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bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update

I just installed the new v2.09 in canada, from website. now my player won't play avcd anymore. samsung informed me that because i installed a update it may brake my box and that the warrenty in now void. I just want to put v2.07 back, can someone provide a link fo it. thanks

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bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update

In reply to: bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update


Do you have a transaction number from your call? If not, please try to call back and explain your situation. If they're not able to assist, ask for a transaction number and post it here.

I'll see if we can assist.


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How I downgraded

In reply to: bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update

Last night after talking to the Samsung 'Help' chat person (who was no help). I figured out how to downgrade the firmware even though that was deemed to be impossible by Samsung.

First I with the unit on and no disc, I held down the FF for 5 seconds until the language menu shows up. Then hit 1. Then I put a USB thumb drive with the 2.07 firmware in it in the player. (I got the firmware here ). It ran through the install process and then all the discs that the 2.09 firmware killed started working just fine. Hope this help others and prevents you from having to send your player in for a $150 service that appears to be unneeded. This was on a BD-P3600.

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WOW.. Just Wow. Defend this one, Samsung.

In reply to: How I downgraded

Vicky K: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?

james: Hi, has anyone reported problems with the BD-P1600 playing Warner Bros discs after the latest Firmware update?

Vicky K: As of now we have no reported issue with BD-P1600 player with the disc.

james: I've reported it myself four times.

james: So that's good to know that it's not being looked into.

Vicky K: Thanks for holding.

Vicky K: Sorry for the typo.

james: That wasn't a typo. That was a lie.

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Customer Service

In reply to: WOW.. Just Wow. Defend this one, Samsung.


Customer service is there to assist in setting up your system, or troubleshooting your unit or setting it up for service if it needs it. They also collect information, as do I.

We willingly participate in an open forum that we don't control. As it is, in my opinion, we're already being more proactive and willing to take public praise and criticism and provide a "collective snapshot" of ANY issue, at least arguably more than most companies within our industry would. In turn, we also provide a place to answer questions and in many cases, provide solutions and listen to our customers.

I understand that there's an issue, and I've not denied that people are having trouble. This is being looked into, and I've personally submitted information to see that it does.

I understand what motivated the conversation, and the subsequent posting. You're frustrated, and there are others who are too. I'm doing everything I can to satisfy those affected in the shortest amount of time possible.


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In reply to: Customer Service

A big part of my issue is the denial by customer service that a problem exists (the times I have contacted customer service they have told me that they have never heard of the issue) and the only solution offered is to send in a unit that, other than a 'bad' firmware, works perfectly and being told that it cost $150 dollars to send it in.

I was also told that it is not possible to 'rollback' or to install an earlier firmware, this also is not true. I have done it and it fixed my player.

If when I contacted customer service I was told yes we are aware and we anticipate a new (hopefully better) firmware in X days, that would have been fine an would have ended the chat.

People get upset because they feel they are being lied to and treated poorly. You have to control a customers expectations. I appreciate that you monitor these boards but it has to be done in an official capacity and you have to have some power to help people or you just become a target for their frustrations.

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In reply to: Denial


I appreciate the response.

I think somewhere I may have responded to someone who had a firmware issue, and ended up advising them to service the unit, which I only do when units are "bricked" or are stuck with a "Load" indicator on the screen and a reset yields no results.

If that's the case, I was wrong and I apologize for the confusion. If only certain titles won't play, then it's a DRM issue with the firmware and the firmware has to be released to fix that. Hopefully that in and of itself may clear up some confusion.

But that said, even if people require a service as a result of a bad firmware process (or upgrades gone wrong), I try to help out by having someone in service review the case and see if a discount or fee waive is appropriate. So while I don't have the ultimate control that people (or I, heh) would necessarily want me to have, I'm not exactly a silent observer either. But if it is needed, I do like to help out when I can.

I don't have an ETA for a new version of firmware. I wish I had a direct line, but I don't.

