I just got off the phone with Sony for probably the 10th time during this saga. Our 930d failed within a year due to an issue with the power supply. We were patient with Sony support, and tried all of their "fixes" multiple times. Our tv has been broken for over four weeks now, and I've just been informed that it will be another two or so weeks before it's replaced. Here's our timeline:

- Troubleshoot with Sony via chat. I'm then informed that I need to call in for a warranty repair and that they will have no record of the chat.
- Next day, a warranty repair is initiated.
- One week later a tech replaces the power supply and the tv is working. As soon as he leaves, the tv stops working again.
**Around this time, Sony develops a system-wide phone issue, making it almost impossible to hear and understand their reps. I believe this is still going on **
- The next day, Sony agrees to replace our tv and starts a (new) case and work order for us. We immediately upload receipts and photos as requested.
- The next day I log in to see that our work order has been CANCELED. We have not been contacted about this, even via email. We then call and are informed that they need a different receipt, and so another new work order is started. We upload everything immediately, but it is now a Friday so we wait another 3 days for the photos to be approved on 3/12.
- We were supposed to be contacted by the delivery company in 5-7 days to schedule a time slot. This, of course, did not happen. After 9 business days, we call in again (Friday ) and are told that the tv will be arriving on Monday.
- Yesterday was Monday. We sat at home all day waiting for it and of course nothing.
-Today we call in again, and are informed that the replacement tv has NOT EVEN LEFT THE WAREHOUSE. It will be shipping soon to a delivery company, who will then take another 5-7 days to deliver the tv to us.

At this point, I don't want a replacement. I want my money back because it seems likely (based on reading) that the new replacement will also stop working eventually. I'm disgusted by this customer service. The rep we spoke to last week flat out lied to us about a delivery date to get us off of the phone. We confirmed with the rep today that there was nothing at all in our file about Monday delivery. This was not a cheap tv. It was a splurge for us, but we felt good about Sony and never thought we'd be treated like this. I'm currently fuming and went to post on the Sony support forums, only to find that they have been offline for almost two weeks. This is really just awful. I want to add that this entire time, we've been nothing but patient and friendly with all of the customer service reps. Maybe that was our mistake.