says "LOAD" and the tv can't "connect" to the blu-ray. When I have the tv on blu-ray it's all pixelated or static.

When the blu-ray is on, I only get "ON" OFF" or LOAD on the front of the players panel. I switched out HDMI cables, powered everything off and restarted and still it's not connecting. I downloaded the firmware to a CD - thinking maybe I can just re-load that but the player doesn't even recognize that a disk has been inserted. It's like it died.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Reporting: BD-P3600 tv doesn't recognize player - stuck in "LOAD"
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I've had the same problem with my 3600. I will be sending it into samsung within the next couple days. If you search through these forums you will find a ton of threads with the exact same problem as you describe. Its a defect with the player, and we will have to pay for the labor to fix it. Isnt that GREAT customer service!!! You can get a new 3600 for $199. How much do you think it will cost to ship, fix and return ship this thing? Samsung is not worth the hassle.

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I hate to say it, but Mike is right. You are SOL. You are better off seeing if the retailer will take it back. If not, contact your credit card company.

Samsung's Service center, CVE inc, has had my player for over a month now waiting for parts.

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Not my week

Maybe I will contact american express. That's how I paid for it. Woke up this morning and someone stole my scooter. This is just NOT my week!

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Sorry Dude!!

Rough Week man!

American Express should be able to handle this better.. I wouldn't trust Samsung if I were you.

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best buy

do you think i should try to return it to best buy? It's past the warranty - by 6 weeks!!! I have been reading forums for days and HAVE noticed this being a problem with no resolution. I just can't believe it - i dropped over $3000 between the new tv and player. Why haven't they addressed this issue? Seems like a major *F* up....


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You had it less than a year.. It is still under warranty.

Honestly, I would see if Best Buy would take it back. I doubt you will have any luck working with Samsung.

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Sorry for calling you dude... My bad...

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I Hear You

I realize that things happen. Once in awhile you get a defect. It is what it is. No one is perfect.

The thing that troubles me is the fact that Samsung has had mine for over a month now with no resolution in the near future.

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Samsung ???

I will send the player to Samsung service center tomorrow.

If they asked me to pay for the fix, I will ask them to send back to me and I will trash it and then stay away from Samsung in live time.

Seems to me this is clearly Samsung product defect! Of course, does it have the right to do business like this in US??? where can we complain about it, other than just mentioning this in forums??

I only watched a few movies since I owned it, but it has been passed labor warrant period. Will see and keep it update!

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Samsung solved!

Here is my long story:
The player stuck in "Lording" mode in last Nov.
The player was sent to Samsung repair center.
I received it back in last Dec. but the player could not play Youtube.
The player was sent to repair center again, they said the player could play YouTube, so they returned it to me again.
It was true the player could play YouTube as they said, but it only played for 2 hours. So I called them again and again!
The player was sent to repair center third times. They said the player could not be repaired any more! So they sent me a brand new BD-C6500 instead as BD-3600 is no longer in production. Unfortunately, the new one could not detect any wireless signal!! Again called n-times and sent it back to Samsung and I received a refurbished one on yesterday (3/7/2011). So far, this one seems working.

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Samsung: Pleas fix it!

My Samsung BD3600 player had shipped to its repair center twice within the last a month. Though they fixed the "can not reset issue", the new issue occurred.
The player no longer can view youtube. You can see the youtube video lists but can not play any of them. The samsung repair person said you should reset time before you can play youtube video. It only worked for a few works, then the player could not view youtube again even you reset the time!

Samsung, why did you make the so tough product for customers?

I will stay away any of samsung products in the future!

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Piece of Junk

I have the same problem as you do and I refuse to pay $50 to get it fixed. My days of buying Samsung products are over. If there is a clss action suit I will be the first one to join. I wish I had did more research before buying this junk and read the fine-print in their so-called warranty.

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