The problem with downgrading units is that they usually revert to a problem prior to the current problem, and I don't want to see people going back to the same problem that prompted the next upgrade. From my perspective, doing so will bring back "Avatar doesn't work" complaints, and the customer is in the same (or worse) situation after spending a lot of time downloading the firmware, burning it to a disc or thumbdrive, and downgrading their units. In your case, that didn't happen. But I don't know if that's always the case, and I'm not willing to bet your (or anyone's) unit that this is always a blanket solution until I know for sure.

If I was to ever suggest that people downgrade to v.2.09 in the future if a firmware didn't have playback compatibility with every disc, I can only imagine that the response to such advice would be met with negativity and criticism, and deservedly so. So I don't do it now either.

I hope that clears up some issues and gives a little perspective. As soon as I get a firmware update, I'll be happy to post an announcement.


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In reply to: Denial

Thanks for your response. I didn't see your post about sending service. I was remarking on the CS person said that was all I could do to get the movies that don't work to work was to spend $150 and send my unit in to get fixed.

I also appreciate that most users will not be willing or able to downgrade easily, I am just glad I able to so I could watch The Hangover Happy

thanks for you time on the boards, it does help.

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most other companies

In reply to: Customer Service

Would have done some basic QA before releasing a firmware update that causes a problem of this magnatude. And if they did, they would have corrected it immediately or at LEAST pulled the new firmware and given official instructions on how to downgrade. I highly doubt I'll ever buy another piece of Samsung consumer electronics after seeing how this is unfolding. Luckily I have a quality manufactured (and supported) Sony PS3 to play my Warner discs on in the meantime.

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Transaction number

In reply to: bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update

I called in yesterday but because I had sent the Netflixs disk back I could not complete the requested actions and they refured to open a case as they claimed there was "no problems known with Warners Brothers discs".

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How I fixed it

In reply to: bd-p1600 need old v2.07 update

I have had the same problem...Warner Brothers disks (3 different ones) freeze before they get to the main feature.

I appreciate the help provided in this forum by HDTech. I also realize the position he's in not being able to recommend downgrading. With that in mind, I will describe how I downgraded.

I found the v2.08 firmware by Googling "bev2.08". It may not be available there indefinitely, but it's there as of this writing from a domain called mediafire.

I put the update on a USB drive and installed it. I first tried to reset to factory settings, but I'm not sure that was needed because it didn't seem to reset anything. However, when it read the USB drive, it told me new firmware was available (v2.08), listing the current (old) firmware as v2.09. After the "upgrade" (downgrade) "The Book of Eli" now works.

I take no responsibility for your results if you try this. I merely tell you that it worked for me.

Good luck

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How I fixed it

In reply to: How I fixed it


MediaFire is a storage facility for anyone to upload.

I'm not saying not to do it, but be careful. You could potentially download any file, and doing so based on a filename can be dangerous.

I'm happy to hear it worked out, though.


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samsung update

In reply to: How I fixed it

i just watched the book of eli on blu ray yesterday with the 2.09 update with no problems, though terminator 2 will not play anymore, along with terminator salvation or sherlock holmes. i did notice this, changing the settings from 1080p and 24 fps to off and only running in 720p mode will allow certain disks to play when this problem happens, im starting to wonder if this machine is having trouble with the highest video quality settings.

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Need more clarity

In reply to: How I fixed it

I just got off the phone with SamSung and they claim they know KNOWING about Warner Brother's disc's locking up when attempting to load the main content. We have had this on two discs.

One was a DVD and the other a BluRay. In both we say the coming attactions stuff and everything esle they were selling. Then a little animation of a disck at a 45% angle with a spinning red stripe is displayed. At some point it just stops spinning and the unit is locked up. This only happens on the BD-P1600. A Samsung home theater unit I have in another room plays these things fine.

We are running the 2.09 code and when we check the update section is says it is the most current.

As Samsung is lying through their teeth when the tell me they don't know about this... I will try the beta code. If Samsung is reading this, I suggest a little humility and some real honesty and a real answer from the manufacturer.

