Balck screen with mouse after installing 1050 ti?

So i decided to upgrade my gpu(Gtx 560) to the 1050 ti. I installed the new card in the pc and when i turned it on the first time i got a message from the monitor saying there is no video source. I unpluged and pluged the gpu in the pci-e slot and tried again and this time the pc booted but after the windows logo all i got was the mouse cursor and a black screen. I waited 20 minutes and nothing happened. i put back the old card in and got the same thing again. i tried using the onboard video and still the same thing, even after booting in safe mode. What could have happened?My pc is made by HP it has an i5 650, 6gb ddr3 ram(i upgraded to 10gb) a 430w psu and an msi ms 7613 motherboard.

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Reporting: Balck screen with mouse after installing 1050 ti?
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Clarification Request
This is confusing

Are you saying that you installed a new motherboard, added RAM ( are they matched sticks?) a new GPU and a new PSU ?

I'm also wondering if the OS is OEM ?

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This is what should happen.

The video looks to be working but it needs drivers. You may have to boot safe mode to remove old video card drivers first.

Also, you want to check if there is video on some other video ports.

If there is video on the other ports, use that while you install the drivers for the 1050. This is far from automatic today.

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it doesnt work

i tried booting in safe mode and kt doesnt do anything. also i tried using my old gpu, the onboard graphics and still the same results - black screen with mouse

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Wait. The old GPU is failing too?

That points to other than the issue I know about. Tell more.

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Maybe the PCI-E slot?

i cant seem to understand how this has accured. My old gpu was working perfectly fine the same day. i doubt that it was damaged in the 30 minutes it wasnt in my pc. Also i am not able to use the onboard graphics to get to the desktop. Maybe the 1050 ti has drawn too much power from the psu and has damaged the pci-e slot or something?

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I'm not there to inspect it.

But if the old GPU doesn't work the new may not either.

Anyhow, try the old BIOS reset and set the BIOS as you feel it should be to support the old and maybe new GPU and re-try. Beyond that, double check that your PSU is rated above the specs the new and old GPU require.

PSUs age and can result in very odd troubles. Share the make+model number and I'll comment about that model.

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i think its from the motherboard

The psu is the Delta dps 460db-3a but honestly i think the motherboard has been damaged here. and dont tell me to look for a bios update because i already searched and i couldnt find one

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I didn't write to update the BIOS.

Just to reset it and make the smallest number of changes from stock, then retest.

I could not find the -3a model. This same maker model to follow is a piece of junk with 3 +12V rails.

"There are three +12V rails on the Delta Electronics DPS-460DB-5 A as follows:
+12Va @ 15A
+12Vb @ 18A
+12Vc @ 10A"

As those age, they can get wonky and create issues. Yes it may be the motherboard but the PSU is not one I'd keep.

If that was a single rail, I would have given it a pass.

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the new card draws less power

anoher reason i think the psu isnt involved in this is because my old gpu needed 140w of power and to 2x6 pin connectors. the 1050 ti needs 75 w and no conectors.

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And that's a BIG problem.

The rail that the power is needed from changed. Since it's a split rail and the power is now all from another rail, we're never sure.

I'm not writing that's it. I'm writing I would not buy or keep this PSU. It's something you see often enough in the shop so when you deal with your own gear, you know to avoid PSUs like that and toss them when you find them.

Again, I didn't write "that's it."

Hope the BIOS reset pays off because a new motherboard can be painful if this is some HP/Dell and the OS license is locked to the motherboard.

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its pre-built

yeah its pre built from hp(hpe 417sc) and i got it when i didnt really understand that building yourself an own pc is better, i also didnt know how to do it. if i could i defenetly would have bought different parts for this pc a few years back

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Prebuilts. Whole different animal.

Let's hope the BIOS reset pays off since changing the motherboard incurs other issues like OS licenses and more.

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one more thing

while i was switching between my new gpu, old gpu and onboard graphics when i turned on the pc i heard a strange cracking noise which i have never heard before. i dont remember which gpu i was using at the time. it happened only once. could something have happened to the hard drive?

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I haven't asked for details.

I found that PSU might be found in HPs so that was a guess on my part.

Anyhow, I can't check if this HP has onboard graphics or not to do testing.

I respect the need to keep details private and only press when it matters. I don't usually ask for that reason but here we are and I'd like to see what the base machine was made of.

Maybe you can use it with onboard video or some PCI (not PCIe) video card to keep it running until you figure out your next move.

Tell a little more.

And no, I've heard so many things pop and crack over the years that it doesn't tell me much. Only worry if things don't work.

-> In this case the move from PSU connected GPU to a slot powered one could overtax a PSU leg or onboard power supply (motherboard.) Multiple rails PSUs are to be avoided especially when they are weak like this one.

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A test

Remove the gpu.
Plug the monitor into the mobo.
Power you get a bios screen?
If so enter the bios and set the first boot device as optical.
Put some boot able disc in the optical unit.
Let the machine boot.
What happens?

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6870 Drivers installed, Black Screen after Reboot

Hello OCN,

I have just built a new computer

x6 1100t

asrock 970 extreme 4

g.skill 8GB 1866MHz - [did not realise the CPU only supports to 1333MHz at the time of purchase frown.gif ]

Sapphire HD 6870 1GB

60GB OCZ Vertex 3

WD Caviar Blue 500GB

nzxt hale82 750W


Now, I have installed Windows 7 64Bit Ultimate edition, and I have overcome a problem with it only detecting 4GB of RAM, and now I have ran into another problem.

I installed the drivers for my GPU from the ATI site, and after installation, the system reboots. It makes it to the screen where you see the windows logo, then before the login screen, it goes black. The screen is black and all I can see is my cursor.

I attempted to Unistall the drivers in safemode and could not, so I have system restored to before I installed them and tried again. Failed again.

Did so again but got the drivers from Sapphire site. Failed again.

I have checked in my BIOS and the graphics is set to PCIE.

Can anyone please help me, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.

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I'd test this with other OSes.

That should be fine if the hardware is good. But there looks to be a bit of recycling going on so when I see that I try other OSes (Linux, etc.)

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It happened to me too

I had the same problem more or less, when updating graphics drivers I got a black screen with only the cursor, it happend with both AMD and Nvidia cards, It happened in Windows 10, I had a dual boot with 8.1 so I tried with it, and with my surprise in Windows 8.1 everything was working fine.
So I realized that the problem was my Windows 10 installation, so I restored its partition and then I could update the drivers without issues.
So in my case it was the Windows installation that got somehow corrupted.

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