Well, unfortunately, this issue has been rectified by itself.

When I got home yesterday, I put a regular blu ray into the player. I did notice that the player was on and very warm when I had definitely turned it off with the rest of my entertainment center the night before. When the player started to play, it wouldn't display video at all and the audio was skipping extremely badly. My previous 3D blu ray that I watched the night before would not play either. I restarted the player, unplugged and let sit, and reset the player back to defaults. Nothing worked. This morning I returned it and exchanged it for a Sony, which was regrettable as I liked the design and the HDMI 1.4 of the Samsung unit.

If any Samsung reps are reading this, I purchased the BD-6900 even after reading all of the horrible reviews because of the great quality I have seen from many Samsung products I have owned or purchased. I was definitely disappointed with this product. I will say that I will be more cautious and be watching for quality control problems in the future. I also am responsible for PC purchases at work and have been buying Samsung monitors for a long time. I hope these quality issues are not indicative of Samsung's future products.