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In reply to: Need more clarity

I meant know NOTHING

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yet another victim

In reply to: correction

I, too have a bd-p1590, however I purchased mine from in refurbished condition. It worked great... until that v2.09 update. I made a service request some time ago (#4006767637) but before sending it, I had to call to renew the request, as I took longer than a week to make time to send it in (c'mon, I work a day job!). During the call for the renewal, I was sent to the "executive customer service" to inquire about an extension of the warranty, as it turns out the original request was out of warranty, too, though I was originally informed otherwise. No amount of arguing the situation resulted in any additional help with the issue.

To get to the main point of this reply to this thread, I feel very sore that Samsung sent out poor firmware that killed my unit. Samsung has posted nothing about the known issue in the news/alerts. Samsung has offered no direct support on their main site for support of a known issue that has affected at least hundreds, if not thousands of people. The only way to fix the product THEY broke is to pay $120 to have them ATTEMPT to fix it.

IF there is ANY way I can fix this myself, as other seem to have via rolling back the firmware, PLEASE indulge me! The argument was made that rolling back the firmware will roll back to a previous problem, but that argument is invalid, as the current firmware will not let the unit work AT ALL, and the previous firmware worked perfectly for what I used it for... Please help me with this issue!

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yet another victim

In reply to: yet another victim


I've sent up a request to have your case reviewed. Please let me know if you hear back.


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Hey what about me

In reply to: yet another victim

Hey I spent money on ticket 4006551398 to fix a new Blue Ray player I have had less than a year that stopped working. I got back this player that will not play Warner Brother diskcs and all I get it double talk.

Not cool

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I am having exactly the same problems!

In reply to: yet another victim

Listed below is my recent Samsung Live Chat [ another 45 minutes wasted(please forgive my typing errors):
Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Serena'

Serena: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?

lois pollard: Hello, My samsung blu ray player will not play certain universal discs

Serena: Could you please provide me with the model number of your player?

lois pollard: I receive bluray discs from Netflicks and around 1/2 will not play. i have re-updated, re-set my player etc and called for techinical assistance many times.

lois pollard: BD-P3600 purchased this year

Serena: What is the error message you see on the screen while you try playing the discs?

lois pollard: I was told by your techbuical assistance departmenbt that because some bluray discs play it is not a problem with my player?

lois pollard: They will not play past eiter the studio intro or preview modes. Tehn player gets stuck and will not respond to stop, open etc. shows "0" in play mode. i have to turn it off. This seems to happen with univesal studio discs after the May 2010 update.

lois pollard: No teschnical error is given - screen goes blank.

Serena: Thank you for the information.

Serena: Please allow me to go through the inquiry.

lois pollard: I have called the technical assitance depatment several times and i was told it was being investigated and i would receive an email. No email received concerning this problem yet!

Serena: Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you regarding this issue.

Serena: Please confirm me whether the Blu ray player is updated with the latest fimware version or not.

lois pollard: yes, t redid this over 5 times! First time via internet connect to TV, then using a usb = it is showing the latest firmware and i went over this with a technical support supervicor each time.

lois pollard: I have spent over 8 hours devoted to doing this!

lois pollard: I was told i would have to wait until future updates are available to correct the problem?

Serena: Could you please give me the version which is updated on your player? I just want to check if your player has the latest firmware version.

lois pollard: I do not have the tv on -it is the same as listed on your update page released in May 2010.

lois pollard: Are you aware of universal disc problems?

lois pollard: After 8 hours and a purchase of a usb device , i have no time left to re-do or go over this again.

lois pollard: The update is the latest

Serena: Yes,I am aware of universal disc problems.

lois pollard: So others are having this problem also? Is anything being done?

Serena: Could you please give me a minute, while I gather the information for you?

lois pollard: Will a new update be released or will universal be correcting their security codes?

lois pollard: yes, will wait.

Serena: Thank you.

