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Bad news on AIDS front: more virulent, drug-resistant strain

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Reporting: Bad news on AIDS front: more virulent, drug-resistant strain
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just 1 more reason

to use condoms do you hear that this means useing a form of birth control.

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No chance of any babies with him Mark

Certainly not in the backsides of his friends.
I swear God is punishing people for acting in this perverse way.

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I don't think God is punishing anyone

because too many innocent children are born with this terrible virus. Why would a fair and just God punish a Woman/Mother for having sex with a cheating husband? I do believe it is living proof that pulling your pants up until marriage and not cheating on your spouse is a good thing. Wearing a LATEX condom is not even close to being as safe as abstinence, many non-latex condoms do not prevent AIDS.

Being a decent Christian hasn't hurt anyone since they got rid of those damn lions.

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As far as I am concerned Jerry

Sodomy is a sin, even if your supreme court doesn't think so, and I share this reverend's views.

Rev. Rob Schenck, President of the National Clergy Council, quickly put out a press release, declaring: "Today the U.S. Supreme Court has poked its finger in God?s Eye. The decision in Lawrence v. Texas is compelling evidence that the Supreme Court as an institution is morally bankrupt. Homosexuality has nothing to offer anyone but disease and corruption and to suggest that unnatural sex acts merit constitutional protection is an insult to the framers of our Constitution. Today?s decision will go a long way to destroying the institution of the family."

Sodomy is a sin - period

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Oh I agree it's a

sin, I just don't agree that God is punishing the bad with AIDS. Wasn't there a story where some Gay dentist was dying of AIDS and intentionally infected a single female patient because he thought the scientists would do something about finding a cure if Hetero's were infected?

Don't blame God for what man does. I agree it sick, anti-christian, anti-God and disgusting behavior, it's the other party that has the welcome mat out for that type of 'love making'.

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God or Nature

I understand your view point, and I agree totally with everything accept the possible punishment from God.
I must admit that God may not have any hand in this, and it's nature's way of saying, "Oy! pack it up"
The forces of nature are merciless.

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"Don't blame God for what man does."

But he's such an easy target ... Happy
Good point, Jerry, and one that most forget. Chain of evidence:
God created man physically perfect, in a perfect world, with. the free will that's so highly prized today. First rule: God makes the rules. (Rev 4:11) There were only two more, then: (2) Go live in paradise, whether you like it or not (Gen 1:28, 2:8, 15), and (3) stay away from one. tree. (Gen 2:15-17)
Man broke rule 3, which is breaking rule 1. Consequences: 'You're on your own, son.' (Gen 3:1-26, 23)

Another consequence: They were put outside of paradise, never to return. Outside world had thorns and thistles then, AIDS and wars now. Was that the end of mankind? No, they began to reproduce by the well-known means. Sin itself is like a genetic disease, passed down to the generations (Ro 5:12), so we all die in time as Adam died in time; death is a punishment, not a reward. (Gen 2:17) BUT it seems that God's original purpose (Gen 1:2Cool was thwarted. If so, that makes Satan and Adam more powerful than Jehovah.

But at Gen 3:15 Jehovah put us all on notice that he had a different future in store, one that would restore paradise to earth. (Ps 37:29) When time comes for that, he'll first remove the incorrigibly wicked. (Ps 37:2Cool Who are they? Any who don't care about Rule 1, above. Since he's gone to so much trouble to put that and his other rules in a book and protect that book down through the ages, he won't take ignorance as an excuse. (Neither did that cop I talked to on Hwy 6, and he's just a sinner like me!)

In the meantime, we all die. Some of us are executed for the crimes we committed, others for others' crimes; some of us acquire HIV "guiltily," others get it from us "innocently." it's still death. What's the answer? Resurrection, of course, which we all know the bible teaches, whether we call it claptrap or prophecy. After the smoke of Armageddon has cleared, millions of dead ones will be resurrected to human life on the earth for a second chance. (Acts 24:15) If they do what God requires of them, they will continue to live on earth forever. If not, they will be destroyed forever; for them, their second death. (John 5:28,29; Rev 20:11-15)

But just what does God require of us? Humanly impossible things? Things requiring a doctorate in theology to understand? What do you think?
Regards, Doug in New Mexico

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What about

his point regarding the innocent women and children?


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God wouldn't.

However, He saw fit to create a world with consequences. He doesn't turn the bullet aside because it is heading at an innocent person. If He does punish a person, those around that person may be affected. It is wise to choose who you associate with, and who is part of your life.

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It is wise to choose who you associate with,

So poor people who are much more vulnerable to rape from an AIDs carrier are not as good of people as rich people that live in a triple gated community in God's eyes? A wrongfully convicted man that is sent to prison is raped because God wanted to punish him for associating with criminal and Gays?

I'm not buying it. There are plenty of good people that were infected with tainted blood from the Red Cross, God didn't do it any more that the Black Plague.

If you want to speak for him, he said the next time would be by 'fire'

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Who said anything about poor people being bad?There is

probably more honor and integrity in the poor communities than in the rich communities. That is shown by the consistently higher rate of giving in poor communities when compared to the rich. Jesus pointed this out when He observed the widow giving her mite.

