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Bathroom fixture problem

I'm curious if anybody has a suggestion for this. We recently renovated our bathroom. The new shower has marble walls. The shower rod was hung higher than I would have expected, with the result that a standard 72" curtain just barely touches the edge of the shower when hung using standard hooks. IOW, it does not hang down far enough to overlap the inside edge of the shower and completely prevent water from coming under the curtain onto the floor. Unfortunately, since the rock walls are hard to repair and expensive to replace we're pretty much stuck with the odd shower rod height. We MIGHT be able to lean on the remodeler really hard and get him to replace the rock walls and hang the shower rod about 2" lower but that would have other repercussions so it's not really an acceptable option.
My wife wants to use a combination of a decorative curtain visible from outside with a shower liner that actually limits water spray so a standard curtain works for her, but we need a shower liner that hangs low enough to overlap the edge of the shower a little.
We have found curtains that are WAY too long (80+ inches) but nothing in the desired range (74-76").
Of course an obvious alternative would be to use hooks that let the curtain hang a couple of inches lower than standard hooks but we have not found any of those either.
Any thoughts about other ways to solve the problem?

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easy fix

We did away with the fixed rod and instead replaced it with a tension rod instead. Set at height we wanted. Downside is it's not very decorative. Another option would be to glue some wood decorative on each side at the level you want and install a standard rod to that instead. Just make sure the screws aren't longer than the wood is deep.

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The curtain is held up by rings, just double link more rings until the curtain bottom lowers.

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We have found curtains that are WAY too long (80+ inches) but nothing in the desired range (74-76").

Cut 4 or 6 inches off the bottom of the shower curtains..

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we use 2 rods in all the bathroom showers

One rod, the permanent one, is used for a decorative cloth curtain that hangs outside the tub. The other rod (spring loaded) is used to hold an inexpensive translucent plastic liner inside the tub.

I like this arrangement since it allows the darker curtain to be pulled back and allow more light into the tub area when someone is using the shower.

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we use both on same rod

I don't like those spring rods, prefer the tension rods that tighten up solid.

To Dr Bill; I wasn't talking about those springy rods. If using as main replacement rod you want something stronger. There are tension rods that have no springiness built into them.

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I use...

While curtains are a common sight on showers, I use a door. I replaced the curtains long ago with a door(enclosure), I mounted. These are sliding doors, but there are typical hinged doors as well. If you use the curtains still, you can mount "splash guards" on the outside walls and bottom to help retain water within the shower. As the others offered the use of a curtain rod with tension springs is good. -----Willy Happy

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My solution

would be to leave the pole that is too high and use it to put a valance on, Install second pole lower and use for shower curtain.

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A funny thing about that ...

I don't recall seeing a valance on a shower, so I tried to google some images. I saw several thumbnails but every time I tried to see the full size image my ISP blocked the picture. As best I can tell the first few images were for stores with names like bedbath or something along that line, and I'm guessing that the filter was interpreting valance as a person's name and rather aggressively blocking based on incomplete information. Stupid filter.

I had never heard of Holly Valance before, but apparently the ISP's filter had.

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(NT) Posts removed as requested.
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Mine to oldie but goodie is missing

I hope it's not the cause. Mine was a joke and not in any way meant to offend.

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it was

I thought I annoyed you so I asked them to delete all the newest, I admit, now, after thinking about it, My OCD was in full charge mode!

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I was reluctant to delete them as they looked OK to me, but when we get those requests we do our best to comply.


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Thanks Mark

Steve was right, it was more than enough Happy

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Didn't annoy me at all...was just having fun with it

As a male, I often joke the same way with my spouse about decorating calling attention to her feminine touches in a jocular fashion. I used the word "girly" and posted a link to a NASCAR linked item as being more "manly". Perhaps that was the rub. These sort of posts lose such as verbal inflections that can define the tone of what's being written. Please accept my apology if it wasn't received as I meant it.

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Steven, knowing you

as well as you can know anyone on the internet, I thought you were being your usual nice self and telling me that I was being a pita! LOL I might sometimes be too sensitive. Even if most of you don't ever see my sensitive sideHappy

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some more... You asked!!!!! LOL
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This is a good link:)
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FINALLY! I found it!!!
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That's a lot of links!

Thanks for doing some of the searching! Sometimes my ISP's blocking is unbelievable. I think I'll turn it off once the boys are both off at college, but I'll leave it in place for now despite the occasional problem.

I'll have to show my wife some of those pictures.

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(NT) It was fun:)
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Thanks, folks

Those are some interesting ideas.
I'll have to run them by my wife.

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Your computers, and now your necessary!

You're our own Joe Btfsplk, Doc. Happy

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