Serena: Thank you for being on hold.

lois pollard: ok

Serena: I understand your concern. But, currently there is no updated version for the BD-P3600 player.

lois pollard: why won;y iniversal discs play after the update?

Serena: Our development team is working on it and the firmware will be released sooner.

Serena: It depends on the compatibility of the discs.

lois pollard: All discs worked in my player prior to May update!

Serena: In this case, I would recommend you to reset your Bluray player.

lois pollard: I ask if it is possible to roll back the firmware to an earlier date/update version? I have reset the player with technical assistance on the phone over 5 times! The re-set did nothing to help the problem. I have devoted probably 24 hours total to trying to resolve this problem.

Serena: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Serena: In this case I suggest you to wait for the next firmware release.

Serena: Our development team is working on this to release the updated firmware release soon to fix the play back issues with the all the new Blu-ray movie titiles.

Serena: *titles.

Serena: I hope this should fix all the issues.

lois pollard: This is obviously a problem with the recent update from May 2010. I did everything as directed exactly, the update finished correctly, no power outages, turning off tv etc. then the problems started. Then I started re-doing the recent update, by cd, didn' correct problem, usb redid several times did not correct the problem. Others on the internet are having exactly the same issues as me since the May update. Waiting for the nect firmware which has no releae date means that my bluray player is no functioning as it is supposed to due to Samsung updates. That is not fair to me to be told "wait" how can I fgo back th=o the previous update version when everyting worked as it should?

Serena: I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to reload the previous firmware once it's updated.

lois pollard: So my blyray plater doesn't work as advertised! The update should be very, very soon or Samsung should replce my player. The update caused it not to function which you are aware of happening obviously with many other players.

lois pollard: Is there a repair for this problem?

Serena: I will be right with you.

Serena: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

lois pollard: Annoying previews that can not be skipped straight to disc menus (another glitch?) play fine, the disc loading spinning icon before the disc menu loads ends up freezing after maybe 15 seconds of spinning and the remote is unresponsive and the only button that works for me is the power button on my BDP3600 player. Resetting with the FF button didn't fix a thing.

Serena: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Serena: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Serena: For the issue you're describing, I recommend to contact our Tier2 department at 800-726-7864 and they are available from 9:00am - 9:00pm Eastern, Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 7:00pm Eastern, Saturday and Sunday. This will allow us to provide you with better, more expedient service.

lois pollard: I have alreadybeen there and there no solution at Tier 2!

lois pollard: The Samsung Forum on Cnet has loads of other people having the same identical problem that I am having with their BD-P3600 bluray players and the May 2010 update, with no resolution from Samsung!

Serena: I will be right with you.

Serena: I am sorry to inform you that We are into tier 1 support and we will not be able to provide any further assistance on this issue. you need to contact tier 2 so that they will assist you further regarding your issue.

lois pollard: I have already done that and was told to wait! Please read my transcript here!

Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

Serena: Could you please hold on, while I talk to my supervisor and see what else I can do?

lois pollard: ok

Serena: Thank you.

Serena: Thank you for being on hold.

Serena: I contacted with my supervisor and I am sorry to inform you that we only have tier 1 support here and will not be able to provide any further assistance.

lois pollard: Can you forward my transcriopt here to tier 2 and have them contact me please?

Serena: I am sorry to inform you that we do not have the facility of arranging a callback, as we are into LIVE chat. You need to contact the phone support for any further assistance.

lois pollard: you can not email my transcript to a higher level?

Serena: I am afraid we cannot do that. However, you can copy this chat transcript and email it to the higher level.

lois pollard: do you have the correct email address for me to sen it?

Serena: I am sorry. I did not mean higher level. I meant to say your E-mail ID.

Serena: You can just inform them on what has been done on the chat

Serena: You will have a E-mailk button in the chat window.

Serena: Click on it to get the chat E-mailed.

lois pollard: Do you have an email address to send this correspondance?

lois pollard: I need a valid samsung email technical assistance address!