However, one is still better off choosing wisely who your associates are. Proverbs makes this point many times. This is possible in poor communities, and it is possible in prisons in the US today. Do the innocent sometimes suffer with the guilty. Of course! Does that mean God did or didn't do something? No. God is omnipotent and does what he wishes. Certainly, nothing happens unless He allows it, and many things do happen because He arranged them.

Is AIDS a punishment from God? Many say that it is not. Many others say that it is. I don't think we know one way or the other.

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"Being a decent Christian hasn't hurt anyone"
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I said

Being a decent Christian hasn't hurt anyone since they got rid of those damn lions. I am aware that Christians are being killed all over the Muslin world, (Duh, I read) but THEY are not killing themselves with intercourse roulette.

We were talking about AIDS and the new strain of AIDS killing people. Following the Christian beliefs will protect you and your monogamous spouse.

Start a new thread if you want to jump off AIDS and on to Muslims killing Christians all over the world.

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(NT) (NT) Well said Jerry - I agree 100%
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"New thread?" Now you [i]are[/i] joking!

it just ain't the SE way! LOL!
Anyway, my reply was to the phrase "decent Christian." Even just the "New Testament" is several hundred pages long, so there must be more to Christianity than avoiding "intercourse roulette."

During WWII "indecent Christians" in Europe did the same things noted on my links for the same reasons. It was more important to them to fight each other (Catholic vs. Catholic, Lutheran vs. Lutheran) to the death than to obey John 13:34,35. Why should they now think that 1 Co 6:9,10 is so important? They don't think so, which is why this thread exists.
Regards, Doug in New Mexico

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(NT) (NT) DNR - this is the SE way Doug
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what i ment

was for the straights. as haveing sex with a stranger is still going on.

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Not having sex with strangers ...

... would work a lot better.

Evie Happy

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Yes, Evie -- but what about the innocent wives of those
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Perhaps those ...

... living on the "down low" ought to reconsider. They ought to be tried and fined into oblivion for infecting their spouses with any STD they pick up after marriage. Are you advocating everyone to wear a condom now?

Evie Happy

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I agree Evie

I hold the husbands 100% responsible for passing over the STD's after their licentious sex.
Now that there is a deadly disease in circulation, people have got to clean their act up.
Innocent people will no doubt get hit by this new form of the disease, and I do feel sympathy for them.

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Thank you Steve for saying

Innocent people will no doubt get hit by this new form of the disease, and I do feel sympathy for them.

I pity us all w/o good men and women that can feel compassion for those innocents involved. Three cheers for being one of the good guys. Let's pray it isn?t one of our kids or grandkids. I have hundreds of friends that are still vulnerable and need prayers, I'll bet you do too.

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Of course they should 'reconsider,' Evie.

And no, I'm not advocating that evryone should wear a condom -- just pointing out the foolishness of the notion that AIDS is God's punishment on "evildoers," because it doesn't just affect them.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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Dave's advocating no sex after marriage.
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Be careful, mark!

You're starting to sound like a bible guy:
1 Co 6:9,10- gays and. straights.
Regards, Doug in New Mexico

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nope dont beleave it

im just saying use condome and the hell with the religious bs that thats birth control, getting this new version of aids is birth control to the utmost

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Ryan White?
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Your point?

Ryan White did not contract AIDS in childbirth. The blood supply testing has advanced considerably since then.

Evie Happy

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'God is punishing perverseness' - Steve G.

My point to Steve:
God's getting sloppy in his old age- Ryan White, per my link and others, was eminently 'un-perverse.' Per Mt 6:9, it isn't a good idea to blame God for prima facie. human failings.

My point to you, since you ask:
"The blood supply testing has advanced"
Have you checked to see how often you've been told that in the last 25 years? How often that 'advancement' has proved insufficient? Are you up-to-date on the hepatitises? Is your medical provider? Just how many ways are there of contracting the HIV and hepatitis virii?

"AIDS is a lifestyle disease," they say. Well ... "lifestyles" is more accurate. Are you knowledgable about all of them? It means your life if you aren't.

As smart and hard-working as the CDC people are, the bible has always been ahead of them.
Regards, Doug in New Mexico

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Thanks for the clarification

I don't involve myself in the debate over whether God punishes anyone while here on Earth for their behavior. Surely if God does, the fact that innocents suffer as collateral damage, does not disprove God might have a hand in a punishment. A loving God would not allow anyone to ever get hurt at any time if that were the standard.

I am a regular blood donor. I know the questionaire (albeit voluntarily) screens out those most likely to be infected. My blood is tested every time I donate. I can bank my own blood if I want to bypass the need for transfusion entirely. The risk of getting AIDS from a blood transfusion since the days of Ryan White is about 1 in 700,000. A risk I would deem acceptable compared to the alternative.

Here is a 1995 article:

I'm well aware of the various lifestyles that the disease is prevelant in. It remains a lifestyle disease that in this country is almost entirely preventable. My chances of contracting it are next to nil. I am in a monogamous relationship and don't do IV drugs.

Evie Happy

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