I remind myself blog style of my own mortality. Thank goodness i was not alone last night.

I finshed off this silly "stream of semi consciousness' bush posting posting above, took an Advil for a rare, super-hurtful headache.

I fell asleep in my chair- suddenly compelled into an can't ignore fading-out to sleep.

I'm never like that, not really.. it's hard for me to find sleep when my health is good.

Two hours later... awaknen to a terrific belly ache. It' gets so strong as to have an overlay of nausea.

debate whether to let the pain ride, or make a run to the kitched cupboard for the Pepto Bismol behind the peanut butter.

I go to the kitchen very weak and low-blood pressure-y. Peel off my pants becuase I suddenly had to shed all clothing (does that make any sense at all??no, but there was this confused desparation in my lurching, yawing against walls on the way)

Reach into the upper cabinet.... Where is that Pepto?

BANG goes shut the cabinet door as I -blacked out and fell to the floor.

I couldn't move, but only lay there...groaning.

Thank goodness i have a mate up the stairs in his room, who was shot wide awake by that slam of the cupboard door.

He came down

rescued me,

put a pillow under my head and saw me through

the prostration.

Which I think, quite surely now, was a minor case of salmonella-like food poisoning from a Chicke Grill lunch yesterday.

GO TO A DOCTOR REID you all must be saying.

I will, but only if I feel bad today. I feel much closer to fine than anything like i did when i had that crushing belly ache.

Going to a gastroenterologist, like I once did ten years ago can be a bad idea. That time, it was for belly ache, too- the occasional pain fully resolved previous to the exam.

COST of my pocket: $2,110 ten years ago... Diagnois: a small, healed ulcer. CURE: take a Tagamet.

Sheeesh... but thank my luck that when i fainted i did not hit my head on the hard floor. And thank my partner for coming to my instant aid. If I really were a "single" guy i'd have suffered much moreunable to get up and voiding from both ends, stuck a pool of my own biles so to speak.

Let this post sink without reply or tsk tsks or sorry netsky. It's now that i relate for, but more as blog thing highly insprired by my last night's "sojourn at temporary Death" penned in inspriation by Mojo's sign-off. I never awoke at night so clearly ill.... it reminded me that my taking mornings for granted is of course- a cheapening self-deception. SOME day I shall not wake up. This applies to all of us.

Death in the night is a most common time of rendezvous, for that sudden and uninvited bed-mate.

So many I knew have been removed that way from between safe, clean sheets.. That was not for me last night of course... it was only his promise to come again some other time to find me more willing, more receptive.

said in figurative terms for poetic effect alone. But crap, i was a sick puppy for two hours. Thanks Pepto Bismol.. Thanks from my two ends and middle,all!