Serena: You can send the E-mail to level -1 technical support only. We do not have E-mail support for Tier -2.

Serena: If you wish I can provide the link to send the e-mail to level -1 e-mail support

lois pollard: will this help me at all?

lois pollard: If you are level one but you are referring me to level two but you don't have information how to send this long time spent conversing with you here transcription to level 2? That's not very efficient or helpful for me?

lois pollard: I can't take it any more, this is also not helping to resolve my Samsung issues cuased by Samsungs May 2010 update. Thank you for your help.

Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

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Thank You

In reply to: yet another victim

Though "executive customer service" assured me there was nothing else that could be done, I felt these forums to be my last ditch effort to at least get some solid acknowledgment from Samsung of this problem and a solid solution. I appreciate your efforts, even if they turn up negative.

I do have to say that Samsung has a great customer service response team at all levels. However, I feel that your ability to actually resolve anything seems to be stifled by the absurdly rigid "policies" put in place by your parent company.

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no response yet...

In reply to: yet another victim

Samsung HD Tech,

Still no response from anybody... anything on your end? I may try to roll back the firmware anyway, since it is just sitting there doing nothing.

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no response yet...

In reply to: no response yet...


The firmware on the website has been replaced with the version prior to 2.09. Please check the website to find the most recent firmware available there for rolling back.

I apologize for the inconvenience to you and everyone else experiencing this issue, but would like to offer that in the meantime while we test further.


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Did you read message 10?

In reply to: yet another victim

Did you read message 10 in this thread where I detailed how I solved the problem?

It's called "How I fixed it". Please indulge me by accepting the answer to your question before you asked it.

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not te same problem, but I did try it

In reply to: Did you read message 10?

I did notice your post, which is why I am asking for a tech to submit a previous firmware release for my bd-p1590. I do not have any of the problems you describe, nor did you post which player model you have, nor is 2.08 the previous firmware version (based on what I have researched so far, anyway). The firmware version I am looking for is either 1.04 (as far as I know this was released before 2.09 for the 1590), or 2.02, the one before that.

I am glad you were able to resolve your problem, and I hope to do the same for myself. If you happen to find anything on previous firmware for the 1590, please post it here and all will be most pleased, I am sure!

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Thanks Eidco!

In reply to: How I fixed it

I followed what Edico did and had a very happy family tonight as we FINALLY got to watch "The Book of Eli."
My son will be happy to see "The Hangover" again also.

Thanks to Eidco with this straight-to-the-point fix (at least for now!) It is not very likely I'll be buying another Samsung player after this complete lack of customer support!

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Couldn't downgrade per eidco instructions

In reply to: How I fixed it

I have a BD-P1600, and eidco's "downgrade procedure" did not seem to work for me unfortunately. Did he say what model he has?

I could not find the file on mediafire, but did find it for the BD1600 on Samsung's site at:

I would immediately say "error detected in update data, please try again" (with step 3 highlighted). However, I used a Hex editor and played around a bit, and found that if I changed the version and date stamp two places in the file from 208 to 209 and 20100319 to 20100520 (one day later than the 209 FW). The player then found a valid file to process (I assume because it now thought it was a later version of the FW) and proceeded to verify the update contents... unfortunately, it found fault during this step 1. I would assume that maybe there is some sort of checksum that didn't compute... but not sure.

Anyone know what else might needed to be edited in the file that I might have missed should it not be a checksum issue? Perhaps this file just isn't the right file for my unit?

I've been able to play Book of Eli and other's since removing my USB BD-Live stick... but not now when I tried to play Max Payne (it's not even a WB disc)

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Found issue with Max Payne - HDMI security

In reply to: Couldn't downgrade per eidco instructions

With the 2.09 FW, I cannot get past the blue movie rating after the disclaimer that appears after you select either theatrical or unedited version.. or in other words, the disc menu never appears. Locks the player except for unit's power off.

However, if I turn off my receiver (Pioneer VSX-919AH) which is connected via HDMI to the DB-P1600, it starts playing fine! I have to guess where it is, so I hit the Select button to "Play Movie", and once the next chapter hits and I see that it is skipping about right, I turned on the receiver, and it worked! If I turn on the receiver while in the menu, it locks the player. It might be the TV.. not sure how the permissions get passed to the BD player.. i.e. from receiver or passed thru from the TV. In my case, the TV is an InFocus X10 HD projector.

Hope Samsung reads this! Seems like some sort of HDMI permissions issue with some receivers or TV's when in some BD menus. This trick might help others at least watch some of the movies they can't get to.

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In reply to: Found issue with Max Payne - HDMI security

Wanted to clarify when I turn off/on my receiver... When I get to the Max Payne prompt for Theatrical vs. Unrated version, I then shut off my receiver at that time. Then click Select to choose one or the other and then wait until the counter starts again (indicating the menu is playing its animation sequence). I then click Select again to hopefully select the menu item for "play movie". Then wait until the counter starts once again and then start testing chapter skips. When the skips appear to work I turn my receiver on again and backskip to the beginning.

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My fix

In reply to: Couldn't downgrade per eidco instructions

I'm sorry, I didn't state my model number. It's the same as the thread title: BD-P1600

Here's the link I used:

The filename is:

It decompresses to:


I believe this is a U.S. version.

I'm glad it worked for at least one person. Good luck.

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Thanks for the link

In reply to: My fix

Thanks eidco for the link to the mediafire's version of the file I downloaded from Samsung. I did a file comparison, and it matches the one I downloaded... sigh. Sad FWIW, mediafire downloads a heck of a lot faster!

I wonder if there are more than one 2.09 FW's out there for the US. My unit shows it is FW BEv2.09_100519A_XAA (note the A suffix on the date stamp portion, 100519A, which indicates 2010-05-19, and Rev A perhaps?). This might explain why some units can backdown and others can't... or I'm missing a step or doing something wrong.

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a fix is on the way?

In reply to: Thanks for the link

info: Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Rocky'
Rocky: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Jason: im having trouble playing certain blu ray movies on my bdp -1600
Jason: specifically since the last firmware update
Rocky: Let me check what best can be done to resolve it.
Rocky: Let me know the firmware version on the player.
Jason: 2.09
Rocky: Okay. Lets try resetting the TV to factory defaults.
Jason: the tv?
Rocky: Sorry for the Typo error.
Rocky: Lets try resetting the player to factory defaults.
Jason: if you mean the blu ray player, ive already done that while on the phone with samsung tech support
Jason: more than once
Rocky: Okay.
Jason: is tech support aware of the problems playing discs sicne the lastest firmware update
Rocky: Let me know the titles to check it.
Jason: warmer bros and universal studios disc mostly dont play since 2.09
Rocky: The issue is with a few discs.
Jason: terminator salvation, sherlock holmes, terminator 2
Rocky: The issue will be resolved with the next firmware upgrade.
Rocky: I apologize for the inconvenience.
Rocky: The issue has been updated and are working on it.
Jason: any ides on when the next update will be
Jason: the forums are stacking up with people having this issue, if you google it
Rocky: It will be released soon as it has been updated and the development team is working on it.
Rocky: It will be released in this month as the previous update was released with in a gap of a month.
Jason: ok
Rocky: I am sorry I couldn?t help you fix the issue over the chat. However, is there anything else I might be able to assist you with?
Jason: no, thats it, thanks for letting me know the update is coming in the next month though, most of the tech support at samsung just pretends like they have never heard of this issue
Jason: and apparently it is widespread
Rocky: I'm sorry for it.
Rocky: The issue will be definitely resolved with it.
Jason: thank you Happy
Rocky: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Jason: no thats it
Rocky: Please get back to us if you face any issue following the steps. We'll be glad to assist you. We are available 24/7.
Rocky: Have a good day. Bye.
Rocky: Thank you for chatting with us. If you have a minute, please press the "close" button and fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better. Have a wonderful day!
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